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Chapter XXIV: For All Have Sinned

Amber Addison

"That will be the last we'll see of Danny Fonten for a long, long time," I told Ashley as everyone laughed at the videos. This was our greatest plan yet, everyone in the entire school will know what that little runt is doing. It was then an idea hit me and I whispered something in my friend's ear causing her to smile. She replied it was brilliant but as we were about to leave we heard someone cough behind us.

"So you think these little movies are funny?" the voice of Mr. Donaldson, the science teacher, asked as we turned around and told him that we did not think it was funny and that we felt bad for the kid, "Good because if I would hate to have to tell the principal that the head of the homecoming committee are in trouble," he said as he walked away and we breathed a sigh of relief before going back to our plan. I looked over and saw all the loser had vanished. I asked Ashley about it and said not to worry about it and went to enjoying the show.

Once lunch was over we headed to AV room to prepare the next episodes of Fonten TV, "I have to tell you this has to be one our best ideas ever," I told Ashley as we walked down the steps to the AV room. I was about to ask her about Phase III when I heard someone coming. I grabbed my friend and made our way to the nearest janitor's closet to hide.

"Danny are you hear," a female voice called out as I peeked to find Fonten's sister walking down the steps looking for our star. From what I've heard from one of other friends she was pretty smart and would be the biggest threat to our fun. "Danny!" she called again and then continued her search allowing us to proceed.


"Why me?" I asked myself as I peeked out from my hiding spot. What did I ever do to get permanently consigned to the Ninth Circle of Hell? It seems no matter where I go misfortune follows me like a shadow. Every single jock in this school has a bounty on my head and I am the laughingstock of Seaveiw High School.

While I was thinking I heard someone approaching the area, it was Jackson. I didn't want to be found just and stood as still has possible hoping he wouldn't find me. "You know if this was Wolfenstein you would have been found out in seconds," he said as I heard the door open and saw him look at me. He told me not to worry about what those two girls do. "why don't you come out Danny, you're sister is worried about you," he said as I crawled out from my hiding spot.

I tried to block out the sounds of the kids laughing as I walked back to the classroom but even my fingers in my ears it was still getting through. I took a breath and told myself to be calm, "ang…," I began to say as I lost my balance and yelped in pain as my teeth cut into my tongue. I got up and saw a large kid looking over me.

"So you don't like Jocks Fonten?" he asked laughing at me I tried to retort but all the came out was gibberish as my tongue swollen from being hurt. "What was that Fondue," he asked going as he got ready to throw a punch but stopped as someone blew a whistle. I looked up and saw a muscular man who I assume as a gym teacher grabbed the Jock. "Mr. Katz, uh I was just helping Danny get to class," he said as Mr. Katz told him to get going allowing me to go to class without further problems.

Lilly Truscott

"Is there something interesting out there Ms. Truscott?" Corelli asked as I peeked out the hall hoping to see any sign of Jackson or even better Danny. Miley's speech about Danny making plenty of enemies had me worried. Those jocks can be pretty mean and Danny would be no match for him. "Ms. Truscott!" the teacher yelled as I turned to look at him.

I had to think up a distraction that would allow me to sneak out but before I could do It Danny entered the room. Corelli asked him where he'd been. "I got lost sir," he replied heading towards his seat. Corelli then went on with the lesson but I couldn't pay attention. I kept thinking about what Oliver said about him being the president of the Phan club, everything seemed to support that but there still were some unanswered questions that I was determined to find.

Why would he hide the fact that he is the president of the Phan club, such a revelation would have all the jocks ally with him and could crush any attempt the queens of Seaveiw would use to humiliate him. Yet he hides in obscurity and goes so far to distance himself from Danny Phantom. There has to be some way to find out the truth-"of course!" I said as I realized I had the answer right in front of me. I just have to search Mr. Stewart's college records and the truth will be mine. "Now if I could the mystery of why if I am a such a genius why am forced to go to school.


"That stupid poor girl and her dog!" I grumbled walking towards the office. This was my favorite shirt and now it's ruined, the only positive is that Tio is close by and I could get him to bring a new shirt for me. "Hello, is anyone home," I asked before slipping inside and headed to the phone. I took out my the piece of paper my uncle gave me and dialed the number.

"St. Benedict monastery, how may I help you," a voice asked on the side as I demanded to speak the Cardinal Sanchez. They put one some cheery musical as they told me to wait. It seemed like it was taking for ever until I heard a voice say, "Sorry his eminence is in prayer and demanded not to be disturbed," he said as I yelled this was an emergency and needed to speak with him ASAP.

I could hear people talking until the worried voiced of Uncle Lazaro asked what was wrong, Gracias a Dios que el tío era capaz de llamar," I said as he told to settle down and asked what I needed. I told him I needed a new shirt as my old one was ruined. He then went on some tirade about not to worry about those things. "But Tio," I complained as he hung up. Sometimes he is impossible.


"What do you think of this father," I asked my dad holding up a black green sign that read 'New Phantom Menu.' We were going to milk with ghostly cash cow for every penny we can. I can already see all people lining up to eat at the only place in California endorsed by Danny Phantom. Father is already working on ghostly food and drinks to serve them.

"Excellent work," he said happily, "the networks will air the commercials today," father told me as he painted the cups black and white. I asked him if Mateo could have thought something as awesome as this to which he shook his head and told me to go to the costume store to pick up the suit we rented.

I can see it now, Phantom Day comes and we make trillions of dollars leading to the opening of a whole chain of Phantom themed stores nationwide. We'll beat out McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger King and become the greatest restaurant in the world. Our fame will attract the real Danny Phantom making us the official eatery of the Phan club and force Mateo to hand over his inheritance of the store to me. "I am such a genius," I told myself as I arrived at the shop and walked inside.

Dan Phantom

"Please let me out! Let me out! Please…please….please," the little wretch cried out pounding on the crawlspace door. She had been crying ever since Vlad locked the waif in that area. There is no doubt that she is cloned from younger self as he whined just like this before I destroyed him.

"What in the name of the City of Green Bay are you doing," Vlad asked in horror as I looked at him with contempt. Ever since that stupid reunion he has made my life miserable. I was sick of his manipulations, his arrogance, he had to be stopped. "Wait!" Plasmius screamed threw him to the ground and ripped ghost half. I flew inside Vlad's alter ego and then it happened.

The rush of power was unlike anything I had felt before for the first time I realized what I was- power incarnate. The old man trembled in fear and was about to kill him when I heard it. He was a pathetic little whelp crying like a sick puppy. "V…Vlad…what's…going on," he whimpered as I turned to the boy. Using the Ghost Gauntlets I impaled him and threw him into some machinery. He screamed in agony as his body was burned beyond recognition and it was that voice I am hearing now.

"Enough!" I growled returning to the present as I glided to the crawlspace. I phased my hand through the door pulling out a child. I stared into her blue eyes, "No one can help you, girl," I said as I threw her to the ground. She pleaded for me to stop but nothing could stop. "I will silence you now," I said unleashes a barrage of ectoblasts on her until she was barely conscious. I inhaled about to unleash a Ghostly Wail but before I could a powerful shock raced through my system.

"That is enough Phantom," Plasmius' voice snapped as I fell to the ground. "I need Danielle and Valerie alive for my plan," he told me as I stared at him. I tried to get to up but every time he did I would be shocked. Once he was sure I wouldn't move he took the girl and threw back inside the crawlspace and shut the door. I growled at him but he assured that I would have revenge soon enough before he left. If it wasn't for that infernal device I would destroy him.