Chapter 6: Vulcan
Vulcan. The hot air, the burning sands, the golden expanse of desert...and rising above it all was the mountain, Seleya, where Zara stood gazing into the expanse. T'Prelle was to meet her here, and Kohlinar was near.

Some time later, Zara knew not how long she had stared across the expanse of desert before her, she sensed another person approaching. T'Prelle. T'Prelle stood beside Zara, not speaking, staring across the expanse beside her student. Finally, she spoke, "Why have you journeyed here?"

Zara did not move her eyes from the desert, "To attain Kohlinar. I sent you a message stating such."

"Is it truely Kohlinar that you are in need of? Once one has attained Kohlinar, it is difficult to loose the pure logic you gain. What has caused you to loose it?" T'Prelle's voice was emotionless, Zara knew not what she was thinking.

Ideas of explainations ran through her head, and Zara did not know the answer to T'Prelle's questions. "I do not know what has caused me to loose it. I can only assume that my thoughts are not fully free of emotion and my logic not pure from my experiences."

"Experiences can be tainted. You cannot know from your experiences if it it logic you lack. The world is an illogical place and often destroys all concept of logic....or contorts logic beyond recognition." T'Prelle turned to face Zara, and Zara turned as well. "Let me see into your mind. I will tell you if it is logic you seek, if it ever left you." T'Prelle kneeled down onto the hot sands of Vulcan.

As she spoke, Zara kneeled as well, "Perform the mind meld."

T'Prelle raised her hand to touch Zara's face, her fingers unconsciously finding the correct places on Zara's face. She spoke no words, the connection was made in silence, and T'Prelle looked into Zara's mind.