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Mokona walked into her room and grabbed a seppuku knife off of her desk, attaching it to one of the back belt loops on her shorts and hiding it with her jacket. She also grabbed a suntetsu and hid it within her left boot. Mokona walked over to her bed and grabbed a katana that was leaning against the footboard, attaching it to her right side. She walked over to where a bow sat next to her door with a quiver full of arrows.

She took the cap off of the quiver, she had put on the top to prevent damage to the arrows, and put it into her weapons bag. She clipped the quiver onto her back and slipped the bow into it as well.

As she was walking out of her room, Mokona remembered that she'd forgotten to put her weapons bag on her waist and grabbed it before leaving. As Mokona was walking out of the front gate of the estate, Neji shouted for her to stop.

Mokona stopped and looked back at her younger brother as he approached. "What the hell do you want?!"

Neji glomped her leg. "Please, don't leave!"

"Get off of me!" Mokona shouted, kicking him away. "I can't stay, you foolish child!"

"But, Oneesan…!"

Mokona hesitated; Neji hadn't called her "older sister" in nearly three years because of her detachment to the clan. Even as this was, Mokona threw a shuriken at Neji's face and grazed it. "That was a warning. Stay away from me!"

Neji stared up at her with fear. She had been completely calm and emotionless when she spoke to him. Taking her threat seriously, Neji turned around and ran back into the main house where he now lives.

She turned and continued walking towards Hokage Tower. She knew that when she returned from the training mission, she wouldn't hear the end of threatening Neji. It didn't matter whether or not it was going to be another month before she returned, Hiashi would remember if told.

Mokona ignored the strange looks she always got from carrying what weapons the other people could see. Which were the bow and arrows, the katana, her weapons bag, and her shuriken holster.

"Mokona!" A silver-haired boy a year older than her shouted, running up to her.

She stopped and waited for him to catch up to her. "Hey there, Kakashi."

"Where've you been the past two years?" Kakashi asked, obviously annoyed.

"Training with the ANBU." She shrugged. "Still wearing that annoying mask, I see."



"I don't know." He said, walking beside Mokona as she continued towards Hokage Tower.

"A lot's happened since I left." Mokona said, looking over at Kakashi's left eye, which was covered by his headband. "I heard about what happened with Obito and Rin."

Kakashi flinched a little. "Yeah…"

"First Sakumo, then Lord Minato, and then the rest of your team. Your life sucks, my friend."

Kakashi stopped and hung his head. "You don't have to remind me."

She stopped and looked back at her friend, sighing. "My social skills are lacking as of late, forgive me for that."

"I can imagine why. Training with the ANBU for the past two years can do that to you." He said, walking over to Mokona.

Mokona nodded. "Yes, it can. How's Iruka been?" She asked, continuing to walk towards Hokage Tower.

"He's a Chunnin now."

"Really? I didn't think he would pass the exam." Mokona said half-jokingly, she'd known that Iruka was always the brainy kid…just never the physical type.

"He had some difficulty fighting, but he passed." He laughed. "Iruka said that was as far as he was going as a Shinobi. He wants to be a teacher."

Mokona laughed quietly. "He would be a good teacher."

Kakashi nodded. "… How've you been?"

She shrugged. "Okay, I guess."

"You never told any of us…why you suddenly wanted to join the ANBU a few years back." He said hesitantly, he knew the possible reason but knew the subject was taboo around her.

She smirked evilly. "So I could kill that no good Uchiha bastard!"

He nodded. "I understand that you want to kill him, but think about it. Him and Sasuke are the last of the Uchiha clan… Maybe you could make amends with hi—"

"No!" Mokona glared at Kakashi.

"Mokona, hear me ou—"

"No! Kakashi, you'll never understand why I won't ever forgive him!!" She shouted, stomping away and leaving Kakashi standing alone in the middle of the road.

Kakashi sighed. "Mokona, I know you, no matter how you much you tell yourself you'll never forgive him…you already have. You still love him."

Mokona didn't hear him – which was good for him – and walked into Hokage Tower, where the other ANBU were waiting. She bowed in respect to the older ANBU and to the Third Hokage. "Forgive me for being late."

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi, laughed. "It's not a big deal. You work harder than most, you need a break."

"With all due respect, Lord Sarutobi, I don't need, or want a break." Mokona said, standing up straight.

Sarutobi sighed. "Be that as it may. This final training session is survival training in the mountains to the north."

"Lord Sarutobi, I've already been through mountain survival training. I don't see the point in going through it again."

The Hokage laughed. "Do you even see a point in coming here more than once a year?"

"Actually, Lord Sarutobi, I don't."

"Hmm? This village is your home. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to stay here for even a few days."

"With all due respect, this village is full of nothing but painful memories that I'd wish to forget." Mokona said with obvious distain in her voice.

Sarutobi sighed and shook his head. "Even so, you do have the rest of the Hyuuga clan here."

She tensed. "No, I don't. They've all but disowned me."

"Right…" He grabbed a scroll and tossed it to her. "Here are the details. Everything from the mountain location to the location of your campsite on the mountain is there."

Mokona bowed respectfully. "Thank you, Lord Sarutobi. I'll be off now."

"Good luck."

She nodded sharply once and turned to the door. She walked out of Hokage Tower and opened the scroll. As she was nearly to the northern gate – seeing as the mountain was to the north – a familiar face unexpectedly greeted her; a single scar ran across his nose.

"Hi Mokona!!" The brown haired boy said with a bright smile.

Mokona, though surprised she didn't sense him coming, stayed calm and sighed. "What do you want, Iruka?"

"Aw…" He whined a bit. "You never seem happy to see anyone here! Come on, you're no fun!"

"I'm almost an official part of the ANBU, who said I was 'fun'…?" She shut the scroll abruptly, obviously pissed about the interruption.

Iruka saw the scroll and sighed. "Didn't you just get back?!"

"Yeah, so what?"

"You should stay a while longer. Me and Kakashi, and all of the rest of your friends, for that matter, miss you." He said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Mokona looked away from Iruka. "I'll spend some time with you guys when I get back, but for now, I just need to concentrate on the ANBU." She walked around Iruka and through the gate, ignoring his shouts to go back.

Mokona sighed and looked down at a stream from her resting place on the highest branch of a tree. She had been traveling most of the way on foot, only teleporting when she was tired and needed to find a place to rest. So far, she'd been traveling for nearly ten hours, with this being her first break.

She opened her mission scroll and looked at the map. I've only got little bit more to go before I'm there. She looked over at the tip of the mountain, showing over the tree line of the forest she was traveling through. This'll be a piece of cake compared to last time.

Mokona closed the scroll and stood up straight on the branch to stretch out her legs and back when she sensed someone walking below her. She looked down and saw a Shinobi from a nearby village.

Quickly and quietly, Mokona hid her chakra and drew her seppuku blade. Once the Shinobi was near the next tree, she jumped down and held the blade to the back of their throat.

"Who are you?!" Mokona demanded. "Explain why you're here!"

The man sighed heavily. "I think I should be the one demanding to know what you're doing near my village."

"I'm asking the questions here, so you answer them!"

The man chuckled three times in an non-amused tone. "Really? Will I now?" He teleported almost faster than she could track.

Mokona flipped forward and somersaulted onto her feet, turning around quickly as she did. Where she was standing just moments ago had hundreds of senbon implanted in the ground. "Sneaky bastard!"

The said "sneaky bastard" laughed. "You're one to talk! You stopped me with the tip of a blade, not even bothering to see if I was an ally or not!"

She smirked. "I wasn't going to risk it if you were an enemy, which you clearly are."

"Right." He jumped down from the tree Mokona had been sitting in just a minute before and stared at her. He had a dark blue long-sleeved shirt on, the sleeves extended far past the extreme edge of his fingertips; he wore tight black jeans; his long white hair dangled in front of his face, hiding it.

"Who are you?"

"I'm not saying, Leaf Shinobi."

Mokona sighed and drew her katana as she put away the seppuku blade. "Well then, I'll just kill you."

"Ha!" Two katana blades appeared out of the sleeves of his shirt, both gleaming with freshly spilt blood. "You can't kill what you can't see."

"Then try it! No one has ever escaped me!"

"I'm gonna try to escape, I just wanna kill you too."

She smirked again and ran at the mysterious man with her katana poised for a direct hit.

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