AUTHOR'S NOTES: A little poem I wrote for the "Rock & Rule" fandom, focusing on poor Dizzy & his mysterious (but all-too-unfortunate) inability to learn to drive. I'd love to hear any & all feedback, so please leave a review when you're done.

"Come on, Alphonse!" Aunt Edith told me.
"It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!"
Though I must admit I didn't quite agree
When I got a look at her beat-up buggy

"Just get in the car & take the wheel!
I wanna hear those tires squeal!"
But what if you watch your automobile
End up in a mash of rubber & steel?

I was 22 on that warm summer's day,
And 6 long years had flown away!
And that is certainly not OK
When you understand what I'm trying to say...

"Aunt Edith," I said, "You must be insane!
I can't drive a car! I'll end up slain!"
"Alphonse," Aunt Edith said, "don't complain!"
I attempted to argue with her, but in vain

"But, Aunt Edith," I asked, "what will I do?
For me, driving cars is totally new!
I'm facing a dilemma! I'm in a real stew!"
Yet Aunt Edith saw it from a different view

"Alphonse, that's precisely what lessons are for!"
With that, she opened the car's creaking door
Once I got seated, but not before,
Aunt Edith sat down by me, feet on the floor

"OK," said my aunt, demonstrating each trick,
"You're in control of the car with this stick..."
I learned how to park & reverse really quick,
And on neutral setting, the car's ride was slick

I practiced in parallel parking & brakes,
Doing my best not to make any mistakes
I did get nervous when I felt the car's shakes,
But otherwise, it was a sweet piece of cake!

Well, lessons went well until early that night,
When there was hardly a sliver of light
I was trying to learn to drive in twilight,
When I misheard Edith & turned to the right

Down we went in our car down a hill
I thought that we would surely be killed...
That is, until we took a spill
Into a pond with waters that chilled!

I shook myself dry & cleaned off my specs,
Then glowered at Edith—you can tell I was vexed
But Edith said, "Diz, keep your temper in check!
We can always try again...sometime or the next..."