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"Dude, you okay?"

The burning pain in his leg made him grimace.

Still groggy from sleep, he didn't realize that the odd feeling in his pants was his phone ringing.

Suddenly he became aware.

Heart pounding, he reached into his pocket and answered it without looking at who it was.

"House!" ....... Definitely not who he was expecting.

"Mommy, I'm busy. Can't we talk about this another time?"

"No! Where are you?You coerced some poor surgeon to do your clinic hours for you?!!! That is so unethical!" He rolled his eyes.

"…No shit. Is Cameron at the hospital?" He attempted to mask his desperation.

"Cameron? Really? Get your ass to the hospital. NOW." ….annoying woman.

"Is Cameron at the hospital? Where is Chase?"Cuddy sighed.

"Chase is here in my office with me. Chase, where is Cameron?" Muffled mumbling prolonged the silence in his heart. "She's in the ER. Where she works? Not everyone shirks their duties, House."

A silent sigh of relief shook his entire body.

"I'll be there soon." House stood quickly and shut his phone as Cuddy said "Really? That was easy…."

The ride to the hospital was fraught with idiot drivers and way too much traffic. He drove directly to the ER and, without any care for the space reserved for emergency vehicles, dropped his bike where he stopped.

Bursting through the commotion of the always-busy emergency room, he quickly found the sweaty, tired, and frazzled Alison Cameron caring for a patient with a tin pail stuck to his naked butt. He looked at her expectantly.

"House, I'm busy." She didn't even look at him.

"You're not too busy for what I'm about to tell you." Startled, she looked into his eyes.

"Alison… I am irrevocably in love with you. I don't know how, but I am. Believe me, I've tried to forget it… and I failed miserably, so I stopped trying."

"Failing never stopped you before. Why begin now?"

"Ooooooh. Dude, that burns," The pail-butt man interjected.

"Shut up, drunken frat boy. No one cares." House turned back to Alison with imploring eyes.

"…. What do you expect me to say, House? 'Oh, take me! Right now!'?" Cameron asked skeptically.

"Say you need me. Say 'Oh, House, let me be your sex kitten!' Say something… Even if it's a rejection. Just know that I'm quite persistent. Every Tuesday* would become every hour. Or half hour, if the situation is truly dire."

Cameron stood there for quite some time. He could almost hear the cogs turning in her head.

"Well, you're in luck. I happen to be single at the moment and get off in about 45 minutes. I'll meet you at Homeslice* in an hour. You'll pay. An, when the night is o-" House cut her off with his lips on hers. She squealed in protest for about two seconds and then melted into his embrace like room temperature butter.

............Life was good. Actually, life was perfect.

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