Annie walked the hard streets of Burnaby. Everyone thought she was dead. Maybe that was best. It was sad really, she walked the streets everyday and no one recognized her. Not even Nick.

No, she had past him a multitude of times and not once had he glanced back. Maybe he was too caught up in his own self loathing, to even spare the girl no the women who had fallen in love with him a single acknowledgment!

Her favorite, signature hoodie was ruined. Now all she had to roam with was a t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes, only rarely did she have shoes or a decent meal. Though it was worth it.

Because of her two people were alive. Victor had a good home and food every day. The little boy was growing faster then she was willing to believe. She just wanted to put a brick on his head to keep him her little brother forever.

But it had been ten years. He was no longer just her little brother. To him she was dead. To him she was just a long gone memory, invisible even to the ones who had claimed to love her.

Sometimes late at night she'd check in on them, just to see what she was missing, it wasn't much. Life carried on without her. Tonight would be her last visit. This was her saying goodbye, one last time.

It wasn't hard to climb to his window. Victor was just as careless as she had been, once upon a time. Despite herself, she cracked a smile. There he was peacefully sleeping in a supped up version of their old room. And there sat his bags. Tomorrow he'd be leaving for a University in London.

Silently she stepped in. Out of her pocket she pulled what was never found after her 'death'. The pretty jewels she had stolen that dreadful night. They were his now. She placed it inside with his clothes.


Her hands flew up, shielding her ears from the deafening sound that echoed the room. Eyes darted to the still sleeping Victor as her legs carried her to the sound's source. There in the familiar bedroom, rested Nick.

Weakness took over her as she fell to her knees at his corpse. Why would he do something like this? She embraced his weighted body and wept into his hair. That's when she saw it.

There at his feet was an airplane, and on it, it read:

Hey Annie! Soon I will glide to you. My heart is open is yours?

"Oh Nick if only I hadn't been invisible!"