A/N: Written originally for the fourth round of Mugglenet Fan-Fiction's Brawl. The challenge was to write two characters having a brawl about something absolutely ridiculous.


"Why?" She slammed a plate onto the kitchen counter; it split in two. "We had an agreement, Rodolphus! Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Of course, but – I forgot – "

Snarling, Bellatrix waved the piece of plate in her hand back and forth. "I don't want to hear any excuses. I want the truth!"

"I'm not lying."

She let out a battle cry and hurled the plate in his direction; he half-fell, half-leapt out of the kitchen chair he'd been sitting in, and belly-flopped onto the floor.

"You can't bear to tell me the real reason?" She stretched her lips in a smile devoid of happiness. "Ahh, I think I know – you think that a woman cannot do as good a job as a man can, isn't that right?"

Rodolphus stood up. "How could I possibly think that with you as my wife?"

"Don't ask me, it's not my belief," said Bellatrix haughtily, then her stormy eyes flickered with a new thought. "You don't trust me."

This was such an out-of-the-blue comment that he nearly laughed. "Yes, I do – "

"You don't trust me. That explains why you did that, and it explains why you can't admit to me that it wasn't an accident – "

"But it was an accident!" he shouted, temper rising. "Stop overanalyzing every bloody thing, woman!"

Yelling at others was part of Bellatrix's manner; her being yelled at was another matter entirely. She flared up instantly, like a Muggle match just struck, and shot the Cruciatus Curse at him; reacting reflexively, he deflected the spell. It rebounded and broke a window.

The shattering glass numbed Bellatrix's anger. She looked at her wand, then her husband, all in a sedate manner very unusual for a woman usually high-strung.

"Reparo," she said unexpectedly; and then, even more unexpectedly: "I'm sorry." Her eyes narrowed. "For nearly killing you, that is, and for not believing you when you said that you were being truthful – but not for getting angry and throwing the plate. You deserved that."

Rodolphus knew that was the best apology he was ever going to get, so he accepted it. "It's okay, Bella. All couples have fights. It's an achievement that we've made it this long without any."

She arched an eyebrow. "Two weeks married without fighting is an achievement?"

"Definitely." He held out his arms for an embrace. She stepped towards him, then stopped, eyeing him suspiciously.


She pursed her lips. "I said I was sorry, but you never did."

"I'm sorry."

"For what? Be specific."

He suppressed a sigh. "I'm sorry for casting the first torture spell on that Muggle. I know I'd promised you earlier that next time you would get to perform the first Cruciatus, but I forgot about that turn taking promise while in the moment, and cast the spell before you had the chance. Apology accepted?"

She smirked. "Apology accepted."