Tormenting Annoyance

Chapter 1: Boring Field Trip

It was another boring field trip for the class in which Billy and Mandy were in. The field trip was to a local robotics factory which was just starting up. Grim was often involved in coming along field trips, since he was literally the property of Billy and Mandy.

"I can't believe you two are brining me along to another one of your stupid field trips!" cried Grim as they got out of the bus.

"Listen bonehead, we need you to come along so things would be more interesting" replied Mandy.

"Yeah Grim, remember the Candy Factory trip we went to, huh, huh, huh?" added Billy.

Sending shivers down the Reaper's bones, the scene changes to a few weeks ago in which case the class with Miss Butterbean were trying out various gum flavors which the company president was passing out.

"These flavors don't taste like what they do in that Chocolate Factory movie" sighed Billy as he was scarfing a whole bunch of gum.

"So, what the heck do you want me to do about it?" asked Grim.

"Make it like in the movie Grim" replied Mandy.

"Fine" sighed Grim as with one zap of a red beam from his scythe over the samples of gum it was now Mindy's turn to take a piece.

"This one better be good" said Mindy.

"Oh yes Miss Mindy" replied the company president, "our candy doesn't have any side affects at all."

"Well, it better be the best tasting flavored gum ever" said Mindy as she then scarfed down the gum and began to chew it, "say this gum is pretty good, it's like if someone magically changed the first wave of samples to now be a full course meal!"

"Wait a second, I don't remember putting anything like that in the gum!" cried the company president.

"I'm tasting like I had a full steak dinner, with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob, and wait desert is a strawberry cake!" cried Mindy

"Mindy, your face, it's turning, red?!" cried Miss Butterbean.

Suddenly the rest of the class then began to laugh at Mindy's sudden predicament.

"What's wrong with me, why are you losers looking at me?!" cried Mindy, to which Mandy the brought up a mirror, "Ah, my face, it's turned to red!"

"Look how silly Mindy has become!" laughed Billy.

"I guess this field trip did come out more interesting" added Mandy to Grim.

"You three did this to me!" cried Mindy as she turned toward Grim, Mandy and Billy to which Billy was on the floor laughing as hard as ever, "I'll get my revenge on you three losers, when I get better and until the next field trip comes along!"

The scene then changes back after that memory from the previous field trip, Mandy had hoped Grim would also make this one more interesting.

"Alright Reaper, we're here in this new robotics factory" said Mandy to which the class entered the building with Miss Butterbean leading the pack, "see anything you wish to change to become more interesting?"

"Not really, we even haven't entered the manufacturing area yet, and I still get the hunch this place is being run by nerds who still live with their parents" replied Grim.

"Hey yo, I take that to offense!" cried Irwin, "These are my people here."

"Yeah, the little guy's right" added a nerdy scientist who was going to be their tour guide.

"Oh, are you going to be the tour guide?" asked Miss Butterbean.

"Why yes I am" replied the scientist, "come this way."

"Oh that's just great!" cried Mindy as she was being forced to follow him behind Butterbean, "first after I got better from that incident with the other field trip, now I have to be stuck in a big factory run by nerdy losers even worse than you three!"

"Well, how about if I take some of you kids on a real manufacturing robotic factory field trip?" asked Grim.

"Really Grim, you're really going to take us away from this boring place?" asked Billy.

"Yeah, now stand back kids" replied Grim to which with one wave of his scythe created a portal, "come on kids, follow me into the portal."

"So where the heck are we actually going to?" asked Mandy as she followed Grim closely behind.

"We're going to a Trade Federation factory which is located deep within the Outer Rim territories" replied Grim.

"You sure Billy won't mess this up for the rest of us?" asked Mandy.

"Heck no, this is full proof, I swear" replied Grim.

"It better be not like the time we went to the Candy Factory a few weeks ago" added Mindy.

A Neimoidian technician from the other side of the portal then became frighten when he witnessed the Grim Reaper himself entering the scene.

"Oh no, it's the Grim Reaper himself!" cried the Neimoidian technician.

"What, oh no, I'm not suppose to take you for another ten years" replied Grim, "I'm just hear with the children who only wish to have a tour of your facility."

"Well, I better see if the boss is willing to accommodate this" said the Neimoidian technician to which case he then turned on a hologram image of the owner of the facility which was a fellow Neimoidian.

"What is it, this better be worth my time" barked the factory owner in which case, the Neimoidian was found to be in a typical bath robe.

"Er, the Grim Reaper wishes to have these children take a tour of the factory" replied the technician.

"Hmm, let me see these children" said the factory owner.

As the technician moved out of the way, Mindy was the first one to make a horrible comment about the owner of the factory.

"You bonehead, take me away from this horrible ugly place, the place we came from was run by nerds who lived with their parents" cried Mindy in an arrogant way, "these aliens are so ugly."

"Ugly, ugly?!" cried the factory owner as he gazed as Mindy, "you dare question my looks?!"

"Oh sir, please, I'll get a handle on this" said the technician to which he pressed a button signaling two battledroids coming into the scene, "take her to the prison section of the facility, you can pick her up later after the tour."

"Works fine with me" said Mandy.

"No, you can't do this to me!" cried Mindy as she was being dragged away by the two battledroids, "I'll get you boneheads for bringing me here!"

"Well, now that's out of the way, it seems you folks better get onto your tour and me get back to my, er, boss duties" said the owner to which the hologram quickly disappeared.

"Okay, lead the way" said Grim to the technician.

"Yeah, we get to tour a cool droid factory!" cried Billy.

"Somehow, I'm betting Billy's going to cause problems for us" sighed Mandy.