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2 guys 1 fart

: Romantic music plays:

Kakashi starts licking Iruka's penis and Iruka moans and turns around on the bed so kakashi can prepare him.

Omg oh kakashi Iruka moaned,

Kakashi started lick all up and down Iruka's body.

Omg kakashi prepare me please Iruka whimpered.

And kakashi went down to his ass and started to lick the ring of his hole.

Omg gosh kakashi mm feels so good, more

And kakashi plunged his tongue deeper into Iruka's holes until al of a sudden a big squeaky sound and a large gush of air rushed to kakashi's face and he screamed as the Oder of Iruka's fart started to feel his senses.

Omg Iruka you just farted inn my face omg

Omg kakashi I'm so sorry he said as he jumped up to the other side of the room

Omg my eyes, kakashi said a little to over dramatically

Kakashi I told you not to feed me Mexican before sex, I told you it's your fault not mine.

I know but didn't you see it coming you could have told me to move.

I'm sorry it felt so good and he walked back over to kakashi to give him a hug.

Yeah ok it's alright

Thanks and kakashi tossed him on the bed

Do you think you're prepared enough? Kakashi asked

Yea go ahead and kakashi started to push him self into Iruka slowly

That is until he felt a hard substance in Iruka's but trying to push him out

What the fuck kakashi said as he slid out of Iruka's but to find shit coming out with it

Omg Iruka u just shitted on my dick omg ewwwwwwwwwwww

Omg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Get the fuck away from me go to the crapper omg


Iruka couldn't help but to giggle as he ran into the bathroom to finish pooping

yeah if u read this ur crazy. lol. but hey thanks for readin i guess...

uh hopfully this caused no sickness. i mean me and billy thought it was funny lol