Itachi's Daughter

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Itachi was taken by Orochimaru when he was a child for experimenting, a year or so before Sasuke was born. Orochimaru took some of his DNA and mixed it with many other random DNA. Uncountable animals, numerous plants, snakes, and the like was what he combined. He had nothing in mind to create; it was just mad science. A little while later, Orochimaru took him again briefly to tell him about the experiment he'd done with his genetic material. A baby girl was produced. Since he had no use for it, Orochimaru asked Itachi what he wanted to be done with it. Deciding to give it up, Itachi left it on the doorstep of an old Mrs. Hashikawa, who he'd found was kind and caring, and would not disown the child.

Natsuki was an orphaned child, raised by an old woman named Kaori Hashikawa. One day when the girl was just a few days old, Kaori found her on the doorstep with a note that pleaded her to take care of the infant. And so she did. Eleven and a half years later, the child had grown into a wonderful ninja with a strong attitude and great intelligence. But by this time, Kaori, eighty-eight years old, had been ill for some time. She died almost immediately after Natsuki returned from a mission, as if she were hanging on until just that time, leaving her with these final words:

"Look inside the cabinet behind the place the kettle is kept." One would think that the words would be something more important or intimate, something like, 'I'll always be with you in your heart,' but little did Natsuki know, that single sentence would change her entire life.

Puzzled, the girl did just as her guardian told her after the funeral, and found a small box behind the kettle. Wondering what could be so important about it, the dark-headed kunoichi opened it, feeling its contents. There were papers, only two of them, along with an envelope that sheltered an object. She pulled out the first sheet and brushed her fingers over each passing word. It read:


Take care of my daughter, for I am not able. Please make sure she is healthy and well-fed, and keep her safe. You appeared to be a kind person, and that's why I am asking you this.

Also, I have one more request. Please be sure that she doesn't get a hold of the contents inside this box until you believe she is ready for the truth of her life ---.

Natsuki gasped at that, but didn't allow herself to be phased yet. She read on:

--- Because if she isn't and she tries looking for me, it'll be a failed attempt.


That was it. There was no signature, no name that could give her a clue as to who had written this. She guessed it was her father, given that the writer would've had large hand, or was used to holding heavy objects. It was easy to tell because of how hard the ink had been pressed onto the paper.

After finishing that, Natsuki found her birth certificate, which didn't even seem like a real one at all, just something to show that she existed.

Certificate of Birth

Name: Kimi Uchiha

Birth Father: Unspecified

Birth Mother: Unspecified

Birth Date: July 17

Place of Birth: Sound Village

Disappointed to find that it hadn't mentioned even surnames of her mother or father, Natsuki also speculated why the person that made certificate had done that. Her name was Uchiha, though, Kimi Uchiha. That was a start. Also, the girl noted, in the first note the writer wrote 'I' instead of 'we.' It would make more sense for 'we' to be written, so that piece let her mind explore around the fact that her parents were not together.

Quickly forgetting that, Natsuki remembered something she heard from one of the villagers. Two women were gossiping and they'd mentioned something about the Uchiha clan, a massacre, she heard. This was four or five years ago, so the details were vague to her. All that stuck to the girl's mind were the words, 'one survivor' and 'Itachi Uchiha.' Itachi was the one that killed the clan, so who was the survivor? At the time the natter wasn't any bit significant, so she hadn't hung around the two to listen. Oh, how she wished now that she'd stayed to hear the rest of the story. By now it was probably old news, but there was one bit of information she knew that could get her started. The Uchiha clan was in Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. All she had to do was get permission to leave the Grass Village for good, and permission to go into Konoha; the works. No matter what, Natsuki was going to find out who she was.

After she'd decided that she would go to that village in search of the boy who survived the massacre, she thought of the envelope and pulled it out of the box. The object inside was cold, she felt, like a chain. And there was something dangling in the center of the long, thin item. It was a necklace; the chain was silver and the pendant was a circle at the top and then a rectangular shape came down at the bottom. It was the Uchiha's symbol, the fan, red and white. This confirmed it, definitely. Natsuki was an Uchiha. She set out the next day.

A/n: Well, I hope the prologue is okay. Not too boring, anyway. I'll be sort of skipping around a lot, so if you missed any episodes, you might not get it. I'm using the manga as a reference for most of this story. Um, chapters are longer than the prologue. Also, the story might be boring at first, so, yeah. I think it'll be more interesting during the Chuunin Exams and after. For that I'll seriously be modifying the story, but the main stuff, the significant parts, won't be changed too much. Exams come in at chapter three. Well, thanks!

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