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Flashback: "Bella wake up" Rosalie said. I woke up almost immediately and was in shock Rosalie was in my room. "Rose, what are you doing here is something wrong" I asked? "I came to say something that is way passed overdue" She said as she hugged me. "I'm sorry Bella, I should have never treated you so badly I hope you can forgive me and we can finally be sisters". I hugged her back and tears rolled down my face "Of, course Rose, I would love for us to be like sisters, yes I forgive you" I said.

Flashback ends

I broke out of my trance and shook my head. Edward had been fifty minutes late for our date and I even got dressed up in a dress and wore makeup for him and he can't even show up it really hurt. Its not like its the first time he was late but he always and told me either he would be here or he was busy and couldn't come. I picked up my cell and dialed rose. "Hello" Rose said. "Rose, do you know where Edward is" I said. "He told me that he was on his way to your house" she said. "How long ago was that" I asked? "Fifty minutes ago" she said. "Isn't he there yet" she asked? "No, he still isn't here, he could at least call before he stands me up ya know" I said. "Yeah I know" she said. "Do you mind if I come over Rose" I asked? "Of, course not Bella" she said. "Mmkay, i'll be there in a few minutes" I said. "ok Bella, bye" she said. I closed my cell phone and went upstairs changed into a red Jumpsuit Apparatus long sleeve band shirt and jeans and washed the make up off my face. I walked downstairs careful not to trip and jumped into my silver jeep and sped off towards the cullen mansion. (My other truck broke down about a year ago.)


I arrived at the Cullen mansion in roughly fifteen minutes. I jumped out of the truck and walked up to the entrance of the Cullen mansion and opened the door and was

greeted by rosalie. I walked in an instant Emmett was in front of me in an instant with Vampire speed. "Bella" Emmett said as he came down the stairs and hugged me a

little too tight. "Emmett can't breathe" I said. He let go of me and apologized. "I'm sorry Bella, I'm just so happy to see you" he said. (Emmett and Rosalie got divorced a

little while back, but are still friends.) "It's ok, Emmett" I said. "So were ok" he asked? "Of, course we are" I said. "Not to be rude, but why are u here don't you have a date

with Edward" Emmett asked? "Well, I thought we did" I sighed? "Am I missing something" He asked? "Edward stood her up again" Rosalie muttered. Emmett murmured

something under his breath, but i didn't catch it, but it sounded something along the lines of 'how stupid is he'. "I have an idea" Rosalie said. "somehow i know i'm going to

suffer from Rose's idea" I said and Rose hit me in the back of the head. "Smart ass" she mumbled under her breath and I giggled. "What's your idea" I asked? "If i can get

Alice and Jasper down here we can play truth or dare" she said. I was shocked beyond shocked. "I'm sorry I just hullucinated what did you say" I said. "You heard me" she

said. "I was right I am going to suffer" I said sarcastically. Emmett chuckled at me. "It's not funny" I said after which I punch his arm playfully. "Damn, you punch hard for a

girl" he said. Oh hahahaha" I said sarcastically. "What's goin on guys" Alice said as she and Jasper walked towards us gracefully. "Perfect timing wanna play truth or dare

with us" Rosalie asked? "Yeah" Alice said very enthusiastically. Rosalie turned to Jasper "Yeah fine whatever" he said. "Lovely" I said sarcastically yet again annoying

Rose. "Enough sarcasm, Bella" Rosalie said and I stuck my tongue out at her. "You are such a child, Bella" Rosalie said. "Oh, yeah, well your face" I said. Everyone

started laughing at what I said and soon after that we sat down in a circle. It was Rosalie's turn first. "Alice, truth or dare" Rosalie asked? "Dare" Alice said bravely. "I dare

you tomorrow at school to scream Jasper Hale is so hot" Rosalie said and I was trying to hold back laughter but i couldn't and i was rolling on the floor laughing very hard.

"Are you quite finished" Alice asked? I went back into the circle. "Fine I will, but I hate you" Alice said to Rosalie giving her a glare that could kill. "No, you don't you love

me" Rosalie said. Alice's turn was next. "Bella, truth or dare" she asked? "Dare" I said without thinking. "I dare you to tell Emmett what you told me" Alice said and I was

shocked that she said that. "I am never talking to you again" I said dramatically. "What is it" Emmett asked? I blushed like a tomato. "I told Alice that I thought you were

kinda um cute" I said. Emmett smirked at me slyly. "I am so gunna kill you Alice" I said through gritted teeth with no intended malice but she didn't know that. "Sure" Alice

said. Emmett's turn was next. "Jasper, truth or dare" Emmett asked? "Truth" Jasper said. "Is it true that you and Alice were completely naked on top of Edward's piano"

Emmett asked? "No" Jasper said bluntly. "You are such a liar I saw you two kissing and naked on the piano" Rosalie said. "Fine, it's true" Alice said. Next was Jasper's

turn. "Rosalie, truth or dare." Jasper asked? "Truth" Rosalie said simply. "Are you a bleach blonde" he asked? "Hell no, are you kidding me do I look like a fake little bitch"

she said. Next was my turn and Alice was going to pay for making me admit my crush on Emmett. "Alice truth or dare" I asked. "Dare" she said. "I dare you to eat a meal

i cook" I said yeah payback is a bitch. "Bella you have to be kidding you can't make me do that" Alice said. Alice began making a gagging sound. "Alice you haven't taste

my food before I wouldn't be surprised if you liked it" I said. "The day I like human food is the day you get addicted to crack cocaine" Alice said. Everyone was laughing and

giggling all of a sudden I heard something.

I'm so sick infected with where

I live let me live without this

empty bliss selfishness

i'm so sick

It was my ringtone I flipped open my silver cell phone. "Hello" I said. "Bella, It's Edward" He said. "Edward where are you did you forget" I asked? "I have something to tell

you that your not going to like" he said. "What is it spit it out" I said. "I can't be with you anymore it's not personal I am just not in love with you anymore" he said and hung

up. They looked at me sadly because they know something was wrong. "Bella what's wrong what happened" Rosalie asked? "Edward he he broke up with me" I gasped.

"What did he say honey" Alice asked? "He told me that he couldn't be with me anymore and that it wasn't personal and that he just wasn't in love with me anymore" I said.

"Asshole" Jasper said. "I should have known I wasn't good enough for him that he would find someone better" I whispered. In a milasecond Emmett was right beside me

embracing me in a hug and I hugged him back. "There is no one better than and he was the one that wasn't good enough for you" Emmett whispered. It was then that my

world faded to black.

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