Unsurprising as it may be, I'm curious if there's a notable author out there who might like to take this story and expand upon it from where I am. My original intents to carry on have been, quite frankly, fucked royally by military duty. I serve in the Navy as one of the fine servicemen protecting your arses (and all other kinds of patriotic shite, insert here). That aside however, I will simply say that I lack the time and inclination to expand upon my story. I originally intended Her Sacrifice as a one-shot depicting Tsunade saving Minato's life, but the seeds of a full-length story plot lingered.

If someone wished to take this on I have a few stipulations I'd like to see adhered to, negotiable in some cases.

Firstly, no 'super' Naruto. Minato trains him as a capable genin, not an overpowered one. At best, by the exams he should be mid-chuunin level.

Next, the wave arc is optional, but team placements are up for debate. Kakashi as jounin-sensei should be a given, but whether Sasuke and Sakura are teamed are up for REASONABLE debate.

Thirdly, Jiraiyas personality would be an amalgam of his own and Tsunades. Bitter towards Konoha for the losses suffered, but still loyal via the spy network. Loves his pupil but hates the fact he lost Tsunade to keep him alive, so on so forth. He would be a good teacher but a generally shitty person to talk to at first.

Fourth, with the fox out of the bag the villagers are decent to Naruto. By no means are they adoring him at every step, but as a WHOLE they're polite. Some worship him for who he is, some acknowledge him as a ninja, some as the son of their Hokage, some still see him as the fox.

Fifth, the 'oc' Mihiko does NOT pair up with Minato. She was simply a logical product of what I imagined the Hokage would want. A stong, capable ninja who can do their job without descending into adulation to their leaders title. The fact she is female was convenient.

Sixth, while canon is crucial, an attention to 'reality' would be appreciated. See 'The Sealed Kunai' or 'Naruto: Captured' for examples. You'll understand what I mean.

Pairings are up to the adoptive author, but for the love of god please have them legally able to get laid, and have it make sense.

If anything remains for discussion feel free to ask me about it in the adoption PM, I look forward to hearing from you. I just want to see what I think has potential as a story get some recognition.