Summary: Edward and Bella's relationship is tested when Edward fails to protect Bella from the most disgusting human crime possible: rape.

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...::Bella's POV::...

"GET OFF ME!" I screamed with tears running down my face.

I tried pushing him off of me only to hear him laugh at my pathetic attempts. He shushed me constantly reminding me how good it felt. It only made me want to throw up more. I felt the tears falling freely from my eyes, strangled sobs escaping from my throat as I withered in pain waiting for him to just finish. I no longer had the will to fight, only to whimper in protest by the time he was done.

"There, see Bela, that wasn't so hard," Mike said in a sickly comforting tone of voice.

I nodded unable to do anything else. I could feel the blood pooling between my legs as the wind blew around us, Mike's warm body no longer providing a shield against the cold. Edward should be back from hunting sometime soon I thought foolishly as I laid on the ground.

Mike offered me a ride home, but he was too drunk to even make it two steps without stumbling and falling on his face.

"That was fun," Mike said pushing himself up to a standing position. His words slurred together and I knew he was still drunk. "Bella, you're great."

I wanted to yell. I wanted to scream. All I could do however was lay there, cold and naked. I didn't know how long I sat there, but I knew that the sun was starting to rise before I heard the sound of footsteps against the dry leaves. By this time I was shivering, shaking really from the numbing cold. I couldn't find the strength within the hours that I laid there to grab my clothes where Mike had tossed them carelessly so I allowed the rain drops to hit me hoping that it would numb me beyond feeling.

"Bella?" Edward's voice was full of concern.

In a flash he was besides me, his eyes assessing my current predicament. "Bella, you're bleeding."

Still? I looked down to see that the area on my stomach where Mike had punched me with his ring had somehow started bleeding once more. "Oh," I stated my voice lifeless.

"What happened?" Edward asked taking his coat off and wrapping it around my body.

He scooped me up into his arms before grabbing my clothes and running towards his house. He didn't wait for my answer, as if knowing that I wasn't going to answer in the first place.

"Bella?" Carlisle's voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked around realizing that Edward had slowed to a brisk walk as we emerged from the woods. Carlisle was halfway into the driver's seat of his car when he shot back up, noticing me in Edward's arms.

I subconsciously pulled the jacket closer, feeling my heart starting to race once more. I inched closer into Edward's hard body, attempting to make myself small and invisible as Carlisle neared.

"Bella?" Edward asked looking down worriedly. "Bella what's wrong?"

I whimpered, fear overtaking any sense of common sense I once had as I now scrambled to make myself invisible yanking Edward so his upper half was leaning over my body.

"Bella, it's only me, Carlisle," I heard Carlisle start. "I won't hurt you."

...::Edward's POV::...

I nearly dropped Bella when her small arms yanked me over her entire frame. She was shaking terribly in my arms as Carlisle kept coming closer. I tried to calm her only to have her start hyperventilating by the time Carlisle was standing next to us.

I felt a growl escaped from deep within my chest, anger bubbling to a dangerous high.

"I'm going to kill Mike Newton," I growled out dangerously.

"Let's worry about Mike later, son," Carlisle stated, his voice soft and compassionate towards the anger I was currently feeling. "Bring Bella into the house. I'll go get my bag."

The wind blew, wafting the smell of Bella's blood into my nostrils. She smelled delicious. I repressed the need to lap up the blood that was still slowly flowing from between her legs walking slowly into the house at human speed.

"Get Jasper out of here," I ordered Alice once I walked into the house.

Alice took in a big whiff of Bella's blood and I growled out to her warningly. "If you can't stay in here you may as well leave too."

"No, I'm fine," she said defensively. "I'll go with Jasper though."

I nodded gratefully. The last thing I needed was to protect my currently broken girlfriend from my blood obsessive brother.

I ran up to my room finding the Alice had already laid out a cover on the white couch. Bella was still shaking in my arms, tears soaking into my shirt.

"Emmett went to the hospital to get a rape kit for me," Carlisle said walking into the room. "Son, are you sure you can be in here right now?"

"No," I said truthfully, looking longingly at the blood with disgust and hunger. "But Bella needs me."

Carlisle nodded in understanding. "I'm going to examine her and then…"

"No!" Bella's voice stopped Carlisle. I dropped to my knees in front of the couch, taking Bella's trembling hand into my own. "No, don't touch me!"

"Bella, it's only Carlisle. He won't hurt you," I promised her, my dead heart breaking as she whimpered in fear.

"Please Edward," she begged me, her eyes meeting my own.

"He needs to. We have to make sure you aren't hurt anywhere else…"

"Edward," her voice was soft, defeated.

"My love, I promise you he won't hurt you." I caressed her cheek taking it back instantly when she flinched under my touch.

There was a knock on my door before Emmett quickly came in, rape kit in hand. "Is she ok?"

I could see the anger in Emmett's eyes as she surveyed Bella's shaking form. A growl escaped his mouth, his thoughts murderous.

Mike Newton is dead. I shivered at the thought of Emmett reaching Mike first. I wanted to be the one to kill the boy.

"Settle down son," Carlisle warned. I wasn't sure which son he was warning.

"Bella," Carlisle slowly started towards the couch. "Bella this is going to be uncomfortable darling, but I need to check…down there…clean you up a bit…"

Bella nodded, her hand gripping my own tightly. "You're doing good Bella," Carlisle encouraged as he started the process.

I felt disgusted as Carlisle swabbed a corner before lifting it up to his nose. He handed me the swab and I found myself nearly wanting to throw up as the smell of Mike Newton combined with Bella overtook the room. It didn't take more than five minutes for Carlisle to do his thing and clean Bella up some.

"I'm done. Why don't you go hop in the shower," Carlisle suggested packing up his things. "Rose will bring you some clothes to change into."

Bella nodded, but she didn't make any motion to get up. I clasped my hands together unsure of what to say or do. No, I know what I wanted to do, but I also know that Bella needed me to stay with her at the moment. The stupid boy could wait.

While Bella was in the shower Carlisle called Charlie to fill him in on the current situation.

"Chief Swan," Carlisle greeted.

"Is Bella there?" I could hear the worry in Charlie's voice from across the room.

"Yes. Edward found her earlier this morning in the forest."

"In the forest?"

Carlisle nodded, a sigh escaping his lips. I could tell that he was reluctant to tell Charlie the information. I didn't blame him. The very thought of the vile repulsive deed Mike had done was too disgusting for me to utter into words.

"Charlie, Edward found Bella naked," Carlisle started.


"I feel that this is a conversation that is better suited face to face. Bella is taking a shower right now, but perhaps afterwards Edward and I could bring her home and we can discuss this in person."

"Is she ok?" Charlie asked grasping at straws.

"I'm afraid not Charlie," Carlisle said so quietly that I could barely hear him.

"I'm going to kill him Carlisle," I growled out once he hung up the phone. I felt myself pacing the kitchen shaking with rage. "I'm going to rip that boy's head off his stupid little body and tear him apart limb by limb!"

"Edward, I want to see Mike punished as well, but you know you can't do that," Carlisle's voice was authoritative, fatherly.

"WATCH ME!" I roared out. "He hurt her! He hurt her in the worst possible way!"

"He will be punished Edward, but killing him is not the answer, son!"

Carlisle crossed the kitchen engulfing me in a hug. I tried shoving him away from me, but he held on tight, disabling me from flinging him off without hurting him. I felt myself collapse in my father's embrace, invisible tears streaming down my face. My angel had been hurt, and I wasn't there to protect her. I had failed at keeping her safe. All this time I had been worried about her being hurt by the supernatural; I underestimated the degree of hurt she could feel by human infliction. For that I would never forgive myself.

I don't know how long I stayed in my father's arms, sobbing in anger and grief. It was only when Jasper walked into the room to tell me that Bella was done showering did I make any move to leave the safe confines of my father's arms.

"Bella?" I knocked on the door. The sound of her jumping in surprise did not go unnoticed by me as I opened the door.

"Edward?" her voice was defeated.

"Are you ready to go home, love?"

She nodded, her eyes distant. I crossed the room feeling my own body flinch when she flinched at my touch. I tried my best to ignore her shaking form as I gently took her into my arms.

"Edward I'm cold," her voice was void of any emotion.

I grabbed the blanket on the couch draping it around her body. "Better?"


I could feel everyone's eyes on us as we entered the living room. Each one had a murderous glint to them when they saw Bella's crumpled form in my arms. Jasper was in the corner, overwhelmed by the emotions in the room.

"Carlisle is in the car," Esme said coming up to us.

She stroked Bella's hair stopping only when Bella made a choking sound. "Bella, you come here anytime you need a girl to talk to."

"Thanks," Bella whispered digging her head into my chest.

The car ride was silent except for the quiet purring of the engine. Carlisle drove slowly; worried that driving any faster might induce carsickness from Bella. She didn't argue when I took her into my arms to carry her to her room. Charlie had opened the door before I even reached the porch. For the first time Charlie hadn't given me a death stare when I entered his house. I made my way upstairs with no intent to leave.

"Hello Carlisle," Charlie said wearily stealing a glance at Bella.

"Chief Swan," Carlisle greeted respectfully.

I could hear Charlie leading Carlisle to the living room their talk beginning just as I had placed Bella on the bed. She was already asleep; silent tears slipping passed closed eyelids. It didn't surprise me to note that I've never seen Bella so broken in my life, no, what surprised me most was I've never felt so broken in my 100 years of existence. Mike Newton was definitely going to pay.

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