Chapter 30: Epilogue - How to Say Forever

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Curtain Call

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Chapter 30: Epilogue – How to Say Forever

"Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away."
-Louis de Bernières

"I don't want to do this."

"You have to."

"No, I don't."


There was a growl, "Uchiha, don't you fucking 'hn' me you son-of-a-bitch."

"Uzumaki, don't you whine at me you dumb son-of-a-bitch."

A chuckle sounded a little way off from the two bickering, "You would never think they were together."

There was a chime of laughter, "Let alone married."

"Kiba!" Said man turned to attention, "Tell this bastard I don't have to do this!"

"Hinata…" Sasuke said cooler, though clearly irritated, "Tell him he does."

Kiba and Hinata turned to one another again, "You'd swear they were five…"

There was a cackle, and Naruto and Kiba visibly stiffened, "Dear Na-Na, you're doing this for the sake of our fair Hinata-chan. Please, why don't you just be so kind and enlighten her."

The blonde turned, pointing a finger in the face of his father, "How in the hell did you get in my house!?"

The four were, in fact, in Sasuke and Naruto's house. They were getting ready for a party that the blonde wasn't ready for and swore he wouldn't ever be ready for. Sasuke tried to fix the unruly locks that had grown out slightly from the cropped look he had seven years ago when they first met, but the mess of blonde hair couldn't be tamed. Just like his loud ass mouth.

Naruto had done Sasuke's hair that he found joy in doing now, and thought it was somewhat humorous that the raven hair still had the same 'chickens ass' style.

The usual changes had been made with age, the visible signs they're bodies had matured as well as the maturity that you would only see if you knew them.

Save for this argument…

The older grayed man held up a key, letting it twinkle in the light and allowing a memory to spark in Naruto's memory, "I am your father, Na-Na."

A scarred man appeared from behind his back, "The spare…he knows where you keep it."

The blonde sighed, "Next time Iruka, make him use the doorbell like civilized people."

The brunette raised an eyebrow and gave the blonde a look, and Naruto waved him off before turning back to Sasuke. "Right, right. My father is far from civilized. Did you leave the door opened for the other guests?"

Naruto went back to buttoning up Sasuke's shirt, which he had been doing before they started bickering, and the Uchiha began straightening the blonde's shirt collar.

"Kakashi," Sasuke began as he redid the buttons on Naruto's shirt with a shake of his head, "please be on your best behavior."

The blonde snorted as he watched the fingers do up the pale blue shirt, "Yeah right…hell will freeze over when my father behaves himself. Hell will freeze over if…"

"Hello, little brother."

Sasuke stiffened from doing up Naruto's shirt and ground his teeth together at the silent comment the blonde made, "Yeah, who wants to go ahead with this bullshit now, bastard?"

"Hey Naruto," Kiba laughed, "Good call. Sasuke's freezing this place with that cold ass look, and Satan himself just walked in."

The blonde turned, "I'd stop if I were you. He barely agreed to let me throw this engagement party for you, and if you keep up with that, he'll make it happen in the street in front of our houses."

Kiba sighed when Hinata took his hand and man smiled, "Really, I am thankful for this. You guys didn't have to throw a party for us."

Naruto waved him off when Sasuke finished his shirt and they stood side by side, "Come on! You two threw me and this anti-social bastard a party."

They heard a lazy sigh, "And what a troublesome party that was."

The room turned to see Shikamaru walk in hand in hand with Temari, having come through the kitchen where the food had been placed with the drinks, "I grabbed some soda."

"Oh! Guys, everyone should grab food and stuff, we don't have to wait to eat for everyone else to get here, that's only the cake!"

Temari kissed Shikamaru on the cheek and walked off to get food while Sasuke silently walked off to get him and Naruto something since they had been so busy that day they hadn't eaten.

Guests continued to steadily come into the house while everyone stood around talking, and Kakashi opened the floor to Shikamaru.

"So," Kakashi began, eyeing Shikamaru, "when are you going to move forward with your lady, Shika?"

The man swirled his drink around in his red plastic cup, staring at it with his bored face, Shikamaru shrugged, using the free hand to rub at his cheek with his palm, "Tomorrow at three."

The room broke out in laughter as Temari came back into the room from the kitchen where the food had been set out for guests to come and go as they pleased, "What's so funny?"

Shikamaru took his plate with a lazy smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek before Kiba answered for everyone else.

"He was just telling us his grand plans to purpose tomorrow."

Temari snorted, "Yeah right! Poor thing, don't harass him."

The girl handed off her food to the man and playfully began fixing his hair, the smile growing on his face ten fold the more she would joke around.

"She would be content just by staying by his side forever," Naruto stated when Sasuke came back with his food, "without a ring or paper. She's happy."

Sasuke chuckled when the blonde drooled a little over his cup of ramen, "What makes you say that dobe?"

Naruto snapped out of his ramen stupor and smiled lightly as he looked over towards Sasuke's curious face, "I was like that, teme."

The raven shrugged, "You called me possessive so much, I figured…"

The blonde snorted, "Liar."

The Uchiha smirked, "I know."

Only a half an hour later and the engagement party was in full swing. Kiba couldn't keep up with how many toasts were made, and how many he himself had to make. People still kept rolling in as the day wore on. Sasuke and Naruto kept whispering to each other their wonderment on how so many people could fit in their tiny house. Naruto thanked the gods for the catering company and Sasuke cursed the blonde for throwing the damn party at their house. They hired no such thing as a cleaning crew.

Hinata ended up talking to her cousin Neji while Kiba was talking to Iruka and Sasuke tried to hold off Kakashi and Itachi.

Sasuke froze up at the sharp clap on his shoulder, still not liking anyone but a certain blonde touching him, but relaxed slightly when the hand moved away.

"Say bastard," The raven frowned when Kiba addressed him the way Naruto taught him to, "have you seen blondie?"

The raven turned away from the evil duo whom he had been talking to, thinking that Naruto was with Kiba and frowned.

Kiba turned towards the opened window in which they were near and listened at the sound of hissing and shook his head before clapping Sasuke on the shoulder again.

"Keep the animals at bay. I'll handle him."

Kiba walked by Hinata and kissed the back of her head with quick mumbling words of being right back, the girl turning away from her cousin for a moment and nodding her understanding.

The brunette walked out the back door and was hit with a strong sent of paint tacked on with the constant sound of hissing and rattling.

Kiba rounded the corner in the back yard to find the blonde in front of the fence in front of a large piece of plywood, a can of spray paint in one hand and others littering the ground around him.

"You know," Naruto froze and turned around, "if you show Sai, he might stop making references to how small your dick is."

Naruto frowned towards his best friend as he watched him lean against the house and straightened himself up, using his forearm to wipe the sweat off of his forehead.
"You know, we already tested one theory of freezing hell on this earth, let's not try again so soon."

Kiba's eyes flicked toward the abandoned tie and button up shirt, "You planned this, didn't you?"

Naruto stepped backwards towards his friend and took in the outline of his work, "I was going to do it on your house."


Naruto let out a laugh, "Yeah, I came home with the paint and Sasuke went right back out and got the plywood."

"Oh damn it all." Kiba grumbled while stomping his foot like a child.


Kiba pushed off the house, "Now I have to thank the asshole."

The blonde laughed hard and even had a snort leak through, and looked over when his friend addressed him again, "So, when do you think Shikamaru is going to take the plunge? He's the last one left."

The blonde snorted, "Didn't you hear him? Tomorrow at three."

"He was serious?"

A blonde head nodded, tan arms crossing casually, "Dead serious. Sasuke made reservations at that really nice restaurant Bone Fish, and I helped him plan out the proposal."

"And the ring?"

"Believe it or not…he did it on his own."

Kiba let out a low whistle, "Must be damn serious."

Naruto nodded his head toward the work and smiled lightly, "Well?"

Kiba's eyes raked over the outline of the word that popped from the wood, crossing intricately and flowing naturally.



"Think Hinata will like it?" Naruto tilted his head slightly before looking towards his friend.

"Yeah, now that you aren't painting it on our house. She would have fainted, asshole."

"And you would have enjoyed-"

Naruto's sentence was cut off by the lightest of throat clears, obviously made by a woman, and the blonde thought he was going to have to turn around and apologize to Hinata.
But when he turned around and was faced with a head of pink hair and a shy look from emerald green eyes, he was surprised with himself that he held on to the paint can.

He knew Sakura was going to be at the engagement party. Her, Ino and Hinata had stayed the closest of friends all through college; it still didn't help the fact that Naruto hadn't talked to her in seven years.

Kiba smiled lightly, "Hey Sakura."

She smiled back, "Hinata wants you. Something about Kakashi and handing out condoms."

Naruto smacked a hand to his forehead while Kiba grumbled under his breath, quickly leaving the two alone while muttering death threats as he left.

Sakura waved a pair of batting gloves lightly in the air, "Sasuke said you forgot them inside."

The blonde took a careful step forward and reached out when she outstretched her hand, taking the paint splattered gloves gingerly, "Thanks…why didn't-?"

"I told him I wanted to talk to you."

The blonde absently wondered at that time how quickly he could blow up all the paint cans and kill himself. He had a nice and wonderful life these past seven years, and he didn't want it ruined now.

"Oh…why?" Naruto felt himself wince and was attempted to smack himself again, but refused when he saw Sakura look away.

She had grown up into a beautiful woman. Her hair was no longer long and flowing, but short and cropped to frame her face. Her body had matured and developed; her body tall and lean that would make any model jealous. Her eyes seemed brighter than seven years ago.

Naruto also noticed that she still didn't compare to Sasuke.

"For Hinata…"

The blonde nodded once.

It had been hard on her, feeling torn between her two best friends. She constantly wanted them to try and reconcile, but Sakura wasn't ready, and Naruto had put the past behind him.

"And because I needed to."

The blonde followed that with another slow nod.

He understood. They were ex-crushes, and past all that, they were once friends. The friend part needed to be restored, even if she needed some lame excuse of using someone else like saying it was for Hinata.

She turned back to him, smiling through her awkward face, her hands fumbling nervously in front of her.

"You can paint still…if that will help us get through this."

Naruto felt his mouth pull into and unconscious smile and tugged his gloves on, nodding, "Yeah. The less awkward, the better?"

She giggled, "Yup!"

The blonde turned and walked back towards the piece of wood that was leaned against the fence as he strapped the gloves on, and listened to her light footfalls that followed in his wake and bent down to switch cans and exchange their caps.

"So…" He began for her, "Catch me up on seven years."

Her heard her sit down on the grass behind him, and smiled lightly at the thought of sitting in front of the school years ago.

"Backwards, or forwards?"

Naruto's smile grew. It was like their friendship never died, but only took a long break to get things back on track.

He hummed, glancing over his shoulder and catching sight of her ring finger, "Let's start with backwards missy!"

She giggled, clapping her hands once and holding the gesture, "I got married!"

"Me too."

Naruto turned back to the plywood and went back to coloring with the wild assortment of colors that he had grabbed at random. He'd rather not Sai look at this. Naruto would hear more about how he needed to go to an art class, his low IQ, and his lack of a dick.

She smiled softly, "Hinata told me all about it, she was so excited. I'm really happy for the two of you."

"Thank you."

The two of them looked up to see Sasuke walking towards them, and Naruto's jaw practically dropped to the lawn when the Uchiha sat on the lawn next to the woman.


The blonde shook off his stare, holding up the paint can, "You hate the smell."

"I hate the team of your father and my brother more." Sasuke sighed.

"Touché. Go on Sakura-chan."

The girl smiled fondly, "I'm the Dean at Madame Francis now."

The blonde laughed loudly, pulling the hissing can away from the wood, "I'm the principle at Konoha High!"

The two began laughing loudly, Sasuke smirking despite himself, and the two turned when Kiba called out to them, "What's so funny?"

"Irony." Sasuke called back in his usual tone.

Hinata and Kiba joined the queue next; Hinata sitting next to Sakura while Kiba began assisting Naruto by passing him off cans and helping him switch the spray caps.

"Went to college…obviously."

The blonde snorted, "More diiiirt."

"You haven't changed one bit!" Sakura giggled.

The blonde made a sweeping motion with the can, laughing when paint sprayed on Kiba's arm. "Naruto! I'm not going through that again!"

Sakura had to ask, "Through what again?"

"Oh Kiba," The blonde waved him off as he went back to the work, "it was a fun ER visit."

Sasuke snorted, "The eye patch made him look like Jack Sparrow's retarded cousin."

The blonde addressed Sakura once more after the group settled from their bout of laughter, "What else?"

"Ino and I were roommates for awhile…"

"And let me tell you Naru, Forehead there is hell to live with." Ino called as she made her way into the backyard.

"You're one to talk, Ino-pig!"

The rest of the group rolled their eyes as Naruto made the finishing touch on the project and stepped back, admiring his work.

The word popped from the wood, the outline in black with the 3-D edge bringing it to life made it stand out against the light tones of white and light purple and baby blue. The tones had been blended together and faded off into each other gently, and off onto the side were two golden bands linked together.

Naruto outstretched his arms, "TA-DA!"

Hinata made her way up to share a one sided hug with the blonde seeing as Naruto's gloves that were strapped on were covered in paint. Kiba thanked him three times before Kakashi stuck his head out the window and announced cake.

Ino linked her arm with Hinata's and the two set off towards the house with Kiba walking behind them, Naruto promising to catch up while Sasuke and Sakura stayed behind.
Sasuke began to help clean up Naruto's mess while Sakura tapped the blonde on the shoulder.

Naruto turned around quickly, one eyebrow raised like Sasuke always did, "Hm?"

"I wanted to say thank you and at the same time, sorry."

Naruto shook his head, "I'm not-"

"We both did some bad things then and you had the guts to admit your wrongs, fix them and apologize. I'm sorry, Naruto. And thank you, for being one of my best friends and giving me some of my best memories."

The blonde sent her a lopsided smile, "Thank you."

Sakura's emerald green eyes looked over Naruto's shoulder and landed on the Uchiha who was studying a can of paint and smiled. "I'm happy you met him because of me. He's happy. So how about it…friends?"

The blonde let out a laugh, "I think we can manage that."

The girl smiled brightly, "Then we need to go shopping soon. You, Ino, Hinata and I and Temari should come…old times sake."

Naruto dropped the smile, "No skirts, Sakura… I mean it."

She smiled, walking backwards before turning to walk back towards the house, "Maybe Naru-chan!"

"Now what, dobe?" Sasuke asked in his usual tone as he began separating the empty cans from the full cans.

The blonde turned as he began un-strapping his gloves, and walked up to his husband, wrapping his arms around his midsection from behind and humming in contentment.

"I enjoy the rest of my days in happiness with the man I love…"

Sasuke turned halfway in the embrace, "I was referring to after the party…when did Cupid shoot you up?"

Naruto shrugged, letting Sasuke turn and run his hands through his blonde hair, "When Sakura came and reminded me that without her, I wouldn't have found you."

Sasuke pressed his lips against Naruto's forehead, "Tomorrow we'll have been together for seven years."

Naruto smiled, "And married for two."

Sasuke laid another kiss on Naruto's left cheek, "What do you want to do?"

The blonde hummed, "How about I dress up as a school girl, you dress up as a bastard…well…a bastard student and we have a little reminiscing moment. You can be a prick – not too hard for you – and you can drive me around in a towel and nurse me back to health. We can destroy our living room and maybe if I'm lucky I'll snap at you about how dumb you are for not seeing how much I like you…and then we can have a whole big coming out party all over again."

Sasuke snorted as their noses brushed, their lips almost touching, their breaths mingling, "Dobe, if you make me hold a fake boob for a second time in my life…I'll kill you."

The blonde laughed, connecting their lips lightly and pulling back, "I love you, teme."

"Love you too, dobe."

Sasuke unwound his arms and went back to cleaning up after their tender moment, but froze at the sound, oh he knew that sound.

Naruto snickered, "On second thought, how about we switch the roles and you wear the skirt?"

All eyes turned on the married couple as the blonde ran screaming through the house as the guests attempted to eat their cake, begging someone to save his life, as his husband was promising to kill him.

Author's Notes: My boyfriend is really into graffiti, and while he was outback doing a few pieces, I was suddenly inspired. Naruto always did that stuff sloppy and got in trouble, but I thought it would be cool if he did it like the real graffiti artists and used it as a gift.
- Bone Fish is a real restaurant, and I've never been. But I've heard it's really nice.
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- Incase you couldn't understand why Naruto wasn't ready for the party, it was because he knew Sakura was going to be there.
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