Walk though the fire,

A/N: Hi peeps. This is my first Sherlock Holmes fanfic. I wasn't going to write this story but the plot bunny running though my head wouldn't let me do anything else until I did. Besides it leaves some rather funny images in your mind. Some chapters will be in Cassidy's Point of View others are from Watson's and there might even be one or to from the great detective himself. don't worry ill let you know who's point of view it is at the beginning of each chapter. Oh and I don't own anyone except Cassidy. But even she seems to have a mind of her own.

Chapter One.

Sleep Tight.

Cassidy's PoV

"Now your sure you've got everything. I don't want you calling me at midnight because you have forgotten something."

"I'm fine mother!"

It was the 6th time that car ride she had asked me if I had everything. She always seemed to worry when I go on gigs with the band, but this time she seemed to be going a bit over board even for her.

"Mum. We have been though this. Kat is meeting me at the park, where you are dropping me off. And we will meet the others at the club. It's a simple gig. I'll see you in the morning."

We had arrived at the park as I poke and had hardly pulled to a stop, when my door was flung open and I found myself with an arm full of girl, her short bubble gum pink hair smothering myself.

"KASS." I think I lost my hearing as my best friend screamed in my ear. I couldn't see why she was so excited. We had seen each other last night.

"Kat. I need to breath." I gasped as my mum giggled and a sheepish Kat disentangled herself from me, before yanking me out of the car and slamming the door.

I barely had time to shout bye over my shoulder as my over excited best friend dragged me across the park towards the riverside. It was only a short walk to the club, Jets black van standing outside, with its back door flung open.

"Oi Jets." I yelled as we got close enough to see the 3rd member of our band struggling to get his drum kit out the back. "Were is Onyx?"

Jets shrugged before swearing again, as me and Kat made our way , giggling, inside to find Onyx playing with his keyboard onstage.

Placing my electric guitar on the ground I gave Onyx a brief hug, before quickly getting started on setting up my mic and Amps, as next to me, Kat started strumming a random tune on her Pink Guitar. More swearing could be heard as Jets finally got his kit on set, his green hair sticking to the sweat on his face.

"Everyone wanna go for a quick run through." There was murmurs of affirmative as I draped my guitar around my neck and pulled in with a little trouble. "Ok lets go for bring me to life."

Jets counted us in with his sticks before everyone started the familiar song. It was the first song we did together and even if it didn't belong to us, the crowd still loved it.

how can you see into my eyes like open doorsleading you down into my corewhere I've become so numb without a soul

my spirits sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home(Wake me up)Wake me up inside(I can't wake up)Wake me up inside(Save me)call my name and save me from the dark(Wake me up)bid my blood to run(I can't wake up)before I come undone(Save me)save me from the nothing I've becomenow that I know what I'm withoutyou can't just leave mebreathe it into me and make me realbring me to life(Wake me up)Wake me up inside(I can't wake up)Wake me up inside(Save me)call my name and save me from the dark(Wake me up)bid my blood to run(I can't wake up)before I come undone(Save me)save me from the nothing I've becomeBring me to life(I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside)Free me tonightfrozen inside without your touch without your love darling only you are the life among the dead

I stepped forwards, trying to make the line was emotional as possible, only to find no place for me feet. I heard Kat scream as I toppled forward, my rucksack still on my back, my guitar gripped tightly in my grasp as everything turned dark.

A/N: I noticed you might be slightly confused about the band members so I thought I would explain. Cassidy is lead singer and Guitarist. Kat is a guitarist and has Bubblegum Pink hair. Jet is the drummer and hair green hair, and finally Onyx is the keyboard player and has black hair. They take it in turned being backing singers. So review people and remember if you don't have anything nice to say I don't want to hear it.