The Serial Killer

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Summary: There's a serial killer in town, and he has eyes on Casey. Dasey. Warning some suggestive language.

Chapter 4: Inside a Killer's Mind

Scott knows that what he's doing is technically what society deems as wrong. But he's never been morally conscious before. He always thought that by dating at least three girls at one time would make him be like a man, like a big shot, just like how Derek was known to be. Derek had the reputation as being the coolest, big-shot teen around. And Scott just wanted to be exactly like Derek.


However, he comes to realize that the foil in his plans of dating more than three girls at the time, would be that he decided to go after Casey. After all who didn't want a beautiful brunette to be added in his collection of girls he wanted to date.

He should have known when Derek was asking about his master plan, that Derek would break up his end game. But Scott Ryan just learns from his mistakes.

He learned that for Derek his most precious prize would be if anyone hurts his step-sister Casey. There must have been a known bulletin from everybody that no one had the right to mess with his step-sister, except Derek himself.

Of course, everything, his master plan to get revenge on Derek was working perfectly.

He decided to stalk Derek's girlfriend, Kendra, and send a body part any body part, to Casey. To get Casey scared. To get Derek to know that someone wanted his step-sister so badly.

Yes he wanted Casey for himself, and he also had to get Derek out of the way.

But right now, he's going to have a little fun with Kendra first. And then Derek might now what could happen to Casey.

Then again, Kendra only deserves this because her boyfriend was being such a typical guy. Not caring about his girlfriend's needs. Derek will pay big time.

He had to go back to Kendra, who will probably wake up finding out that her right hand was missing. And then he'll take away something else that she has. Her dignity.

Scott knows that he's going to have some fun tonight.

He just hopes that Derek and Casey will enjoy what he has in store for them tonight.