Truth or Dare-A day with the Cullens

Chapter 1: The beginning


I entered the Cullen's house and saw Alice jumping up and down with excitement. I immediately became wary. Alice excited means trouble, big trouble. I looked up at Edward, clutching his hand tighter.

"Edward, what is that psycho over there plotting this time?" I whispered, though I knew it was no use. Of course Alice would hear! After all, she was a vampire…

"I can't tell, she's just chanting over and over 'I know what we'll do today!' I must admit, she's quite good at blocking me out. It's got me worried."

'I know what we'll do today?' Oh, no! Not another plan! God, I'm starting to hate summer!

"Alice, wasn't going to jail once this summer enough for you? Shall we repeat the experience?"

She rolled her eyes at me and sighed, exasperated.

"Of course we won't go to jail this time! If you had just followed my instructions while we were egging Mike's house that wouldn't have happened."

"Alice, do you have any idea how embarrassing it was to have my dad arrest me? Charlie almost had a fit!"

"Well, Bella, you must admit he deserved it. Eddie told me what he was thinking and it wasn't

proper at all." Emmet said, entering the house. Rosalie trailed after him, a scowl on her face.

"Alice, spit it out now!" Rose said. God, she looked really intimidating when she growled like that…

"I'm just waiting for Jazz to get here so we can start. You know I hate saying things twice! Now shut up and wait, he'll be here in 3, 2, 1…"

Jasper appeared as if on cue. Of course, knowing Alice, this wasn't such a big deal. She always knew when her husband would arrive.

"Now we may start. Today, we will play… Truth or dare!" There was a collective groan in the room. Alice was famous for her horrid dares, and her truth's made you want to die!

Alice stopped jumping. Her eyes lost focus for a moment and then she started jumping faster than I thought was possible. She was really hyper today. I felt Edward's hand leave mine and looked at him to see what was wrong. What I saw left me speechless. Edward was rolling on the floor, clutching his sides, laughing like there was no tomorrow! Alice must have seen something hysterical.

"Wha-" I started to say. Edward cut me off. In one swift motion he grabbed me by the waist and led me into the garden.

"Bella, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!" He said, still laughing, "Please cooperate with Alice, you won't regret it! Please!

He was begging. Edward Cullen was actually begging. This must be good. How could I refuse? Besides, it took a lot to make Edward laugh.

"Fine" I answered, and he carried me back into the house, where Alice was still jumping hysterically. I swear, that girl has problems.

"Well, everyone, sit down so we can start already!" Squealed Alice.

Everyone sat down immediately, we had learned that it was best to respect Alice during the course of the last 9 days. After what she did to Emmet, none of us ever dared to make her mad again. That, and the fact that she had scarred us for life made her the most feared vampire in the Cullen household.

We all looked at each other. I was sure this was a game we would never forget, for better or for worse. When Alice left the room to get a video camera, I was proved right. This would haunt us for the rest of eternity.

"I'll start! Now, who shall I pick?" Alice looked around the circle with mischief. This was never a good sign. I feared for my life.

Don't let her pick me, don't let her pick me!

"I choose… Emmet!" Alice grinned; Rosalie looked like a deer caught in the headlights and Emmet's face clearly said 'bring it on.'

"Emmet, truth or dare?"

"Isn't it obvious? Dare!" Emmet's confidence had returned in full force. Typical of Emmet.

Alice smiled evilly and Emmet gulped.