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Takes place in the middle of New Moon and Eclipse.

Anyway, this story has a slight crossover with the Night World Series, by L.J Smith. You do not have to read them to be able to read this story, but basically, I let a plot bunny live inside my head for too long, and I was reading a Night World book last night...

And well, you can do the math.

The Night World is explained in this fic, along with all the codes and flowers (you'll get it later). I'm not using any of the characters, but really more of just the outline of the books. Which is:

The Night World. A secret world where vampires (not like the Cullens), witches, werewolves, and shape shifters live. It's all around you. Your best friend could be one. Or maybe your crush.

Or maybe Isabella Swan.


It had started out like a normal day.

The sun was hidden by a dense layer of clouds, Edward had driven her to school, and they had met up with Alice in the parking lot. Alice left a few minutes, saying that she need to check something out. Bella and Edward started walking towards the school, knowing that the bell would ring in a few minutes.

Then Bella saw the new students.

Five very familiar looking new students.

Bella's school bag dropped from her numb hands as soon as she laid eyes on them. She had been talking and joking with Edward when she had seen them. Bella had never expected to see this group of people again, but there they were, sitting at one of the rarely used picnic tables, talking.

They were all female, all ranging in skin tones and hair color. Their heads were close together, and they appeared to be discussing something important.

"Bella?" Edward asked, holding her school bag. He caught it when Bella dropped it. "Is everything alright?"

"Um," Bella stated. "Yeah. Just fine." She shook her head. "Just surprised by something. That's all."

One of the new students, a short girl with curly red hair, suddenly stood up and appeared to be shouting something. Bella could barely hear her, but she could make out the gist of it.

"...found Scarlett....tracking...coming here...Izzy!"

Bella's blood ran cold and noticed that Edward, too, was staring at the new students. On his face was a face that Bella found very familiar: a combination of both curiosity and anger.

"You can't read their minds, can you?" Bella whispered to him. Edward jerked around to stared at her, surprised, before Bella answered his unanswered question.

"The look on your face. It looks exactly like the ones you gave me last year," answered Bella.

Edward stared at her curiously for a few seconds, before turning back to the new students. Another one, this one a tall blonde, put her hand on the short girl's shoulder. She whispered something into her ear, and the short girl nodded. She sat down, glaring at the brunette across from her.

Bella licked her lips (a nervous habit that she from when she was younger), and tugged on Edward's arm. She pulled her school bag from his grasp and slung it on her back.

"We should get going. We're going to be late," Bella said. She and Edward walked away, Bella only looking over her shoulder once at the new students.


It was during lunch that Bella approached them. Alice and Edward left during fourth period because Alice had seen that the sun would come out before lunch. Carlisle had called the office saying that they were excused for the rest of the day. Their poor Aunt Lucinda had a stroke yesterday and died. Poor thing. Her funeral was today, and Alice and Edward had to be there. They were both very close to dear Aunt Lucinda.

Bella laughed when she heard how they were getting out of class.

Bella decided to forgo lunch today; She could survive without it. Bella noticed that the five new students were sitting at the Cullen's old table and had to beat down a laugh. If only they knew who had sat there before them...

Bella strode up the table, either not caring or not noticing the fact that most of the cafeteria had their eyes on her.

"The night has a thousand eyes," she said proudly once she had reached the table.

The five broke away from their discussion and stared at her with wide eyes.

"But the day only has one," one of them muttered in disbelief.

"Izzy?" one of them asked hesitantly.

Bella smirked at them. "Kitty works too."

"Oh, my God! Izzy!" Quickly, the new students jumped up to hug her.

"Unity," Bella said, smiling at all of them. "It's great to see you guys again."

"Circle Daybreak hasn't been the same without you," the short one said before.

"I'm sorry Bonnie," replied Bella, "But I had to leave. Scarlett caught up with me."

Bonnie scowled. "Damn her to the deepest pits of Hades for what she's putting us through. She's giving Circle Daybreak a bad name."

"Marilyn," Bella said, directing her comment to the tall blonde who had calmed Bonnie down outside. "I have some bad new."

"Can't be any worse than the new we got that Scarlett was trying to find you," Marilyn said in reply.

Bella raised an eyebrow. "When did you get that news?"

"Two months ago. We found you first, thank God for that."

Bella shook her head. "I should have known. I must be losing my touch." She shook her head again. "Anyway, Scarlett's no long Circle Daybreak. She's Circle Midnight."

The five new students gasped.

"No!" one of them said.

"I've only heard the very few rumors about it, but I knew that something was off. I checked into it and..." Bella shrugged. "She was seen hanging around Alexandra."

"That stupid, stupid girl," Marilyn said. "She's going to ruin us all."

"And Lily," Bella said, turning around to face a brunette. "Jack sends his love."

Lily blushed, but asked Bella a question. "How are you in touch with Jack?"

"I left my email address with him. He left me an email, saying that I might be seeing you, but I thought he was just pulling another prank on me."

Another brunette, Antoinette, spoke up. "Jack's been in Boston for the past few months. He's hunting down a rogue. A bunch of children have been going missing lately, so we sent him up to see if there's a vampire there."

The black haired girl, Christina, said, "Perhaps we should finish this conversation after school."

The other five looked around to see the whole cafeteria blatanly staring at them, curiousity swimming in their eyes.

"Whoops. Forgot where we were for a second," Lily admitted sheepishly.

The other five laughed.


The rest of the day pasted by in a standstill, but the final bell finally rung. Bella jumped out of her seat and ran out of the room, not tripping once. She ran to her truck, where the five girls were meeting her.

"Follow me," Bella said once she reached her car. She drove to her house carefully, wary of the slippery roads. They made it to her house in a little over ten minutes. They all crammed into Bella's tiny living room and Bella knew that they were in for a long talk.

"How's Renee doing?" she asked them.

"Someone found out about your heritage," Marilyn said quietly.

Bella gasped. "No. How?"

Lily answered grimly, "Someone made the connection between the missing daughter and your grandmother."

Bella quickly asked, "But she's fine right?"

"A little shaken up, but she's fine. Renee said that it was almost fun," Christina said.

"Vampire?" Bella questioned.

"Yeah. Renee got rid of him in a few seconds though. She's tough, I'll give you that," Marilyn pointed out.

"'Cause she's a daughter of Hellewise," Bella said weakly.

"Ah yes, just because you're a Hearth-Woman, you think you're all that," Marilyn said jokingly.

"Excuse me," Bella said in a haughty tone of voice. "I happen to be descended from the Queen of Witches. Pay me some respect."

There was five seconds of silence before they started laughing.


Yes, Bella's a witch.

And, yes, it is a slightly overused plot line, but that's too bad for you. My story.

Not yours.

And it's completely different than all the other ones.

I think, at least.


So how many of you actually could understand all of this chapter? None of it makes any sense. Well to you at least.

The last part might a teensy bit of sense, if you've read the Night World books.

But most of you probably haven't.

So totally cryptic, and I'm the only one that knows what this means!

You gotta love being the writer.