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McGee walked into NCIS Headquarters with a happy air, feeling happier then he usually did about coming into work. Not that he didn't love his job; he did, being a federal agent is what he'd dreamed of since he was a little kid.

But today was the first day of Tony's week-long holiday. That meant an entire week of peace and quiet and actually being able to work without having to stave off the constant movie references and so-called 'advice'. Nobody would be distracting him by throwing things while he tried to finish his paperwork (how the hell did Tony even ever get his paperwork done? He never worked, but Gibbs never mentioned a word about Tony not handing it in). And Gibbs would probably be in a better mood with no Tony to have to keep reigning in.

To be perfectly honest, sometimes McGee wondered just why Tony was on Gibbs' team. It wasn't that Tony wasn't a good investigator – he would be a damn good cop, he had been, actually, if he recalled a conversation a while back right, but how in the world did he become Gibbs' senior field agent?

"Hey, McGee," Abby said cheerfully, causing McGee to look up in surprise as he hadn't even noticed her. Abby looked at him smiling, her pigtails bouncing as she walked up to him with Ducky. They had probably been discussing some science thing, as they often did when the team didn't actually have an active case.

"Morning Abs, Ducky," McGee answered, stepping up to walk with them as they turned the corner to get to the elevator.

"Good morning Timothy, you seem unusually happy today," Ducky noted, sharing a glance with Abby, as she stepped up to press the buttons for the elevator – up for McGee, down for her and Ducky.

"Do I?" McGee asked, unwilling to admit that he was so happy that Tony wasn't going to be there that week.

"Yeah, you do. I didn't think you'd be so happy, isn't today Tony's first day of leave?" Abby asked, knowing very well that it was. She had helped him pack last night and threatened him with severe bodily harm if he didn't call or text her at least twice a day.

"You didn't think that I would be happy that I'm going to be spending a whole week without being pranked?" McGee asked, stepping into the elevator backwards as the doors opened with a ding. "I'll see you guys later."

Abby waited until the elevator doors closed before turning to Ducky and stating, "He really is happy."

"Ah, you forget, my dear, that young Timothy has not been on our team all that long. This will be his very first experience without Anthony there. Caitlins too, for that matter," Ducky replied.

"And they're excited about that?" Abby asked, shaking her head with a sigh. "Well, they aren't very good investigators, are they? Don't they realize how much Tony protects them from Gibbs' temper?"

"I doubt they realize young Anthonys role. However, I have no doubt that this week will prove to be educational, for both of them," Ducky answered, just as their elevator, heading down, opened.


McGee walked into the squadroom and set his gear behind his desk and put his gun in his drawer. He brow furrowed as he tried to work out why he didn't feel thrilled at the missing 'Probie!' that usually greeted his entrance. He couldn't stand that stupid nickname.

"Morning, McGee," Kate greeted him from over at her desk, spinning her chair around to face him.

"Uh, morning Kate," McGee answered, sitting down in his chair and leaning back. "How was your weekend?"

"It was good." Kate paused for a moment, and then smiled widely. At McGee's inquiring glance, she continued, "Sorry, it's just so good to be able to answer that question without any questions about sex or any innuendos about what I meant by 'good'."

"Tell me about it," McGee agreed, laughing. "Where's Gibbs?"

"I don't know, his jacket and gear were here when I got in," Kate answered, looking over at her boss' desk. "Do you think we have a case?"

"No, but my desk does appear to be missing a lot of paperwork from the last case we had," Gibbs said as he strode in, coffee in his hand, and slapping McGee on the way to his desk without breaking his stride.

"Good morning, Boss," McGee said, wincing. That seemed harder then most of the other head slaps he'd gotten. "I left my report on your desk and I e-mailed you a copy before I left last night."

"So did I," Kate added, leaning back in her chair.

Gibbs mentally rolled his eyes. DiNozzo really did need a vacation, but being without his second in command was going to be taxing. "Kate and McGee are learning." Maybe they were learning, but they were still green. He just hoped his patience would last for the next five days. "There's more paperwork to a case then just your reports, Kate."

"There never has been before," Kate answered, looking over at McGee to confirm that he had the same information she did.

Gibbs stood up and walked over to Tony's desk and grabbed the stack of papers that were between his computer monitor and the television. Turning back around, he informed them, "That would be because DiNozzo always does it, but he's not exactly here right now, so that leaves it up to you two." Actually, the senior field agent had wanted to finish those as well, before he left, so their team was left with a clean slate, but Abby had come up and insisted that he go home so he could rest before he left, and so she could help him pack. Gibbs had agreed, deciding that it was about time Kate and McGee learned just what bureaucracy was.

He dumped the files on Kates desk and glared at McGee until he got the hint and rolled his chair over to her desk. Gibbs shook his head and tehn went to his desk, grabbing his coffee before bounding up the steps to MTAC.

Just before he went our of hearing range, he could hear Kate say incredulously, "Tony does extra paperwork?"

McGee looked at her blankly, seemingly in shock at the thought of Tony actually doing more work then them. "Well, there can't be that much of it, since Tony hardly ever does work, right?"

Gibbs smirked to himself. Those two really had no idea. As Tony always said – you had to work smarter, not harder.


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