Vaati's Personal Inventory: 12 Red Health Potions, 6 Blue Energy Potions and 2 Forest Minish Magic Books.

Vaati's Equiped Outfit: Purple Wizard Robes

Vaati's Inventory Storage: 24 Jabber Nuts, 1 Gust Jar, 1 Heart Container, 1 Ocarina of Wind, 42 Wake-Up Mushrooms and 1 Termina Map.

Vaati frowned as he checked his Inventory Storage Bag, all his shrunken items are still there and some had been added as well to Vaati's bewilderment.

Vaati found a written letter among his things and began reading it.

"Dear Vaati, you have caused problems for the Planet Hyrule within the past and now you are being given the opportunity to change your ways for the better. The Majora's Mask is hunting you, become the Hero that we hope you will become to stop it or allow Ganondorf to conquer the lands of Termina while Vaati becomes the Brainwashed Pet of the Dark Lords in the aftermath. The Choice of how to save yourself is in our own hands and Zephos wishes you good luck on your travels.

I will be at the Dragon Roost Island when you are ready to learn my Wind Magic and learn why I need you help against the Evil Veran." Vaati reads confused.

Who are Veran and Zephos? What is this Majora's Mask hunting Vaati? Vaati was freed from prison to be hunted by an unseen threat and it was not fair!

"I can't get to wherever this Dragon Roost Island is because it is not on the Termina Map that I have here and it must be out on the ocean somewhere that can only be reached across the water." Vaati says annoyed at being unable to solve his personal mystery very quickly and staying hidden at the Romani Ranch for one year working the farmlands to spy on everyone for information.