Christmas Karaoke 2

I don't own anyone but Female Ninja Turtles and the parodies of the Christmas songs.

Chapter 1- Let's Karaoke Again!

It was the day before Christmas.

"We're having another boring day before Christmas." Mikey says.

"Mikey, aren't you excited about Christmas." Don asks.

"Yes, Donny." Mikey says. "But waiting is boring."

"Well, the guys are coming to for Christmas." Leo says.

"That's great!" Mikey says.

"So what's wrong?" Raph asks.

"We need to do something." Mikey says.

"Hey, Guys." Yusuke says as he, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei came in.

"Hi." The Turtles says.

"What's wrong , Mike?" Kuwabara asks.

"He's bored on Christmas Eve." Don answers.

"Bored? Mike, we can do anything on Christmas Eve except open presents." Kuwabara says.

"Hi, guys." The Girls say.

"Hi, girls." The Boys say.

"We do we do?" Mikey says as he thought of something. "Hey! I got it.! Let's Karaoke again."

"Sing again!" Raph says.

"Yeah, that's a great idea." Everyone says.

"Yeah, but this time the girls will go first."

"Ok." The Girls says.

To be continued…

Up Next: The Girls sing some "Silver Bells"