By xxfanpirexx

Cliché type: Car stunts

POV: Bella

Story type: In character

Edward and I had just finished watching a movie in Port Angeles, and we were walking to the Volvo, parked in a strip mall parking lot a few blocks away. My breath billowing out in great clouds, while Edward's temperature was so similar to that of the air, that his breath was not visible.

"Did you like the movie, Edward?"

"Bella! That movie was so fake! I mean, come on! If you got stabbed with a penknife, a huge gush of blood would not go shooting 20 feet, splurting out like a fire hose!"

"How do you know?"

"Bella, think about that one."




Oh! Edward's a vampire, so he would probably know what blood would look like, shooting out of a body. Oh God. That came out wrong.

"Oh. OK, well, besides that, did you like it?"

"There was also the fact that whenever the car that the hero was driving needed to jump over something, he would drive into a parked car, and he would effectively fly over whichever barrier he needed to. And then, parked car wouldn't move an inch! Just sit there, and have nothing happen to it! The windows wouldn't break, the car wouldn't fold like an accordion… hell, it wouldn't even wiggle! It's ridiculous!"

"Edward, what if they do that on purpose? What if they assume that because its so unrealistic, that people would know it was green screened, or done in miniature, or something, so they wouldn't bother doing something retarded."

"That doesn't stop some people."

"Ok, Edward, I admit, it is an overused cliché, but there is a chance that the car just might not get totaled!"

"Yes Bella, because two tons of steel and aluminum going 120 miles an hour like the guy in the movies speedometer said he was, would totally not even touch a two ton hunk of metal that NOT MOVING!"

Edward and I continued our bickering as we neared the Volvo. We heard a horn blare from beside us. I glanced over, and Emmett was in his Jeep.


"Sista! How was the movie?"

"Emmett," Edward growled, "You were there, you know what happened."

"Emmett, you were there?"

"Yeah, I heard that it got really great reviews, and-"

"Emmett, you've seen that movie 12 times!"

"Have I, Edward? Well, seeing as the first 11 times I was with Rosalie…"

"Oh my God, Emmett!" I blushed and looked down at the ground.

"And I wanted to see my favorite sister!"

"Emmett, we were on our way home, we would have been home soon anyway."

"And, my dead brother, I wanted to try this."

Emmett revved his engine, and then sped off towards the Volvo. He hit the rear end, and flew up into the air. The Volvo's roof crashed down, and Emmett's booming laugh filled the air, echoing off of the building surrounding us. Edward walked over to the Volvo, and ran his hand over side.

"Well, I'll be… it actually did."

I giggled.

A/N Hello my lovelies, do you think that I should continue this? I found a bunch of overused movie clichés, and I want to take them and Cullenize them. It would be written in one-shot form: even though they are all in one story, they are not interconnected. Review, and tell me what you think!

3 April