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My body collapsed on the bed after my fifth orgasm this night. I tried to control my breathing as I ran my fingers through my hair. My whole body felt like mush and I wasn't sure if I could walk even if I wanted to. I felt Edward snake his arm around my waist then gently place his head on my shoulder. In the corner of my eye I could tell he had a little smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes. The amount of times he made me cum tonight made his ego do flips. I knew it.

"Don't look at me that way."

Edward fought back a bigger smirk "What way am I looking at you?"

I kept my mouth closed. If I told him what look, his ego would become bigger than the city of Seattle. When I didn't say anything, Edward chuckled then kissed my bare shoulder. I shuddered at the sensation that went down my back.

"I think I know why I'm smirking." He told me, trying not to laugh.

"I'm listening."

I could feel his smile on my shoulder "I think it's because you moaned my name over twenty times and that makes me very, very cocky."

I laughed "I don't know what sounds worse, that I actually did or that you counted."

Edward laughed as he wrapped himself closer to me. I liked the feeling I got when he was this close, it was like a tingling feeling from head to toe. I sighed as I took a deep whiff of his smell. He smelt like sex but I could still smell his amazing scent, sweet and musky at the same time.

"So where did you tell Mike you were last night?" Edward simply asked.

I tensed up the second he said his name. Wasn't there an unspoken rule that said you don't talk or ask about the other's partners? Hell, if I know.

"I never got to talk to him." I answered, almost whispered "He was still asleep when I got home and I left before he got up."

"Where did you go?"

"I was over at Alice's I helped her wrap Christmas presents." I told him.

I wasn't close to Alice like I was to Edward but we were still close friends. When she moved in with the Cullen's after her mom's death, I found a different kind of friend that I could never get from Edward – a girlfriend.

When the thought of me avoiding Mike started to play in my mind, I moved out of Edward's arms. I rolled over so my back was towards him.

"What's wrong, Bella?" Edward asked as he moved closer to me. "Do you feel...guilty?"

I laughed a bitter laugh. I wish I could feel guilty for what I was doing to Mike. I wish I felt sick to my stomach. But I couldn't even play the part. I don't know why but I felt nothing but joy when I was with Edward, and the only reason why I was avoiding him is because I didn't want to have that bullshit fight I was worried about last night. Bloody fucking hell, I need help.

"I don't feel guilty, Edward. I don't think I could ever." I could hear him let out a deep breath. "But shouldn't I?" I rolled over to face him. "Why don't I feel guilty? I'm sleeping with a man that's not my boyfriend and I don't feel any kind of guilt. It's not right. It can't be."

Edward gently rubbed my cheek with the back of his hand. I sighed as I closed my eyes. I felt so much better with his touch. When I opened my eyes, he had an understanding smile on his face. I knew he understood how I was feeling because...he felt the same way. Edward didn't want to hurt anyone, but this medium we found each other in worked for him and I.

There was no words that could explain what we were feeling. We just laid there in silence. My hands were placed on Edward's chest as he ran his fingertips up and down my cheek.

When it was almost midnight, we finally got up from Edward's bed. I was happy I could walk without falling over. You would think having that much sex in one night would make walking a very hard thing to do.

As Edward started to pull up his boxers, I couldn't look away from his naked body. It was so different for me to be turned on by his manhood, but I really was. Don't get me wrong, I'm a straight woman but any man's penis was always ugly to me. It always looked like a Loch Ness Monster and his round friends. But with Edward's, I couldn't look away.

"Are you sure you can drive home?" Edward asked as we walked to the front door.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." All of the sudden I felt some kind of sadness that I was leaving. This is different. It felt like I was leaving on a very long trip and I honestly didn't want to say good-bye. Would this be the last time and my emotions were giving me a warning? Would I realize I can't keep doing this the second I talk to Mike? What if this attraction for my best friend would go away when I was closer to my boyfriend? God, that scared me more than it should have. Before I could say anything or even think about these sad feelings, Edward pushed me against the front door. He was trying to be gentle, but my head knocked on the wooden door. I didn't give a fuck, though. He placed his hand on my neck as he attacked my lips with his own.

Our lips moved so fast that we were already breathing deep within seconds. Our tongues played with one another. I don't know why but this kiss, this fucking-amazing-sexy-as hell kiss, was my reassurance that I wanted this for as long as I could. Edward took a hold of my waist, lifting me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. Before we could go any farther or even catch our breaths, my cell phone started to buzz in my pant pocket.

Edward growled as he let go of my lips. But he didn't put me down, just dived into the crook of my neck with his wet, warm lips. I moaned out loud as I pulled out my cell phone. It was a text message from Mike.

I'm going to bed. Hopefully, I will see you when I wake up. Love you.

"Edward, I nee-need to go." I told him.

The next thing Edward did I would have never seen coming. He gently bit down on my neck. I moaned out loud as he placed me on the floor.

"I had a feeling you would like that." Edward looked deep into my eyes then kissed the area he bit down on.

"I need to get going." I told him again as I ran my fingers through my hair. I felt shy about what I was going to tell him but the idea of him doing that again thrilled me. "Next time we do this, do that thing with your teeth again." I couldn't even say the right term for it. I felt my cheeks fire up as Edward chuckled.

"I will do that and many, many other things." I whispered into my ear.

Oh god, I couldn't wait until the next time.

I walked into the apartment that I shared with Mike. After being together for six months, we took the next step. I was terrified about it. I had never taken a step like moving in together and I didn't know how to take it. The first month was awkward and different but I got used to it which made me very happy.

I didn't open our bedroom door, just listened to see if Mike was asleep. I could hear his gently snoring.

Tonight's fun in Edward's bed was catching up to me. My body felt sore and I could pass out without any warning. It was be very easy to get into bed but I needed to take a shower. I really didn't want to explain why I smelt like sex.

The hot water hit my body as I gently sighed. I let my mind think about how I got myself here. I know I love Mike, that's for sure. After I got my heart broken by my first boyfriend, Jacob Black, I learned never to fully give my heart to anyone. It still took me two months after we moved in for me to tell him I loved him. I meant it then and I still mean it now. And I love Edward, but in a different way. He is my best friend and Mike is my boyfriend. Both of them I can call my lovers.

I slowly crept into the bed, trying not to wake up Mike. He was a heavy sleeper but I was always careful. Before I closed my eyes Mike's arm wrapped around my waist. He was still sleeping. We always slept close together. His body was doing what it was used to. Within seconds, I was fast asleep.

I dreamt of Edward – of course.

The alarm clock woke me up. Mike and I needed to be at work by eight so I knew it was six o'clock. Great. I got less than five hours of sleep. This day was going to be long. I opened my eyes to find Mike looking at me.

"Hi," He greeted me.


"I'm sorry about the Christmas party, Bella. I will make it up to you, I promise. Please tell me you're not mad at me."

I just smiled at him. Yes, I was pissed off about it when it happened but I knew I had no right to be mad. He wasn't fucking someone else. I was. "I'm not mad, Mike. I wish you could have been there, but that's life. Come on, let's get some breakfast."

He didn't say anything else, for which I was grateful.

After we finished getting ready, we kissed goodbye and parted ways. Mike was unlike any of my past boyfriends. While the others would just simply kiss me, he would passionately kiss me. It always caught me off guard. His lips were always soft but his stubble would feel like sandpaper rubbing on my skin.

I worked at one of my largest law offices in Seattle. I'm not a lawyer, I'm a secretary. I know, yay. I was good at my job and it keeps money in my bank account, but I wasn't happy with it. I want to be a writer. That is my passion, but with work, family, and a boyfriend, I never seem to have time to sit down and write. Maybe that's because I'm scared to let anyone read anything from me. There's a couple short stories that are hidden at the bottom of my closet, but they had never been read by anyone other than myself. I don't know if they will see the light of day. I just don't know.

As I walked up to my desk I saw that Alice was already there. The only plus of working here was that I got to work with my other best friend. When the work load became too much for just me, the lawyer I work with hired another secretary. But of course, after I gave him my recommendation for Alice.

"Hey, Bells." Alice greeted me with her always cheerful tone.

"Hey," I sat down at my desk. There were already a couple folders of paperwork I needed to go over. Ugh.

"Wow, two days in a row. I think you guys broke a record."

I looked at her, confused. "What?"

"You have this glow when you have sex. You always smile and sway when you walk. It's really weird but I always giggle when Jasper and I have sex so I'm not one to judge. "

My cheeks became a bright red and I didn't say anything, fearing I would say something and she would know it was not Mike giving me the orgasms. Oh and that her cousin is the man. Really don't want that fact to be known.

Alice kept talking "I bet it was after the Christmas party. He came home and you guys had some kind of fight but it ended with some hot sex." She laughed while she talked "And because it was so mind-blowing the night before, you needed another go-around."

I rolled my eyes as I started to get working. I really, really wanted to stop talking about it.

Before I could even get done with one folder, my cell phone started to buzz. It was a text message from Edward.

Is it bad that I want to you moan on that desk of yours?

I snapped my head up, looking for Edward.

With his crooked smile shining, he started to walk towards my desk from the elevator.

"Why is Edward here?" Alice asked.

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