Author's Note: I've been thinking a lot about, if I were a writer for Heroes, how I would get Sylar and Elle from the present to the future. This came to me last night, and I had to write it.



It was another day before Elle was able to even sit up, and several more days before she was ready to leave the doctor's home. He was so worried about her and about why her friend had never come back. Considering the violent way she had been injured, she could not blame the doctor for worrying.

The people of the village took pity on her. They gave her meals and clothes for free, and when it was time for Elle to leave, a friendly fisherman gave her a ride to the nearest city. She promised him that she would be able to find her way home from there and sent him on his way.

Sitting there in a city where she did not speak the language, with no money, Elle realized how alone she really was. There was no one she could call. Arthur would not want her since she had utterly failed in her mission and since Sylar no longer wanted anything to do with her. She could not call Angela because she had shot Claire, and Noah hated her. She could not even go back to the village because she did not know where it was.

Because she had no identification at all, Elle had to go through the American embassy to get home, and it took another several days, filled with tearful recounts of how her boyfriend tried to kill her, to finally get all her papers in order. She had no idea what she was going to do when she got back to the States.


Five Months Later:

Elle was sleeping in a studio apartment, which was all she could afford on her depleting savings. She was awakened by the sound of someone clearing their throat. She knew it either had to be Sylar or a rapist. She supposed if she had to choose one, she would rather it was a rapist, because she could deal with that, but she could not do anything to Sylar if he wanted to kill her.

She opened her eyes, and it was Sylar. Of course it was. Those rapist thoughts had just been wishful thinking. She rolled over and turned on the light.

He held his hands up in a non-threatening way. Although, he could make anything look threatening. "I didn't come to hurt you. I came to make things right."

"Go on," Elle said warily.

"I found someone who could heal others, and I... I took that ability from her. I just want to fix what I've done to you. And then I'll leave you alone."

He was looking at her forehead, and with good reason. She still had a long, ragged scar that made her look like Frankenstein and was so horrendous that bangs could not hide it. On top of that, her skull had never healed properly from being fractured, and she still got terrible headaches. The doctors said it was a miracle that she was not still in a coma. Hearing the story of Sylar's insistence on giving her a blood transfusion, she knew how that miracle had come about. Now he was offering her another miracle, but she was not sure how much she trusted him. Still, if he had wanted to kill her, why would he lie about it? Why wouldn't he just do it?

She touched her forehead. "It would be really great if you could fix what you've done."

He started toward her with his hand, the same way she had seen the Haitian do it so many times. She knew that this power would come from his hand, and she knew that it was her forehead that needed healing, but in that moment all she could think about was the Haitian. She did not know what Sylar would gain from erasing her memory, but she scooted back from him and blurted out something she had not meant to tell him. "I'm pregnant."

He pulled back his hand. "What?"

"I'm pregnant with your child. So if you hurt me, you'll be hurting your own child."

She had been lying on her side the entire time, specifically to hide her baby bump. Sylar now pulled down the blanket, and without it, it was obvious that she was telling the truth about her pregnancy. He sat on the side of the bed and laid his hand over her abdomen with a little bit of wonder on his face. "I wasn't going to hurt you," he said.

"I know, I'm just... I'm scared of you."

"Yeah, with good reason," he said absently. He was staring at her stomach, mesmerized. "Are you sure it's mine?"

She thought about lying, saying there was a fifty-fifty chance or something, but she saw something in him, something that made her think having a child could be a good thing for him. Besides he might rather see her dead than carrying another man's child. "I'm sure. But what if it wasn't? Would you kill it?"

He looked at her with sad eyes, Gabriel's eyes. "I wouldn't kill a baby."

"Would you kill me?"

He shook his head. "I just came here to make up for what I did to you."

"Would you kill the other man? Come on, he had sex with me. He impregnated me. Wouldn't that fill you with jealousy and rage?"

He pulled his hand away from her stomach quickly, as though he had been burned. "Is it my child or not, Elle?"

"It's yours," she said resignedly. "I just wanted to know if you still cared about me."

He laughed in amazement and stood up. "Oh, you are so twisted. In a lot of ways, we are so perfect for each other, but--"

She cut him off. "Heal my head." She sat up and grabbed his hand. She placed it on her forehead. "Heal me."

He sighed and closed his eyes. Elle felt a slight tingling, but that might have been her imagination. After only a few seconds, he pulled his hand away. She felt her head. "Is it gone?"

"Yes. So, I guess..." He looked at her stomach again. "I guess I should go."

She grabbed his hand again. "What? No! Don't leave."

She could tell that he did not want to go, but he said, "It isn't safe for me to be around you."

"Look at me." She pulled him down so that he was sitting next to her. "Do you want to kill me right now? Do you want to cut open my head, see what's inside, knowing that would kill your child?"

He hesitated. "Not particularly, but that doesn't mean--"

"You can heal me! Even if you tried to kill me again, you can heal me."

"Only if I stop myself in time. I wouldn't be able to bring you back from the dead. I've, uh, I've tested it." He looked a little ashamed.

She grabbed his face in both of her hands. "Then you'll learn to stop yourself. You want to be powerful? You want to be special? Then you need to learn how to control your own ability, Gabriel, rather than letting it control you."

She was not even thinking when she used his real name, but it seemed to have a profound effect on him. "How can you, after everything I've done, how can you want me to stay? How can you forgive me?"

"Back in Japan, you said that you loved me. If that's true, then you are the only person in the world who loves me. Maybe my father did, but he's dead. And now there's only you. You know who I am, you've seen me at my worst, and you still claim to love me. How can I turn my back on that?"

He looked away from her. "I do love you, Elle, but together we are so dysfunctional. I can't promise that I'll ever stop wanting to kill you. That doesn't sound like a healthy relationship."

She turned his head back so that he was looking her in the eye again. "So? I'm damaged goods anyway. We can't save each other, Gabriel; that's not how this is going to work. But that doesn't mean we have to be apart, alone because we're damaged."

"What about the baby?"

Elle looked down at her stomach. "We can't save each other, but maybe this baby can save both of us. Doesn't knowing that you're going to be a father make you want to try to change? If you're willing to try again, I'm willing to stay with you and help you."

He shook his head. "You make it sound so easy, but it won't be like that."

"Do you want to kill me now?"

"No. Stop asking that."

"How long have you been here without wanting to kill me? You're already learning to control it. I know it won't be easy, but home and family, that's what you said you wanted when you told Bennett that you wanted to be like him. I'm offering you home and family."

He closed his eyes. Elle knew he was on the brink of accepting her offer, of staying with her. The things she was saying scared her a little bit. She talking a bigger game than she believed in, but she wanted to believe. She continued, trying to get him to a point where he would say yes. "I love you, too. And I'm probably the only woman out there who could, knowing everything you've done. I'm the only woman who would be willing to clean up the blood for you, as long as it's not my own. I'm the only one who will stand by you no matter what you do, as long as you don't hurt our child. So you could be alone for the rest of your life, or have meaningless relationships with women who don't really know you. Or you can stay with me, have a family, have a woman who loves you for who you really are."

"But in those meaningless relationships, when I eventually hurt the woman, I won't care. Like with Maya, I always planned to kill her."

"Oh, you should know that if you do leave, I'll stalk you and kill any woman who dares touch you. Do you want to cut my head open yet?"

He laughed. "No. No, I don't.

Elle took a deep breath. "Do want to stay?"

His eyes shone, and they were still Gabriel's eyes. "I would love to stay."





Author's Note: I realize at this point, it's meaningless when I put end, but this really is the end. If anyone is wondering why Sylar's superhearing did not alert him to the fact that she was pregnant, according to a semi-official source (cited on Wikipedia), he doesn't have that anymore. When he got his powers back at the end of Season 2, he only got his original power and the telekinesis back. I don't know how that jives with the future where he can paint the future and blow up. But that's why he didn't hear the extra heartbeat.