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Komui woke with his hands tied behind him, gagged, and bound to his chair. The broken remains of his latest Komurin lay scattered and smouldering about the room.

His sobs for his newly deseased robot ceased as soon as Allen entered, shutting the door quietly behind himself. He winced as the mad scientist glared daggers at him. He pulled the gag away. "Sorry, we only gagged you because your constant hollering of curses riveled those of our favourite swordsman. It was lowering his self-esteem. He went all mopey and locked himself in his room to glare at that flower of hil…" He maused, ignoring Komui's glares. "Y'know, I have a theory (it could be bunnies) that he has some kind of Beauty and the Beast ting going on…" He sighted, "Fine. I just wanted you to know that, besides meeding me for the Order, and to move tha ark, Lenalee would simply be inconsolable if you killed me."

He let that sink in for a moment, then added, "It's still your choice, of course. You can stay here, tied up forever, or you an come to your senses."

"Fine." Komui spat. "Untie me."

"Thanks." Allen untied the older man and led him back to his office. "I'm glad you agreed to be reasonable, but please stay that way. Lenalee told me, last night, that, if you killed me, she would never speak to you again."
The only words that registered in Komui's mind were "last night." His eyes narrowed. "What were you to doing, last night!?"

Allen shrugged, trying to look casual, but he blushed furiously.

"ALLEN WALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone in the Order winced.

"View my masterpiece, Walker! Komurin: THE KILLER, runs completely on coffee! Right now, the only person on its hit list is you, boy, now DIE!" He let out a super evil-maniac laugh, and stood by to let Allen and the Komurin fight to the death.

Then Lenalee burst through the door, panting, and clutching a small stick in her hand. Everything froze as she burst out, "Guys, I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-… I'm pregnant."

A tumbleweed rolled by.

Followed by another. And another.

In fact, a whole army of tumbleweeds passed through the Dark Religious Organization Headquarters before anybody could act.

Then Komui turned slowly to his coffee-powered robot. "Komurin, change settings from "Kill' to 'torture until he pleads for death to come.

The fight resumed.

Ah, what a happy family, what a blissfully content brother-in-law relationship this to be.



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