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"Come on Ziva," Tony said. "It'll be fun."

"No Tony," Ziva replied impatiently. "The answer is no, I do not want to."

Tony took off the glasses. "Look, Ziva. If you're going to live in this country, you should learn our customs. Since we don't have a case, I want to teach you something," Tony said smiling.

"I do not want to play this… What do you call it again?" Ziva asked.

"Truth or Dare," Tony answered flatly as they stood in the middle of the bullpen. McGee kept an eye on them as he almost always did. "McGee, you like Truth or Dare right?" He asked.

McGee looked for the nearest exit. "No," he answered.

"Why not?" Tony asked.

"You had me prank call Director Morrow, pretending to be his love child," McGee replied, "It was a very confusing day."

"It was fun though," Tony smiled. "Hey, come on… Just one round. We'll teach Ziva about it," he prodded. "You know you're going to say yes."

Where's a dead marine when you want one? McGee thought to himself. "Alright," He had no reasonable excuse to say no.

"Rules are simple… We ask you Truth or Dare, if you chose truth we get to ask you any question we want to and if you answer dare you have to do what we tell you to do," Tony explained it simply.

"Then you will leave me alone?" Ziva asked.

"Then I will leave you alone Ziva," Tony answered. "So Ziva, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Ziva answered as she dared Tony to make her do something totally off the wall.

"Alright," Tony spoke to McGee for a moment. "Alright Ziva," Tony said with a dry smile. "We dare you to drink Abby's cup of Caf Pow," he said.

"Sounds easy," Ziva said as they made their way to Abby's lab.

"Without asking her," McGee interjected.

Ziva went totally quiet as they entered Abby's lab. They knew that Gibbs would be there soon just to see how his favorite was going and he'd never dare to go down there without her favorite drink. Fortunately they didn't have to wait long.

"Hey Bossman,' Abby said with delight.

Right on cue, Gibbs placed the oversized cup on her desk and Tony nudged Ziva. She shook her head and walked over to pick up the cup. Before anyone could say anything, she lifted the cap off and began drinking the Caf Pow in large mouthfuls till the point where the liquid was spilling out the sides of her mouth.

"Thank you Gibbs," Ziva said as she wiped her mouth.

Abby watched the others leave and looked in the cup. "She drunk my Caf Pow," she pouted. Gibbs began to slowly back away. "How could she do that to me? I don't know why, I don't know how… But I'm sure its Tony's fault," she said angrily.

"My turn," Ziva began talking really fast when they arrived back in the bullpen.

"You alright Ziva?" McGee asked as Ziva's eyes popped wide open.

"Ohhhhhhhhh wellllllll what a rush!" Tony called out.

"TruthordareMcGee?" She asked McGee.

McGee took awhile to answer the question because he had to decipher it first. "Dare," he answered because he was fearful that truth would lead to them questioning his sex life… Again.

"Givemeyourweapon," Ziva ordered.

"Speak slower," McGee told her as he attempted not to laugh at Ziva on a sugar rush.

"Give… Me… Your… Weapon," Ziva said very slowly, McGee handed over the Sig pistol and Ziva promptly pulled it apart. "I dare you to take that to Gibbs and get him to put it back together for you," Ziva explained the dare.

McGee looked mortified at the parts in his hands. "He'd think I'm an idiot," he protested. This had to be worse than convincing Morrow that an NCIS agent was his love child.

"I'll have to wait till he gets back," McGee said, maybe they'd get a case in the meantime. "Truth or," he began.

"Dare Probie," Tony replied quickly.

"I dare you to drink Gibbs' coffee when he gets back," McGee replied. Tony's face went pale.

"Oohgooddare," Ziva laughed as she began pacing up and down the bullpen.

"Any cases Boss?" McGee asked Gibbs as soon as he sat down. Gibbs shook his head. "Um Boss, I seemed to have had a little accident." McGee swallowed as Gibbs put his coffee down. "Can you put my pistol back together please Boss?" McGee asked as he dumped all the parts on the desk.

"What happened?" Gibbs asked. "I should teach you how to do it,"

"Ziva took my gun apart Boss," McGee answered.

"Taddle-hind," Ziva poked her tongue out.

"Taddle-Tail Ziva," Tony corrected as he walked closer to the desk. There was a perfect opportunity since Gibbs was busy putting McGee's weapon back together and explaining it in detail. He reached down and took the coffee cup off the desk and skulled it down. "Thanks for the coffee Boss," Tony said as he licked his lips.

Gibbs had a stunned look on his face as he stood up. On the rare occasion, he'd been known to drink another agent's coffee, but nobody had ever dared to touch his deliberately. First he copped an earful from Abby about her Caf Pow because of Ziva, McGee had him putting together his weapon and to top it all off, Tony had just drunk all of his coffee.

Tony saw the murderous look in Gibbs' eyes. "Run!" he called out as they began making a run for it.

"You can't hide forever," Gibbs said.

A/N: I love these little bits... They don't have dead people everyday, so I often wonder what they get up to when they're bored. Not sure if this is one off or not.