Title: Riders on the Storm

Author: landofthekwt

Rating: M

Prompt: Rain ( mirsanficarts Weekly Summer Challenge)

Word Count:500

Universe: AU ( Continuation of Hot Harley Nights)

Warning: Language and Sexual Innuendo

Summary: Slayer spikes Miroku's love life.

The road of life had become overcast for our happy couple. Soon the clouds burst and they were forced to seek shelter from the storms of life at yon friendly inn. They parked their bikes. Took off their slickers and prepared to take no prisoners.

To the citizens they must have looked like a gang of crazed killers as they rode into town their cycles cutting a furrow through the raging flood. They strutted into the establishment like Visigoths ready to rape and pillage. Every eye in the place was upon them. Every woman filled with lust. Every man filled with fear.

Into this inferno walked our heroes fighting as usual. It seemed to be their way. They had at each other throats all evening and the rest of the gang had it up to here with both of them.

What the fuck? All he had done was grab her ass. She was his woman. Her ass belonged to him. There was no need to slug him and threaten to make him a eunuch every time he wanted some. With a final " Fuck you bitch" Miroku headed toward the bar to drown his sorrows and grab some ass.

There was no pleasing the wench. He had not fucked anyone else in weeks. She wore his jacket. He even let her ride his bike. What more commitment did she want. He had even told the Chapter that she was his Mama.

But no. She nagged him night and day about his bad habits. Didn't she realize that he had given all the sluts up for her? No more whoring for him. He was officially monogamous and unfortunately celibate. Who knew that being committed to someone meant not getting any if your bitch was angry at you for whatever? Well, fuck her. She was not the boss of him. He would grab the first tail he found and fuck her to glory. Wandering over to a likely candidate he uttered his best line.

"Will you bear my child?"

No sooner did he utter those ill-fated words than a beer bottle came crashing down on his slumped to floor. Standing over him with a beer bottle that had been broken in half was Slayer looking as bitching as ever

She was wearing a leather vest which showed most of her boobs. A wicked looking knife was strapped to her leg. Her leather hot pants stopped at her ass. She had tattoos on both arms. A skull with word " Slayer" and a boomerang through a heart with words " Born to Bone."

She glared. at every woman in the bar and shook the cut bottle at them

" This is my old man. I cut the next bitch who looks crosswise at him."

She dragged him outside by his balls and tossed him out into the rain. He would think twice about being a man-whore. Others may have put up with his shit, but no way she was going to let it slide.