Chapter One
[Luna's big news will effect her relationship with George. But will her boyfriend stick by her? Ginny and Harry are to be married, but will the wedded bliss last long? Ron and Hermione aren't that close lately, but will a huge mistake push them apart? H+G, R+H, G+L]

Luna, Ginny and Hermione sat around the dining room table, none of them saying a word. Known to be extremely loud when together, it was strange to see the three of them so quiet and just staring aimlessly into space. Luna had just dropped her bombshell on her best friends and it was taking them a few minutes to comprehend the true meaning behind the words.

"When are you going to tell George?" Ginny asked finally. Luna shrugged her shoulders without looking up. She was holding pumpkin juice in her hand but she hadn't once raised the glass to her lips.

It wasn't much of a Hen's night, but they weren't really in the mood for celebrating. Luna was worried about what George was going to say, Ginny was nervous about her wedding the next day and Hermione was stressed about an upcoming Department meeting. Together they weren't the happiest bunch.


Harry had never been to a Muggle strip club in his life. To be honest, he wasn't all too interested in girls wearing minimal clothing, wrapping themselves around a pole. But somehow; he wasn't quite sure how but George had convinced him to go to one for his Bucks night and he was bored out of his mind.

Perky blondes dancing on tables weren't capturing his attention for long; he kept thinking about Ginny and wondering what she was doing with Hermione and Luna. After the brunette had tried to catch his eye for the fourth or fifth time he got up to get a drink.

"Harry! Are you having a good time?" Ron asked enthusiastically. He was unsteady on his feet and half the contents of his glass sloshed out onto the floor as he grinned at Harry. He winked at the red head on one of the poles and Harry immediately wondered what Hermione would think if she knew where they were right now.

Harry left Ron with his red head and joined George at the bar. He didn't seem to be having too good a time either. George was incredibly loyal to his significant other as well, unlike Ron who was now dancing with the red head.

"Are you alright George?" Harry asked concernedly. He waved over the waitress and ordered a drink. George ordered another drink as well before turning to Harry.

"I don't know. Luna's been really distant the last few days and I don't know why," George explained.

"Have you asked her about it? Harry asked. He handed over some of his Muggle money for both his and George's drinks and took a sip of his own.

"I don't want to seem paranoid," George pointed out. Harry nodded agreeably. When it came to girls, everything seemed paranoid. It was extremely difficult to understand girls and the reasons behind the things that they did.


Ginny looked absolutely stunning. Her red hair was in soft curls and Fleur was clipping in the veil. The dress was fit perfectly to Ginny's slender frame with a bodice of diamond appliqués and a gracefully flowing skirt. She looked beautiful but unfortunately she was driving everyone crazy, including herself.

"Are you sure you told the driver to be here at ten?" Ginny asked for the seventh time. Luna rolled her eyes as she scanned the checklist that was stuck to her clipboard. She wasn't going to answer the same question again.

Luna and Hermione were in their pale blue bridesmaid dresses and scurrying around doing all the last minutes jobs on Ginny's list. Molly was coming up with an equal amount of jobs to do which either Hermione or Luna did without complaint.

Meanwhile at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place Harry, Ron and Neville were getting suited up. Obviously Harry was the most nervous out of the three, but Ron was still worried about his duties as best man. Harry had been asking him repeatedly if he had the rings, each time of which Ron had grabbed his jacket pocket.

Back at the Burrow Luna was grabbing her bag with her change of clothes and doing her last minute hair and makeup check.

"Where are you going?" Ginny asked, waddling up behind her in her wedding dress. Luna pinned one of her blonde curls back into place and dabbed at her cheek with a tissue.

"I'm going to talk to George," she said slowly, preparing for an explosion.

"You're going to talk to him now? Now is your perfect moment before my wedding?!" Ginny shrieked. Luna jumped and dropped her tissue. She turned on the spot before she copped any more abuse from the stressed-out bride-to-be.

Luna reappeared in George's flat above his shop in Diagon Alley. George had been sitting on his sofa and jumped when he saw his girlfriend appear suddenly in front of him.

"Luna! What are you doing here?" George asked in surprise. He would have thought Luna would be at the Burrow helping with wedding preparations considering she was in her bridesmaids dress.

"I need to talk to you," Luna said quietly. George started to worry a bit at the tone of Luna's voice. She sounded nervous and afraid at the same time and he wanted to know what she wanted to talk about that was so bad.

"What is it?" he said, rising to his feet. He reached for her arm but she moved away. Now he was really worried about her. What would get Luna so worked up like this? She was usually so calm and collected so this was a little shocking for him to see.

She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. "I'm pregnant," she whispered. George felt his stomach turn over. This was the last thing he'd been expecting her to stay and he was knocked off his feet.

He didn't know how to react. When he'd pictured being a father he'd imagined being married and settled, not in his twenties working part time at his own joke shop. He didn't really know what to do. What could he do?

"Are you okay?" Luna asked. George sighed. He wasn't even in the vicinity of okay at the moment. How did this change his relationship with Luna? They'd only been dating a few months now but did he really know if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?

Yes, his mind answered involuntarily. He loved Luna and he didn't know whether she loved him but he wasn't going to run away and leave her alone and pregnant. He was going to stick with this. He might be fathering a child sooner than he would have liked but it didn't change how he felt about Luna.

"I'm alright," George said confidently. He'd just needed a few minutes to process his thoughts on the whole situation. But now he'd had that moment to think he was alright. He pulled Luna towards him and kissed her forehead.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear.

"I love you too," she whispered back, leaning into his chest. In that moment as George held her Luna knew that everything was going to be okay. She hadn't planned to be a mother at this moment in her life but she loved George and this was going to be alright.

Together the two of them went downstairs and through the passage to Muggle London where the black car was waiting for them.