I feel pretty good.

"You're not my savior anymore, Ivo."

He drops to the ground, and I smile.

The steel handle crashes with his face, more brutal than I imagined. His face doesn't say, break or anything but it caves in with the consistency of a wet paper bag. A once pretty face at some point is nothing but a crater.

I throw it forward, smash it into his head directly.

"I don't have to listen to you anymore. You, and whoever else is in there can listen to me."

"It's nothing like that. You don't have to do this. Listen to me, boy-"

He takes a step back.

"That's why you teamed up, right? Because you felt you were used. And Sonic knew. Sonic wanted nothing better to off me. Get an upper leg on the rat race."

I take a step forward.

"If you really cared about me, you wouldn't have been lured like a cheap whore! By your so-called mortal enemy no less!"

"Listen, I care," He pleads.

He pushes me away.

"You know, you're a chess piece to. On my board. You think I was naïve enough to give in to you? Thanks to you, I've already gotten three."

I look at the walls. Probably wired, too.

"No really, who am I to you? A chess piece to get the emerald? It seems to me by submitting to him, you're just as weak as anyone."

"You're, you're…"

"Who am I, Robotnik?"

I turn to him. There's a feeling of rage, but I'm giddy, too. I've been waiting for this day.

This is too good to be true.

I tear apart one of the little blinking machines in his lab. He said it was for reception. I stare at the microphone and recorder inside.

I'm disgusted. In a good way.

"I don't know."

"What is this?"

I raise up the microphone. In the bud side, I hear a familiar voice. Cursing.