The Planetary Guardians of the Sacred Realm were just going about their lives unaware of the destiny ahead of them.

Aryll was watching her older brother help the fishermen with their small fleet of ships. It was amusing watching a pirate ship protect the smaller fishing boats as they circled around the islands.

"I still can't believe you talked me into doing this!" Tetra remarked.

"They are paying us to protect them." Link reminds her.

"From what are we protecting them from?" Tetra demands in exasperation.

"Don't know yet." Link said getting his Wind Waker ready.

"Can I steer the ship while everything is quiet?" Aryll asked.

"Only if one of the crew shows you how." Tetra answers boredly.

"Sharks ahead of us! Warn the fishing boats! " Someone yells and Tetra sighed.

"Load the cannons and try to scare them away!" Someone else yelled back.

"Oh joy... Shark fighting!" Tetra remarks as one of the sharks blows up and the rest swarm the remains.