Danny Phantom: Fame and Infamy

Formally "Starlife" by Em Phantom and Adopted by Hordak's Pupil

Author's Notes: I have taken up the task of adopting Em Phantom's DP/Hannah Montana crossover. I hope those who read her version will come and check out mine. This is not a part of my Ghost of Nod's Limb's saga.

Chapter I: Leave me Alone!


"And so Beowulf slew…," Mr. Lancer said as I tried to take notes of his lecture but was thwarted by exhaustion (I was up all night dealing with Skulker hunting me claiming now I saved the world I was a rearer prize); Paulina fawning over me; and Tucker talking on his cell phone.

"Oh Danny, tell me again how you stopped the ghost invasion?" Paulina said as I drowned her out and focused on the notes.

I could tell that Mr. Lancer was getting upset he was muttering to himself about, 'why didn't I become an actor like my cousin?' and was going to say something but was stopped at the last second as the bell rung.

"So Danny what are you going to do this weekend?" Tucker asks me as we walk outside glad that the school day is over.

"Probably just hang out and video games, Danielle is supposed to come over and tell her about her first day of school," I explain to Tucker as we walk down the street to the Nasty Burger ignoring the throngs of human beings following us.

Robbie Ray Stewart

"There, three miles in ten minutes," I said as I unlocked the door to my house and walked into the kitchen. It was quiet since Miley and Jackson were at school, which meant I had the place to myself.

I opened the fridge and took out some bottled water to drink, that run took more out of me than I thought but it was worth it so I could have some cookies to eat. "Sweet nectar," I said gulping down the flavored water. "Much better," I said placing the bottle on the table and heading to the cookie jar when I heard the phone rang

I raced over to it and picked up the receiver, "Hello," I said as female voice responded, "I can't believe it's you I haven't heard you since your wedding," I told the voice excited to hear from her. "Sure, they can come here just tell me when their coming and I'll pick them up," I said as I wrote down what she told me smiling. "Okay, I'll be ready, it's good to hear from you again, bye," I said hanging up and looking at the information and went back to my snack.


I smiled as I watched things from my clock tower; everything is exactly as I knew it would be.

Things have changed for Danny since the disasteroid incident but he is coping well and getting use to being famous. "I think you'll like what is in store for you," I said overhearing what was transpiring but was disturbed as a voice cried out 'Clockwork!"

I turned around sighing as I saw the Observants in front of me, "Yes, what is it this time?" I asked them upset by their interference.

"Why aren't you watching space as we ordered you to?" one of them spoke up as I felt myself transform into a child. "You know that he could…," the specter continued before I held out my hand to stop him.

"Everything is fine trust me," I told them zooming up to space and saw the lone exile pondering past sins, "he's not going anywhere trust me," I explained, "Now if you would care to observe the exit," I told them as they disappeared and I went back to my task.

Lilly Truscott

"Remember class to do your projects for our special guest," Mr. Corelli said as the bell rang and we left for our next class. I couldn't believe that president of my fan club was coming here to speak to us. It was I like a dream come true (no if it was a dream the hero and Jake would fight for my love).

I was so engrossed in my happiness that I didn't hear Miley walk up to me and ask, "Lilly, are you okay?" causing me to jump.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine I was just thinking," I explained to her nervously as Miley rolled her eyes like she knew what I was thinking about.

"You already know that you won't get close to Jake, especially with all the attention he gets," she said as I let out a giggle.

"I'm not thinking about Jake, although he is a part of it," I told her, "I was thinking about my darling hero, my knight in shining armor, my…," I began to say until Miley put a hand over my mouth

"All right, I get it," she said exasperated, "have you finished your project," she continues as I nods taking out a picture of the hero. "Pretty nice," I said as I handed to her but it was grabbed out of my hands. "Hey!" I shouted as I saw Amber and Ashley laughing at the picture.

"Thank you so much for doing our project Mustsnot," Ashley said deliberately mispronouncing my name as Miley walked up to her glaring angrily.

"Why don't you crawl back to your holes or were the other snakes got sick of you," she snapped as the bullies looked at each other before pushing Miley to the ground.

"Come on Amber, let's leave these lowlies alone for now," Ashley said as they walked away with my painting.


"This was a great idea sweetie," Maddie said as she kissed me, "Danny can finally get some time away from here and the ghosts," she tells me as I smile proud of my idea.

"Great ideas are my specialty Mads," I tell her while thinking about the good old days, "I'm sure Danny like staying with him," I said as an idea popped in my head, "You think he'd be interested in bringing the old band back," I ask excitedly as Maddie sighs.

"Jack, your band was terrible and only produced one song before the dean told you to stop playing," she tells me as I frown at thought of Dean Alberton threatening to expel me if we continued to jam.

"That dean was a square, he didn't know good music if it squirted him with Ectoplasm," I complained, "you're probably right," I finally agreed as she smiled and kissed me.

"I'm going to call to Jazz and tell what's going on, why don't you go to the kitchen, I made a fresh batch of fudge," she said as I beamed with happiness.

"You're the best wife ever," I said as I raced to get the little square pieces of chocolate paradise.