Dimensional Location: The Hyrule Warriors Era of the Zelda Universe.

The Sorceress Lana looked troubled.

The Sorceress Cia had been restored to normal and yet something was still not right.

Ganondorf was getting help across time from someone very powerful.

Someone was seeking power to return to their own dimension... Lana frowned at the information that the three Goddesses of Hyrule gave her.

Somebody New was Reshaping Hyrule History and the Evil One wanted to get the TriForce Power for himself.

The Sorceress Lana and the Sorceress Cia looked into the History Portal together.

The Stranger was an Evil Warlock with an unfamiliar face.

"He should not be stranded inside our Hyrule History at all!" The Sorceress Cia proclaimed knowingly.

"What is he even doing in the Skyward Sword Era anyways?" The Sorceress Lana asked fearfully.

"You mean besides getting himself kidnapped by the Evil Sorceress Veran." The Sorceress Cia stated as the two of them watched in sudden bewilderment.

Veran was inside the Sealed Grounds of the Skyward Sword Era.

"Strange, I was expecting the Reincarnation of the Demon King Demise, not some Evil Warlock seeking to steal power for himself." The Evil Sorceress Veran told herself in confusion while she studied the Unconscious Villain at her feet carefully.