The Stone Wishing Well stood untouched inside the woods behind the Romani Ranch until one year after Link the Hero of Time vanished saving Termina from Majora's Mask.

Grog, Romani and Cremia walked uneasily into the Dark Woods towards the Old Wishing Well.

Cremia had the Crossbow while Grog holds the Lantern to brighten the path ahead of them.

"Are you sure that you two want to do this?" Grog asked nervously glancing around the Woods waving the Lantern slowly left and right fearfully of the Hungry Wolfos Monsters that roamed the area.

"Link has been missing for a whole year and this might be the only way to bring him back to us!" Cremia proclaimed.

"I never argue with Crazy Women Holding Crossbows pointed at me...the Wishing Well is over there!" Grog responded in defeat while pointing at the Wishing Well.

"Hello, I'm the Guardian Fairy of the Wishing Well, Navi, what can I do for you?" The Floating Light asked them.

"We wish that there was a reason for our Link to come back to us again!" Romani and Cremia yelled at the Wishing Well Fairy Called Navi.

"OK, I'm checking your memories to see what I can do." Navi says flying in circles above their heads.

"I know how to grant your wish now!" Navi proclaimed overjoyed that she found out how to get the Hero of Time back to the Land of Termina where she had wandered into by mistake.

Vaati wakes up confused how he escaped the Four Sword Heroes that defeated him.

"Hello, I'm the Happy Mask Salesman, are you alright?" The Stranger asked Vaati after he noticed him.

"I'm fine! Where am I?" Vaati snapped at him bewildered that he didn't recognize anything around him.

"This place is called the Milk Road. Are you sure that you are alright?" The Happy Mask Salesman asked Vaati worriedly.

"I'm just looking for Hyrule Castle... you know where it is?" Vaati asked the Happy Mask Salesman hopefully.

"Hyrule Castle is on another Continent across the ocean from the Land of Termina right here." The Happy Mask Salesman explained to the Annoyed Vaati dumbfounded by the information that he got.

"How did I get teleported to another continent?" Vaati demanded while looking around upset.

"I'm not sure, mister, maybe the Great Fairy will have the want to buy any of my items here?" The Happy Mask Salesman answers.