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Author's Note: My first 'Bones' fanfic ever, having recently gotten addicted to it. A post-ep to Season 2's 'Aliens in a Spaceship'. BxB with mentions of Booth/Cam.


Cam Saroyan was neither blind nor stupid.

She suspected she should have realized it before but now she knew.

Seeley Booth was in love with Temperance Brennan.

She could not quite understand why; personally, she found Dr. Brennan to be very abrasive and her manner off-putting and Lord knows, she'd seen Booth and Dr. Brennan disagreeing over many things. And yet… he was in love with her.

It had been clear to be seen in his eyes and in his expression, his manner, in those endless (and simultaneously fleeting) hours when Brennan and Hodgins had been buried alive. She wondered if he had any idea how revealing the depths of his worry was and the way he'd said that the text message had been meant for him, because he and Brennan had a connection. Because they worked together, he'd said. Yeah, right, Seeley, she thought, pull the other leg, why don't you?

And then later, when they'd finally arrived at the gorge—the look in his eyes and the way he'd run down the slope and started digging with his bare hands… Well, if it had involved anyone else besides Dr. Temperance Brennan and the man she was currently seeing, Cam would have thought it the sweetest thing she'd ever seen.

Cam wasn't blind and now she knew.

She wasn't entirely sure whether Seeley himself was aware of just how deep his feelings for his "partner" ran, although she suspected at least some awareness of it, if only because she'd noted that he seemed to feel oddly guilty about their relationship. Almost as if he really were being unfaithful to someone, as if he were betraying someone.

She knew Seeley Booth well and if there was one thing she knew, it was that he was incredibly loyal. He would never cheat on a woman he was seeing, she knew that. Which was what made his vague guilt at sleeping with her all the more telling.

Because he wasn't with anyone else. He and Dr. Brennan were only partners and friends but he still felt guilty.

Booth and his over-developed sense of loyalty and honor could be very irritating at times.

She was just a fling to him, "friends with benefits" in the classic sense of the phrase.

She hadn't expected him to fall in love with her—and to be honest, she wasn't in love with him either. She liked him, cared about him—and Lord knew, she liked to sleep with him—but she wasn't in love with him.

Friends with benefits—it was a good idea, really. It made sense—but it wasn't going to work.

She knew that now.

Seeley was in love with Temperance Brennan and whether he knew it or not—whether Dr. Brennan ever knew it or not—that meant that Seeley Booth belonged to Temperance Brennan.

And Cam wasn't stupid enough to even try to get in the way of that.