Chapter One- Scream Out Loud

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Chapter One – Scream Out Loud

"Look, dude…There she is!"

A tall slender girl, around the age of sixteen began walking around a corner in a serene high class suburban neighborhood. Her hair was short to about halfway down her neck, and not to mention bubblegum pink. Her eye lashes were long and flashy, and perfectly adorned her emerald green eyes. Her frame was thin but perfectly curvy around her hip and bust area, and in her privet school uniform with her short skirt and form fitting white top; every boy who caught a glance drooled.

Haruno Sakura was the most beautiful girl anyone came across as well as her group of friends from Madame Francis's School for Girl's.

The elite all girl's privet school for the highly intelligent or deeply pocketed.

"Don't you think this is considered obsession, or stalking?"

A rustle came from a near by bush as two very desperate and rather obscene boys waited in hiding as Sakura and her two friends came walking, chatting loudly, down the very sidewalk where the bush sat by.

Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka Kiba. Two regular 16 year-old juniors at Konoha public high. They lived just outside of the rich part of town where most teens attended privet school, and had wallets bigger than their vocabulary. The two had known each other for quite some time being neighbors for seven years, and Naruto had dragged Kiba on his secret endeavors ever since.

"It's considered browsing…or…window shopping, Kiba. Let it go." Light and bright blue azure eyes turned to glance at the teen called Kiba who was glancing out of the dark bush.

"This is stalking, Naruto. Not browsing. Browsing is going to the mall." Dark eyes shifted along with the body; the crouching position not exactly comfortable any longer.

"Shh… here they come. Look, that Hinata girl is with them today," Naruto said in hopes it would distract his friend, and it did.

The two teens quieted and stilled as the three girls walked by, chatting and smiling, and completely oblivious to the occupied bush.

"Ino! How can you say that? I would not!" Sakura said with a giggle and a slight blush.

"Yeah, that's why you haven't shut up about him ever since." The blue eyed, blonde haired teen countered.

"I said he was attractive. That doesn't mean I would do all that."

The three girls quickly continued on their walk to school, their hips swinging, and their skirts swaying. The two teen boys in the bush were practically slobbering at the sight.
Kiba was the first to come out of his trance, not one to be obsessing over the girl he thought was cute.

"Well, look at that, she likes someone. We can forget about her and move on…" Kiba said attempting to climb out of the bush, but actually stumbling and falling on his face.

Naruto quickly spun around, the last sentence snapping him out of his pervy daze, and causing him to fall flat on his butt.

"She didn't say that!" Naruto screeched, thoroughly annoyed when he discovered a particularly pointy root that pierced his somewhat baggy jeans.

"She said something along those lines. Ino was teasing her about something pretty suggestive too." Kiba said as he stood, dusting off the dirt from the back of his jeans just as Naruto emerged from the bush; leaves stuck in his hair and all.

"Girls don't talk about that." Naruto commented as he stood.

Kiba snorted. "So guys are the only ones that talk about sex? What? Were you dropped on your head as a child?"

Naruto was ruffling his own hair desperately trying to get all the leaves that clung to his hair out, but the blonde had time to stop, and give Kiba the dirtiest look he could muster.

"I'm just saying my friend; she was alone with her two closest friends. Girls tell each other everything, and that includes who they want to get down and dirty with."

Naruto lightly shook his head as they two began walking the opposite way the girls had gone, looking a bit rougher than when they had came, and started towards their own school.

"I still don't see her being like that." Naruto commented sticking his hands in his pockets.

Kiba rolled his eyes, "When are you going to let it go? I mean honestly, Naruto, have you ever honestly talked to Sakura."

Naruto ducked his head down as they continued to walk, trying to desperately hide his newly flushed face.

Kiba barked out a laugh to humiliate his friend even more and to cause his face to flush and even darker shade.

"I have. I said 'good morning' to her a few times! You were there!" Naruto turned to point his index finger at his best friend's face.

Kiba rolled his eyes with a somewhat sad chuckle. "Yeah, when she barely replied to you with a somewhat mumbled response because she was too busy talking to her friends. When she didn't even notice you. Face it Naruto, you either have to wear a shirt with the Madame Francis's logo on it, or you have to go to that all boys high school…what's it called…?"

Naruto glared with his lips pursed to the side of his mouth, "Academia. The dumbest named high school for smart teen aged boys."

"Well there you have it. Either go to Academia, or grow some tits and tuck your balls and head on in to Madame's hot ass high." Kiba commented crudely.

Naruto made a dismissive noise as the two continued on their route to their school, the two noting they needed to grab their abandoned school bags on their way; they were always in the same spot on Narutos' stoop.

The somewhat chilly breeze nipped at their exposed skin in the early morning hours, the sun barely raised, and their brains barely functioning.

The two spotted Narutos' quaint single family home that sat next to Kiba's; the houses sat just outside of the upper-class neighborhoods where people were more blessed than others.

A tall man was standing on the stoop with the fresh newspaper in hand, spread out in front of his upper half, and leaning against the front door while he read.

"Your dad…" Kiba mumbled, "Will he be mad?"

Naruto shook his head as he watched the man's relaxed position, "most likely proud."

The two turned down the cemented walkway towards the house while catching the man's attention. He wrestling and fiddled as the paper rustled and flared as he desperately tried to fold it down to be able to hold a somewhat normal conversation with his son; as normal as it could be for Kakashi.

"Naruto-kun, Kiba-kun…isn't it a bit early to go girl watching?"

"Aren't you a little young to be gray?" Kiba countered.

Kakashi hummed in wonder, rubbing his chin with his index finger and thumb, "I personally think it adds flair."

Naruto rolled his eyes, digging his hands deeper into his pockets from the embarrassment. "We weren't checking out girls."

"No…It was more along the lines of stalking, Kakashi-san. You should talk to this- huff!" Naruto elbowed Kiba in the back near the ribs as hard as he possibly could.

Kakashi began to chuckle, lifting himself up from his leaning position and tucking the folded newspaper under his arm. "Well, get your girl anyway you can. Just don't kidnap her. Now get your asses to school."

The boys rushed forward and grabbed their backpacks and rushed off towards their school.

"Your tie is crooked."

The teen let another dry sigh escape his lips. "Why in the hell should I care?"

His friend shrugged in a rather bored manner as he looked on from an expensive recliner like a spectator, "You're a senior now, Sasuke. You're the president of your class and there is that whole 'lead by example' message you need to remember."

Dark, charcoal eyes looked over a broad left shoulder from a mirrors view with a rather sharp glare, "If you keep pointing out every flaw, we'll never get to that damnable school."

Sasuke reached his pale right hand up and tugged at his black red tie that stuck out against the white shirt and blended with the black blazer.

"Is that any better Shikamaru? Or do you want to just sit here all day?" Sasuke whipped around, a few stray strands of blue-black raven hair slapping his face.

"Actually, that's what I was initially aiming for." The teen said dryly, not bothering to raise his head that was lying back facing the ceiling.

"Get your lazy ass up before Itachi comes in here and lectures us." Sasuke snapped, kicking the chair causing the teen to jerk.

The boy let out a long sigh and slowly got up, his high brunette ponytail a bit askew, and his face showing he seemed to be a bit fatigued; it was technically how he always looked.
Uchiha Sasuke and Nara Shikamaru. The top two students at Academia privet school both sent there on recommendations and not their parents' checks.

The two made their way down the main left side of the stairs in a large mansion, the Uchiha mansion. A tall hansom man with flawless pale skin and long raven black hair stood at the bottom of the stairs in a crisp black suit ready to get to work.

"You two are running late." His low voice oozed out.

"I think we know that, Itachi." Sasuke commented back to his older brother.

"Shikamaru, are you causing Sasuke to be late again?" Itachi's eyes followed the boys as they slipped their black shoes on by the front door and grabbed their school bags.

Shikamaru smirked, "Of course not."

"That's what I figured. Sasuke, don't cause any trouble, it's your last year at high school and you need to make one last final impression." Itachi said stepping forward and straightening his younger brother's tie.

Sasuke glared up at his brother while yanking himself back, "Can I go now?"

"Of course," Itachi said curtly.

The two teens walked out of the door while squinting at the quickly rising sun, rushing towards Sasuke's car and quickly climbing – somewhat stumbling - in. Sasuke started the car with the quiet engine warming up the car in the background while the two teens situated themselves in the car.

"Are you really ready to deal with it?" Shikamaru questioned while staring dazedly out the window towards the sky.

"Deal with what?"

"All the new girls at Madame Francis's, or did you forget that those girls circle the school like vultures."

"No, actually I try to suppress those memories." Sasuke replied dully.

"Well, you better not, because you're going to need some type of tactic when all those new girls show up. Because like usual, they get a look at you and all hell breaks loose."

Naruto was rapidly tapping the end of his pencil on his school desk in the middle of second period. His blonde head was resting not-so-comfortably on his hand that caused a cramping sensation in his neck, but he just didn't care to stare forward and pay attention to the rambling teacher who was talking about nothing.

Kiba sat next to the blonde; his head had dropped on his desk five minutes into the period and he had covered his ears with his arms thrown over his head a few minutes later.

Naruto couldn't stop thinking about Sakura. The humiliating comment Kiba had made about not even talking to the girl made Naruto feel completely stupid; he felt he had to prove to Kiba and himself that he could talk to her.

No more hiding in bushes or going to her favorite hangout spots when she went, nope, and if he was called stalker one more time he was going to swing a punch.

Naruto's defense was that he was just shy and he was just waiting for the opportune moment to say something, it just so happens it hadn't come up in the past year. It wasn't like he was peaking through her window or stealing her underwear, Naruto wasn't crazy like stalkers, and he just had a school boy crush on someone he felt like he didn't have a chance in hell with.

But he planned on making it to at least the point of talking to her.

The only problem was how.

He figured that he could approach her at the mall which was a common and public spot, or run into her walking on the way to school; purposely walking ahead and then walking back.

Naruto sighed. She would probably make up some excuse about being late for class so she wouldn't have to bother talking to him. Naruto couldn't help but think 'if only I was a girl like Kiba said…It would be so much easier, and especially if I was in her group of friends from her school…'

Naruto chuckled to himself at the mental picture. His hair covered by some horribly long and gross wig, in some stupid and uncomfortable skirt that was apart of a bad school uniform. Worst of all, that just topped the horrible vision, was Naruto envisioning himself wearing a stuffed bra.

Naruto shook his head with another soft chuckle, the thought seeming ridiculous.

Kiba had raised his head from hearing his friends' soft laugher thinking he had missed the boring teacher actually say something funny, "What's so amusing? All I'm hearing is bullshit from that dolt." Kiba pointed his thumb towards the front.

"Oh, no, I was just thinking about Sakura and how-"

"Oh for crying-out-loud!" Kiba whispered harshly trying to resist the urge not to drop his head roughly. "Can you not at least think about her for five minutes? You can't even talk to her!"

"You two back there! Inuzuka and Uzumaki! Pay attention!" The usually dull teacher snapped grabbing the boy's attention as they were leaning across the aisle to whisper.
The two slowly rested back into their seats and began to whisper without moving as soon as the teacher began to ramble on.

Naruto began to speak out of the side of his mouth while he looked forward. "That's what I was trying to tell you, I was thinking about how I can talk to her."

Kiba snorted as he rested his head on his hand not daring to lay his head back down. "Really? That humorous, what brilliant scheme have you come up with now?"

"Cross dressing as a Madam Francis's student." Naruto suggested somewhat jokingly, trying to remind Kiba of what he had said earlier.

But Kiba barely hearing the joke and only hearing Naruto sounding somewhat serious, Kiba reacted a little louder than he wanted.


Kakashi stood idly against the dining room wall as the two teens sat at the table bickering back and forth.

"It was your damn fault!" Kiba snapped again.

"Bullshit! You were the dumb idiot who shouted!" Naruto exclaimed while pointing his finger at the other teen across the table.

"Alright, alright. Since I had to pick both of you up from school since your parents are at work, I'd like to hear what this is completely about." Kakashi stated firmly getting the two to settle them into glaring.

"Kiba, why don't you start first?" Kakashi asked as he slowly pulled out a chair and took a seat.

"What!? I'm your son!"

"And that's why I want to give your friend a fair chance. It would seem like I would be favoring you."

"Yeah, so wait your damn turn!"

"Alright, now it's your turn Naruto." Kakashi said calmly.

"Wait – what!?" Kiba exclaimed.

"Oh, you had your turn, now its Naru-chan's turn." Kakashi smiled toward the teen warmly.

"He's the idiot who yelled and got us suspended for the day!"

"And he's the idiot who made me yell!"

"Alright…now, why was there yelling? Were you two bickering like two little school girls like you are now?" Kakashi questioned with a grin.

"Oh geez! Don't mention school girls!" Kiba exclaimed dropping his head down onto the table immediately.

Kakashi gave the boy a rather odd look, "Oh, but I was under the impression that was your favorite topic."

Kiba didn't bother lifting his head as his voice was muffled as it was smashed against the small wooden table, "Not anymore, thanks to your son."

Kakashi turned to give his son a rather disapproving look, "What did you do to ruin that topic? I was under the impression you loved it yourself."

"Oh he loves it alright… Go ahead Naruto; tell your dad your plan." Kiba lifted his head giving Naruto a somewhat disapproving look.

"Plan?" Kakashi's eyes suddenly showed a certain gleam as he turned towards his son.

"Yeah, well you know that girl I've mentioned-"

"Mentioned? You mean Haruno Sakura, the most popular girl at Madame Francis's. She's sixteen-years-old, five feet and two inches tall, and weighs in at just over a hundred pounds. She's in her junior year of high school and according to you she's a Greek Goddess. But you've only mentioned her." Kakashi finished sarcastically.

Naruto gave his father a somewhat disgusted look, "Anyway, I came up with an idea with how I can get close to her."

"Yeah, and it's absolutely downright his worst idea yet." Kiba stated.

"Go on…" Kakashi said eyeing his son.

"I can attend Madame Francis's School for Girls." Naruto said simply.

Kakashi remained silent now looking down at the dining room table as if examining it, but technically he was looking passed it while he zoned into thought. Naruto squirmed from nervousness noting he hadn't seen his father this serious or heard his father this quiet in his known existence. It was somewhat nerve-racking. The blonde had a feeling Kakashi was going to side with his friend with the thought of it being pure madness.

Then again, Kakashi himself was pure madness and sexual deviance.

"I think it's a positively brilliant idea." Kakashi spoke up suddenly.

"What!?" Kiba gave Kakashi a worse look than he had given Naruto.

"Seriously!?" Naruto instantly brightened.

"But…" The man stressed.

Naruto instantly dropped his head like he had lost some wonderful game where he thought he had just won the grand prize and it had been ripped from his hands. Kiba on the other hand was leaning back in his seat and was now grinning broadly at the thought of this crazy scheme having been stopped just when it had started.

"We're going to need all three of us to pull this off, so we obviously can't pull this off without Kiba-kun's approval or help."

"Ooooh no. Hell no."

Naruto looked pleading towards Kiba, his eyes slightly watery making them look even more pure and like the ocean. Kiba stood from his seat shaking his head still refusing while Naruto clasped his hands in a pleading manner in hopes it would make a difference, but in that point in time he really should have known better.

"Fine," Naruto began flatly, "if you help me transfer and with this entire thing…I'll help you get Hyuuga Hinata to date you."

Kiba looked towards Naruto after he gave the kitchen door a longing look, thinking slightly with a rather guilty feeling. It was true that Naruto would be going to the same school and his whole objective was to get into that small clique of friends to get to Sakura.

The teen bit his lip before reaching his hand across the table toward his best friend and finally let out a defeated sigh.

"Fine. Deal. As long as you don't dress me up in that school girl shit too you crazy freak…"

Kakashi clapped his hands together with a smile as the two shook hands, "Then it's settled. Naruto will be transferring first thing next week. How proud I am to have a son and a daughter all in one!"

As the older man stood from the table his son followed suit screaming his head off about he was just going to be a boy in girls' clothes, and to get it right.

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