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Everyone knows the story of the boy who cried "wolf!" so I thought that maybe, just possibly, someday….

"Oh. My. God. It didn't work…I can't get him to wake up!"

"What do you mean!? It didn't work?" Reever stared aghast at the sleeping head of the science department. "that's ridiculous…" He muttered, then shouted suddenly, "LENALEE-CHAN IS GETTING MARRIED!"

Komui snoozed on.

Lenalee skipped into the room, grinning, then stopped short at the frantic looks of the men gathered around her brother's desk. "What's wrong?" She pushed through the crowed.

Reever approached her and touched her shoulder gently. "Lenalee-chan, he won't wake up."

"She shook her head. "Impossible." She reached across the desk and shook the sleeping man. "Nii-san! I'm getting married!"

Allen hurried in. "What's wrong? What's all the screaming about?"

Lenalee ran to him and hugged him fiercely, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Allen! I told him I'm getting married and he won't wake up! And—" she sobbed into his chest, "I'm finally telling the TRUTH!"

"How incredibly ironic. It's the boy who cried wolf. An excellent time, too as the wedding's in an hour." Kanda put in, annoyingly calm and straight-forward as ever.

Allen nodded. "I hate to do this to him, but we'll have to go on without him. Let's go."


"Hey, Lenalee-chan?"

Lenalee looked up from her tray of coffee, "Yes, nii-san?"

"Where's Allen? I haven't seen him for a week."

"Oh. Allen. He, uh, left for a bit."

"Okay, but can you get him back? You, he and Lavi are going on a search together.

"Sure, I'll ring him. Can I see the paper?" He handed her the details of the mission. "Perfect." she complimented him, scanning the paper. Then her eyes fell on the names:

Lavi Bookman

Allen Walker

Lenalee Lee

"Oh. One thing. Sorry, nii-san, I really hate to do it to you this way. I love him though, so please don't kill him." She crossed out the "Lee" and wrote, in her neat script, one word:


Komui's eyes widened and reached forward in slow motion. Allen chose that moment to waltz in through the door. "Did you tell him?" Then he saw the Hellfire blazing in his brother-in-law's eyes. "Uh-oh."

Lenalee ran up and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you, Allen, now run for your life."

Without another word, he sprinted out of the room, at full exorcist –speed, just as Komui picked up a remote control and the biggest, newest, shiniest Komurin-the-whateverth appeared out of nowhere.


Dum dum dum…

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