Chapter 2:

After dinner I go up to my room and am laying on my bed, when there's a knock on the door.

"Come in." I call out.

"Hey it's me, Itachi." The boy from earlier says, walking into my bedroom and seeming to inspect my things.

"I'm Sakura, Mye's younger sister." Its all I could think of saying.

He especially looks at the pictures of Sasuke from when we were younger. "This your boyfriend?" he asks tapping one of the pictures.

"No he's a friend. Everyone thinks we're though."

"Do you set them straight?" he questions staring directly at me.


"Why not?"

"I don't care what other people think."

"That's good Sakura, you shouldn't care what other people think." He whispers. For a few moments we seem to have a staring contest, then Mye comes in demanding her boyfriend back. Itachi leaves without saying goodbye. I lay back down on my bed, shutting my eye; they tear from being so dry.


Mye has done some crazy things, like being caught drunk at her junior prom. She's always had boys calling the house, I don't see why though. She's no smarter then a pile of rocks. Somehow she's managed to have a lot of friends too. I guess that's another great mystery of this world.


Sorry this chapter is shorter then the first one. Sure this story is based off a book, but I'm trying not to completely copy it. I'll feel bad if I do that. So anyhow if you want a chapter 3, you might wanna review! Lol!