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Author's Note: It's getting to be a bad habit the way I feel the need to write a continuance to every Sylar/Elle episode. But if you saw this last one, you know it needs to be continued, because that ending was not satisfactory for me.


Damaged Goods

Summary: Nobody ever really changes.

Spoilers Through: 03x11—The Eclipse, Part Two



The hunger was consuming him, but he stopped. The cut went all the way across Elle's forehead. Sylar wanted so much to just look at her brain, to see how it worked, to take what she had. But he already had her power.

Once she realized that he had stopped, Elle's eyes fluttered open. He released her arm and rolled off of her. Her hands immediately went to cover her forehead.

Sylar sat up. After his mind had been so clear, it was now difficult to fight the hunger. He did not even want to fight it. He did not want to be a good person anymore. The only time in his life he had ever liked himself was when he was killing people, when he was strong.

But there was another part of his mind that was telling him the hunger was oversimplifying things. He liked himself when he was with Elle. Before any of this happened, when he had only killed one person, he had been happy with Elle. Until he found out who she really was, the hunger reminded him.

He looked around. They were in the middle of nowhere. He did not think there was any way he could save her. And if she going to die anyway, it might as well feed his hunger. There had to be a way though, he thought. With all that he could do, there had to be a way to save the only woman he ever really cared about.

He turned to look at her. "Let me see your head." She did not say anything. "Look, I'm sorry. But if you let me see it, maybe I can fix it. If you can fix watches, you can fix anything." He knew that sounded ridiculous, but it was something he had always believed.

Elle's hands remained firmly clamped over her forehead. "You can only... try to kill me so... so many times... before..." She trailed off.

"Before what?"

Elle closed her eyes. "Before I stop trusting you."

Using his power, Sylar pinned her hands over her head again. Looking at her now, it was getting easier to fight the hunger. He could still kill anyone else that he wanted to, but not Elle.

"Please don't kill me," she whispered.

Relying on the sparse medical training provided by watching television, Sylar came to a decision about what he was going to do. "This is going to hurt."

Elle started to cry, apparently thinking that meant he was going to kill her. He took a deep breath, because his planned treatment might actually kill her, but he had a theory that she could not die from her own power, no matter how great the electric shock.

He placed his finger at one end of her forehead and used electricity to create burns to cauterize the wound. Elle screamed throughout the entire process, but at least that told him she was still alive.

When she was able to move again, Elle gingerly felt her forehead. She sighed. "I don't understand you."

Sylar was going to respond, try to explain himself to her, but he saw that she was drifting to sleep. "I don't know if going to sleep is a good idea."

Elle knew he was right, but she couldn't stop herself. She had a feeling that once she fell asleep, she would not wake up again. She wanted to say one last thing to him, but she did not know what. She was not ready to forgive him, and she could not tell him that she loved him. She settled on just saying, "Goodbye," which really did not capture the sentiment she was feeling.

Sylar felt her neck for a pulse. She was still alive. He tried shaking her, but she did not wake up. He lifted her body using telekinesis and started up the shoreline with her floating next to him. He came across a small village. He took Elle in his arms and carried her the rest of the way. Looking at the buildings and signs, he quickly realized that they were in an East Asian country, probably Japan since it was Hiro who put them there. That was going to make things more difficult.

An elderly man saw them first. He said something in Japanese and pointed to a small house down the street. Sylar followed his directions and knocked on the door.

A younger man opened the door. "Are you a doctor?" Sylar asked, hoping the man spoke some English.

The man pointed to himself. "Doctor, doctor. Yes. Come in." He stood aside. "What happen?"

The front room of the house was set up as a rudimentary operating room. Sylar set Elle on the exam table. There was no partial truth he could tell that would make any sense. So he said, "I don't know. I found her on the beach like this."

The doctor waved him away. "Sit down. I look."

Sylar sat down. He watched as the doctor looked over her. There were no machines that he could see, so he was not sure how much good this was going to do.

The doctor unwrapped the bandage on her leg. "She has been shot and burned. I think she not wake up."

Sylar buried his head in his hands. There had to be something he could do. It occurred to him that someone out there must have the ability to heal others. Sylar pulled his phone out of his pocket. "I need to call someone." He showed the doctor his phone. "I'm just going to step outside."

The doctor nodded. "She will be here."

Sylar went outside and called his father, or the man he thought was his father.

Arthur did not greet him at all. "Do you have Claire?"

Sylar closed his eyes. Getting Claire, making his father proud, was the last thing on his mind. He wanted to cut through the explanations. "No. Elle is hurt. I need someone who can help her. There has to be someone who can heal her."

"Slow down. Start at the beginning."

Sylar sighed. "We were right there. We had our powers back, and Hiro Nakamura came and stranded us in Japan. Do you know of someone who can help Elle?" Arthur did not say anything. "I'll get Claire, as soon as Elle wakes up." He did not know if that was true. He still had the hunger, and he would just as likely go back to killing as soon as he knew that Elle was okay. He was just saying whatever would make Arthur co-operate.

"Adam Monroe had the ability of spontaneous regeneration. He could heal others by injecting his own blood into another person. It took him a long time to develop that abil--"

Sylar shut the phone before his father finished speaking. He went into the house. "She needs blood," he said to the doctor.

The doctor just looked at him like he was crazy. "I need to give her my blood." He hit the inside of his elbow to demonstrate. When the doctor still did not move, Sylar started looking through the cabinets to find a syringe. He found one and held it up. "Draw my blood."

"That not help," the doctor said.

"She was shot; she's lost a lot of blood. Give her my blood." He pushed the syringe into the doctor's hands.

The doctor reluctantly got out some tubing and wrapped a rubber tie around Sylar's arm. "This not help friend," he repeated, but he stuck the needle into a vein.

As the blood flowed out of Sylar's arm and into Elle's, he concentrated on everything he had learned about healing from Claire's brain. After a couple minutes, the doctor pulled the needle out of Sylar's arm. He placed gauze over the needle mark and taped it up. Even though it was unnecessary, Sylar allowed him to do it because it was easier than explaining. The doctor then patched up Elle's arm.

Sylar walked over to her. "Please, Elle, this has to work. Please don't die." He felt her neck again. There was still a pulse, but he could not tell if it was any stronger or weaker than before.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes. The skin on her forehead was still burnt, but at least she had opened her eyes. She stared up at him, not saying a word. The doctor pushed Sylar out of the way and shone a flashlight in her eyes. He said something in Japanese.

"Is she getting better?" Sylar asked.

"I don't know."

Sylar looked down at her. "Elle, blink if you can hear me."

Elle closed her eyes. "I can hear you," she said in a gravelly voice.

"I'm so sorry I did this to you. I have to leave. It's not safe for me to be around you." Elle did not respond, and her eyes were still closed. "Elle?"

"I can hear you."

He supposed it made it easier that she did not protest to his leaving her, and he had no right to think that she would after what he had done to her. Even now, after spending all that time and energy trying to save her, there was still part of him that longed to cut open her skull. He could feel the hunger rising in him again. He had to leave, or he would hurt her again. He started to leave, but he paused with his hand on the doorknob. He leaned forward and rested his head on the door. The doctor came up to him and patted him on the back. "You were right. She get better."

Sylar walked back over to Elle. "There's just one last thing I want you to know." He spoke softly so the doctor would not hear. "I'm leaving because I care about you. I don't want to hurt you, but I can't control it. I'm a monster, and I always will be. I don't get to be redeemed, Elle, not after what I've done. I don't want salvation anymore. I want power. I want to kill. And that's why I have to stay away from you. Because I love you."

She kept her eyes closed, and at first he was not sure if she was even still conscious, but then he saw a tear roll out of her eye. He turned to the doctor. "I have another phone call to make. I'll be right back." He walked out of the house and kept walking.



Author's Note: I had the doctor speak like that because he lives in a small fishing village in Japan. It's not meant to be offensive. It would just be weirder if he spoke perfect English. Also, I don't want to know about any spoilers, but it really scares me that Kristen Bell is still billed as a special guest star.