One of the Town Minish gave their Backpack to Jedi Master Windu. Inside the Backpack was Grappling Hooks, Rolled up Camping Tents, Red Healing Potions, Fire Starting Kits and the World Map of the Wind Waker Islands.

Half of the Town Minish had Bags of Arrows and the other half had the Camping Supplies.

The Town Minish Campsite was just their Tents and a small Campfire, but the real problem was going to be 'Hunting for Food' without being eaten by something 3 times your size.

Jedi Master Windu suddenly realized why none of the Town Minish travelled by themselves, it was too dangerous when everything was bigger than you to travel without the group of Crossbows defending them from getting eaten.

The Hunting Target was the Deer Mice that the Town Minish would kill and cook for their meals inside the Woodlands.

Jedi Master Windu decided to help Cook the Deer Mice instead of hunting them down with the Hunting Party that left the Campsite and came back with the Dead Deer Mice tied to the Sticks to cook them on.

They found only 1 Fisherman Minish left alive, the rest had been taken apart by Wolfos Teeth by the looks of it.

Jedi Master Windu shakes his head at the sight of the Broken Crossbows and the Minish Bones thrown everywhere.

"We need to get out of here! The Wolfos Pack will return to eat the Minish Bones that they left behind soon and we will be no match for them!" The Town Minish proclaimed before leaving the area.

Jedi Master Windu quickly lead the Minish Hunting Party away from the Wolfos Territory back towards the way that they came from hopeful to avoid being ambushed on their journey home.