author's note: sorry this has taken so long to post. i have actually had this chapter finished for about two weeks, but haven't been able to post it because i am having computer problems! but enjoy!

Edward POV

I watched from where I sat on the bed as she pulled her jeans on, and I frowned. I didn't like the loss of contact with her skin, and truth be told, it made me resent my parents just a little bit because of it. We'd been intimate for less than twenty four hours and already Caveman Edward was threatening to take over permanently – I wanted to keep Bella to myself, in the private bubble of my apartment, and never leave the bed.

"Edward?" Her concerned voice broke me out of my reverie, and I smiled at her.


"Are you okay?"

"I'm perfect," I said, getting up and crossing the room to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close. "I was just thinking that I never wanted to leave this room. I'd much prefer keeping you in bed all day."

"That sounds good," she murmured, her voice laced with amusement. "I could use a nap." I barked out a surprised laugh and pressed a kiss to her mouth, my lips still turned up in a smile. Reluctantly, I pulled away from her and watched as she picked up the clothes that we'd discarded on the floor both last night and this morning. I felt my pulse quicken when I saw her pick up my discarded white shirt. I'd never be able to look at a white button-down shirt again without remembering how she'd looked in it, or how she'd surprised me with it.

Jesus, I was so in love with her, it almost hurt.

I cleared my throat and shook my head a little, trying to clear it, and went to pull a clean shirt out of my closet. I pulled one out, pulled it over my head, and turned to watch Bella.

My Bella.

I swear to God, it felt like my heart was trying to break loose from my chest every time I looked at her. This couldn't be normal. Was this normal? My thoughts were frantic, ranging from sex to our study session to sharing meals to sex to our texts and… well, you get the idea. It was kind of scary how much this woman already owned me.

"Do I look okay?" She asked, interrupting my thoughts. She turned in a circle to give me a complete view of her outfit – not too tight jeans, some kind of strappy, lacy emerald green undershirt that I wanted to remove with my teeth, and I watched with disappointment as she pulled on a cream colored v-neck sweater.

"Are you asking me if you look fat?" I teased. Her eyes darted between me and the mirror that hung above my dresser.

"Why? Do I?" Shit.

"Bella," I sighed, moving behind her. I rested my hands on her waist and met her eyes in the mirror, not missing how her eyes darkened. Oh, this would definitely be something we'd revisit when dinner was over. "Look at yourself. You are gorgeous. Breathtaking. There isn't an ounce of fat on your body." She rolled her eyes at me.

"Schmooze. We don't have time for you to get back into my pants – and even if we did, you know you wouldn't have to say things like that to me for it to happen."

"I'm not trying to get into your pants. Do you seriously not realize how beautiful you are?"

"I'm cute enough, I think," she said, shrugging. "And apparently you see something in me – though it could just be that you're attracted to a woman who will have unlimited sex with you." She laughed a little bit, and I frowned.

"Don't think I won't revisit that unlimited sex comment later, but for now – really? You-" My phone rang, cutting me off, and I growled. She turned in my arms and pressed a light kiss to my lips.

"I'm fine, Edward. I don't think I'm fat. And I'd be willing to bet that that is your pesky but well-meaning sister on the phone, so let's go meet your parents. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my fuckhot boyfriend alone afterwards."

I ignored my phone and wrapped my arms around her, pressing her close and burying my face in the crook between her neck and shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better about meeting them, I'll be very uncomfortable sitting at a table with my parents while thinking about all of the depraved things that I'm going to do to you when we get home."

"Depraved?" she whimpered. "How depraved?"

"Depraved as in, we're not leaving my bed for at least twenty-four hours after we get back," I clarified. She moaned, and since I was apparently a nymphomaniac all of a sudden, I latched onto her neck with my mouth. Her moan deepened, and I sucked – hard. It was definitely going to leave a mark. I smirked to myself and laved the spot with my tongue once, twice. When I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were dark and hooded. I wanted to throw her down on my bed.

The phone rang again, and I rolled my eyes before releasing Bella and moving to pick it up.

"Quit molesting my friend and get your asses down here!" Alice shrieked. "We're going to be late!"

"Damn it, Alice! It's only dinner! Mom and Dad won't even be here until ten!"

"If you'd picked your phone up five minutes ago, you'd have known that they caught an earlier flight!" She snapped. I glanced at the clock, and then rubbed a hand over my face in annoyance. "Their plane touches down in less than an hour – we need to get going!"

"Go ahead without us. We'll leave here within the next ten minutes."

"So help you God, Edward, you'd better-"

"We'll leave in ten minutes, Alice. I swear on my Volvo." I heard laughter behind me, and turned to see Bella giggling into her hand. My eyebrows shot up and I smiled at her.

"Okay," Alice sighed resignedly. "They're coming in at gate B15. Seriously, keep your pants on, and get your ass in gear!" I heard the click as she disconnected, and I closed the phone and shoved it into my pocket.

"What's going on?"

"Apparently my parents caught an earlier flight, and I'm supposed to keep my pants on and leave here within the next ten minutes, or my Volvo belongs to Alice." She blinked.

"What does keeping your pants on have to do with anything?"

"She knows I can't keep my hands off of you," I pointed out, enjoying the way her cheeks flushed. She shook her head and smiled at me.

"She also knows that I like your hands on me." I sucked in a breath.

"This night is going to be torture," I declared, already frustrated. She laughed breathily.

"Let's get going. I promise not to torture you too much."

"Torture me?" my eyebrows shot up. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

"Well, I'm assuming that from the way the side of my neck is throbbing that you left a mark, so I'm going to have to pay you back for giving me a hickey just before I meet your parents for the first time." I gave her what I hoped was a sheepish look, but she laughed and shook her head. "Don't even pretend with me, Edward Cullen. I know you love marking me. I love it too – but I don't want your parents to see it."

I grabbed my keys and wallet off of the counter and followed her out the front door. I locked it, then grabbed her hand and laced our fingers together. "So you don't want my parents to know that I completely own you?" I teased.

"I'm sure they'll see that as soon as they see the way I look at you," she answered, nearly making my heart stop. "I would just prefer that they not know that I've defiled their baby boy." I laughed.

"Hippies, remember?" I pointed out. She smiled. I lifted our joined hands to my lips and pressed them against the back of her hand before releasing it and opening the car door for her. "They'd be more disappointed in me than you."

"So I don't have to worry about them thinking I'm loose?" I caught her lips up gently in mine a few times before answering.

"I'm a grown man," I explained, loving the flush of her cheeks and the glazed eyes she was watching me through. "I could throw you down on the table and have sex with you in front of them if I wanted to, and they wouldn't be able to say a thing about it." I watched her lower herself into the seat, and I shut the door before walking around and getting in myself. I had fastened my seatbelt, started the engine, and was backing out when I realized that she hadn't said anything for a bit. I glanced at her as I put the car in drive. Her eyes were shut tightly, and her lips were slightly parted.

"Are you okay?" I asked, reaching across the center console and grabbing her hand. She threaded her fingers through mine, and I squeezed. She shook her head once and gave me a shaky smile.

"I'm fine."

"Why so quiet?"

"I was just picturing you throwing me down on your table." My arm jerked, and the car swerved suddenly. Thank God there hadn't been anyone else on the road near us. I sucked in a quick breath.

"Jesus, Bella," I breathed. "Baby, please don't say things like that when I'm driving," I begged. I glanced over at her and saw that she was gnawing mercilessly on her bottom lip. I groaned. "And please stop doing that. I happen to love kissing you, and I won't be able to if your lip is torn open. That would be a travesty."

"You called me baby again," she pointed out. "I told you I liked it." She hesitated for a minute, and then smiled. "And I love kissing you, too. I'd spend all day doing it, if I could."

"I'd spend all day and all night doing it if I could," I shot back, grinning. She laughed.

"I'd take a class in it, if they offered one."

"A class on kissing?"

"A class on kissing you," she clarified. "With lots of practical demonstrations, of course."

"So you think you don't kiss me the right way?" I teased. "You need to be taught how?"

"If you were the teacher, I would be a very dedicated student." I laughed and squeezed her hand.

"I have to admit, this is one of the most enjoyable conversations I've ever had in my life," I said, glancing at her.

"Well, I don't like to brag, but I'm an excellent conversationalist."

"That's not all you're good at. I don't think you need any further instruction on kissing – you're pretty good at it."

"Pretty good?" she asked, wrinkling her nose. Damn, that was cute.

"Terrific?" I offered.



"Keep going, I'm not placated yet. Remember how you made me stroke your ego when I supposedly insulted your 'manhood'?" I pretended to think as I pulled into the airport's short term parking and took a ticket. "Well?"

"I'm thinking," I said, stalling for time. I found a parking space fairly quickly and pulled in. I cut the engine and turned to her, not missing her look of surprise. I leaned over and crooked my finger at her, beckoning her closer. She leaned over the console, stopping when our faces were barely an inch apart.

"You," I said, punctuating my word with a short, firm kiss, "are," kiss "the" kiss "best" kiss "kisser" kiss "I've" kiss kiss "ever" kiss "had" kiss "my" kiss "lips" kiss "near."

I started to pull away from her, but she grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth back to hers. I moaned when her tongue forced my lips apart and began to slide against mine. She tugged on my hair and forced me closer to her, and I maneuvered my hands around to cup her ass. She obliged me by scooting up a little. I gave a little squeeze, and I kissed away the moan that made me want to devour her right here in the car. I moved my mouth to kiss down her jaw, and she gasped.

"Do we have enough time to christen the Volvo?" I pulled away and stared at her. Jesus Christ, she was serious!

"I wish we did, baby," I whispered, brushing a lock of hair out of her face. I glanced at the clock on the dashboard. "But we need to get in there, or Alice will castrate me."

"Over my dead body," she swore, her eyes fixed on my mouth. I smiled. "Fine, we'll go – but promise me something?"


"Promise me that as soon as we're alone in your apartment, we're going to screw like bunnies." I barked out a surprised laugh, and gave her a quick (but intense) kiss. I traced her lips with the tip of my finger and met her eyes.

"Bella, when we get back home, I'm going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk tomorrow."

Before I had time to ask if her gasp meant I'd gone too far, she spoke. "I'm seriously considering tying you up and kidnapping you right now." The thought of restraints being involved was a little bit of a turn on, even though I'd never done anything like that before. With Bella, though, I thought I might enjoy it. I grinned and pressed a light kiss to her cheek before getting out of the car and moving around to open her door for her.

"Kidnapping?" I questioned, reaching for her hand. We started walking.

"Sexnapping?" she offered. I grinned again.

"Is it considered a napping of any kind if the other party is willing?" I wondered aloud.

"How did you turn me into a nympho?" I threw my head back and laughed.

"I think this is referred to as the 'honeymoon phase' of our relationship – where all we want to do is have sex."

"So after you're tired of the sex, I'm history?" she teased, her eyes sparkling. I tugged on her hand and pulled her closer to me before wrapping my arm around her waist. I shoved my hand into her back pocket and squeezed. I'd always rolled my eyes when I'd seen couples in public doing that, but now I understood the draw. Not only was it a public declaration that Bella belonged to me, I also got to breathe in her scent, feel her warm body next to mine, and keep my hand on her ass. It was a win-win-win situation. I couldn't help my smirk at the thought.

"No way. What if you get tired of the sex first? Are you going to get rid of me?"

"I'm all in, Edward," she said, reaching her arm around my waist and shoving her hand into my back pocket. I gave a little yelp when she squeezed my ass, and she smiled innocently. "Besides, if I get tired of the sex – which I won't, by the way – I'll just keep you around for your coffee." I laughed and pressed my lips against her forehead.

"Oh my God," Alice declared as she walked up to us. "Do you realize how sickeningly sweet you two look? Jeez, everyone is staring at the lovebirds. Mom and Dad are totally going to be able to tell that you're getting laid. Well, I mean they would have anyway, with that ginormous thing on Bella's neck, but still."

I knew without looking that Bella's face was as red as a tomato. I narrowed my eyes at Alice.

"Her hickey is still smaller than the one you've got," I pointed out. Bella's head shot up, and Alice's hand flew to the spot just below her right ear. She turned and smacked Jasper lightly on the arm.

"You said you were going to do it somewhere where it wasn't visible," she accused. Jasper shrugged and gave her an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, darlin'," he drawled. "You're just so irresistible, I couldn't help myself." Her scowl faded and she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

"And we're the disgusting ones," I told Bella. She smiled and squeezed my ass again, and I returned the favor. "You're not mad at me for the hickey, are you?" I asked, leaning down to whisper into her ear. She shook her head.

"I can always cover mine up with my hair," she said, not bothering to lower her voice. Alice broke away from Jasper and frowned at us. "In fact, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to give me ano-"

"That's enough!" Alice butted in. Jasper and I exchanged amused looks, even though I was seriously turned on. Bella shrugged at Alice, even though she shot her a smile. "Let's go find Emmett and Rosalie."

"Rosalie?" Bella echoed as we followed them. "As in, Rosalie Hale?"

"Yeah," Alice said, slowing so she could walk next to us. "Why, do you know her?"

"Not really – I've just seen the posters up on campus with her photo on them."

"Oh! I totally forgot about that! Yeah, she was nominated by her sorority for homecoming court."

"Already?" I asked, wondering why Emmett hadn't bragged about bagging a sorority chick. I usually heard about all of his conquests. Interesting.

"Look, there's Emmett!" I looked up to see my brother speaking to a tall, statuesque blonde. And by speaking, I mean he was trying to suck her face off. "Emmett!" Alice yelled. They broke apart, and my brother smiled and waved us over. The blonde just looked bored.

"And she thought this was too much of a display?" Bella asked, gesturing between us. I shrugged.

"That's Alice for you."

"So it's socially acceptable for me to shove my tongue down your throat, but I'm not allowed to put my hand on your ass?" Bella seemed genuinely confused, which made me laugh. "Alice!"

"What?" She stopped and waited for us to catch up to her.

"Why is Emmett allowed to give her dirty CPR in front of everyone, but I'm not allowed to grab Edward's ass?" Emmett roared with laughter. The blonde hid a smile behind her hand. Alice just looked exasperated. Dirty CPR? Jesus! My girl was funny as hell.

"Kissing is natural," Alice explained.

"So is grabbing a fine ass," Bella argued, letting go of me and moving to stand behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see her gesturing to the body part in question. My smile was so wide, it made my face hurt.

"Thanks, baby," I said. She smiled, but turned back to Alice.

"It's gross! I don't want to see your hand on his butt! That's my baby brother!"

"By like, two minutes! How about this, does this bother you?" Bella reached forward and grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed- hard. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph – it just got way hotter in here.

"Stop!" Alice shrieked, covering her eyes with her hands.

"Why is Emmett allowed to practically suck his girlfriend's face off, but I'm not allowed to touch Edward's ass?" Bella demanded, her hands now on her hips. "Would it be better if I shoved my tongue down his throat?" She moved closer and I opened my arms, but Alice jumped between us.

"Bella Swan, if you even think about it, I swear I will send my brother every last cell phone pic I took of you both during our Victoria's Secret shopping trip and while we were at the bar!" Bella stopped to consider this.

"He's going to see me in every one of those things I got at some point," she said, shrugging. Jesus! Were my eyes actually bugging out of my head? Because it felt like they were!

"Alice, you can tell Mom and Dad that Bella and I had an emergency at home," I said, reaching for Bella. Emmett laughed and his girlfriend shook her head, even though she was smiling.

"Alice Cullen, I will grope my boyfriend anywhere, anytime I damn well please, whether it grosses you out or not!" Bella declared, pushing my sister aside and letting me wrap my arms around her. "I spent the better half of the morning listening to you call your boyfriend fuckhot!"

"But Jasper's not related to you," Alice whined. I snorted. The girls had actually started to draw a little audience, but it was too funny for me to point that fact out. "Besides, you spent the rest of the morning rolling around in bed with him!"

"I did not!" Bella shrieked. "We did it on the counter!" At that, the crowd erupted into cheers. Bella glanced around and her face turned beet red – and she promptly buried it in the front of my shirt. I couldn't hide the shit-eating grin as complete strangers approached me and patted me on the back in congratulations. Emmett was laughing his ass off.

"Wardo, you are my new hero," he proclaimed. Just this once, I'd let the nickname slide.

"What has Edward done now? And why are all of those people smiling at you?" I turned to see my mother watching us with an amused look, and I got the distinct impression that she knew exactly what was going on.



My boyfriend's mother had totally heard every single word that Alice and I had exchanged – she had to. She was standing way too close not to have heard it all. I was mortified. No, I was beyond mortified. I guess I didn't need to worry about hiding the hickey anymore, since everyone in the damned airport now knew that Edward and I had had sex on his kitchen counter today.

"Mom, this is my girlfriend, Bella," Edward said. I turned and offered her an embarrassed smile and my hand. Instead of shaking my hand, she pulled me into a tight hug.

"Bella, it's so nice to meet you. I'm Esme, but you can call me Mom if you want to." My eyes flew to Edward, who was just grinning like the Cheshire cat. Didn't that freak him out? It was kind of freaking me out.

"It's nice to meet you, too." And then, as an afterthought, I blurted, "I'm sorry I had sex with your son on his counter." My face went up in flames, and everyone started laughing, even Edward – that traitor! Esme leaned in so only I could hear her.

"Don't be sorry – I'm glad you've found each other. It's good to see him happy. Besides, there are worse places to have sex than on the kitchen counter." Then she pulled away and winked at me before turning to Alice. "And this must be Jasper." I sunk back into Edward's arms as his mother introduced herself.

"I will never be able to look your mother in the eyes again," I mumbled into his shoulder. He laughed and rubbed my back gently.

"One thing is for sure – she'll never forget you." I snorted. "Are you really upset?"


"Don't be," he said gently, pulling away just far enough to look at me. He pressed one hand to the side of my face and caressed my cheek with his thumb. "Brutal honesty, remember?" I nodded. "This has been the most amazing day with you."

"Even though I told most of the general public that we had counter sex?"

"Do you think I'm embarrassed by that?"

"Aren't you?"

"Not at all. Now they know you're mine, and that they need to stay away. I'm proud to have you on my arm, Bella."

"Caveman," I muttered, not fighting the smile that turned my lips up. He grinned at me.

"You love it," he accused. I nodded my head in admittance, and heard a loud sigh behind me. I turned to see his mother watching us, tears in her eyes and a huge smile on her face. "Sorry," he said, sounding anything but.

"You two are the most adorable thing I've ever seen," she declared.

"Funny – I thought I was the most adorable thing you'd ever seen." I watched as a tall, gorgeous man with blonde hair wrapped his arms around Esme from behind. She giggled.

"No, you've been replaced. Edward and Bella are cuter." The man dropped a kiss on Esme's cheek. "Carlisle, this is Bella, Edward's girlfriend. Bella, this is Carlisle, my husband." He turned his eyes to me, and then I saw the resemblance. Edward had obviously gotten his looks from his father – right down to the god-like face and stunning green eyes.

"It's nice to meet you, Bella," he said, his voice every bit as melodious as his son's.

"It's nice to meet you too," I replied, and then clamped my lips together. I didn't want to release any more embarrassing word vomit like I had with his mother. I watched as Jasper and Rosalie both introduced themselves, and then Edward spoke up.

"So who are you guys riding with, and what's our itinerary for tonight?"

"They're gonna ride with me and Rosie," Emmett said, wrapping his arm around her.

"And we're going to La Bella Italia," Alice said. "It's on fourth street, downtown."

"I know where that is," Edward said, nodding. "Do you need help with your bags?"

"No, we're good." Esme shot me a knowing look and smiled. "We'll meet you there in thirty minutes."

"Okay. We're going to take off, then." Edward kept one arm around me and steered me away from them.

"Use protection!" Carlisle called after us. Edward burst out laughing, and I wanted to sink into the floor. I was quiet all the way to the car. Edward didn't say anything, but kept giving me concerned looks. I was quiet as he pulled away from the airport, too. I didn't speak until we'd been driving for a few minutes.

"Pull over."

"What?" he shot me an incredulous look. We were nearing a rest area off of the highway.

"Please, pull over." He looked concerned again.

"If my family offended or embarrassed-"

"Edward, I want to christen the damned Volvo, so pull the hell over at the rest stop," I demanded. He blinked and looked at me as though he hadn't actually heard me, but he signaled and changed lanes so he could take the exit. "They already think we're going to have sex anyway."

"We don't have to have sex just because they think we will," he said, finally finding his voice.

"I want to have sex with you. Now. In the car." I saw his adam's apple bob slightly as he swallowed, but he pulled into a parking space at the end of the row and cut the engine. There were no other cars around, and it was starting to get dark. "Does this seat recline?" I asked, pointing to his seat. He nodded and reached down to push the lever or button or whatever made it move. When he was lying down all the way, I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered the zipper, and wriggled out of them. He sucked in a breath.

"Bella, have I told you today how amazing you are, or how incredibly lucky I am to have you as my girlfriend?" I tugged off my white lace boyshorts, and his eyes darkened. I reached over and began unzipping his jeans.

"Why? Because I'm about to ride you in your car?" I teased. He didn't smile. "What?"

"I like it when you talk like that."

"I'll do it more, then. And also – remind me to wear a skirt the next time we plan on having car sex." He lifted his hips and I pushed his jeans down – apparently he had decided to go commando today. Horny Bella approves.

"We're going to have car sex again after today?" he asked, sounding amused. I crawled over the console and moved around until I was straddling him. "This seems like such a crime. I can't see you properly, and you're bound to be uncomfortable."

"It's still hot," I said, taking him in my hand and guiding him to my entrance. I sank down on him, and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Mmm, you're right. Jesus, Bella," he moaned.

"I've never done this before, so tell me if I'm doing it wrong," I breathed. I pushed myself up a little, and then slammed down onto him. He gasped. "Did I hurt you?"

"Fuck, no. Do it again." I did. Over and over until I was screaming his name with my release. When we had finished, I kissed him, sliding my tongue against his lazily. His fingers tightened their grip on the bare skin of my hips. "You are incredible."

"You're not so bad yourself, hot ass," I smirked, reluctantly climbing off of him. I heard the sounds of him fixing his clothes as I struggled back into mine. He laughed. It was my favorite sound in the world, next to the sounds that he made while we were having sex.

"That was hilarious, by the way," he informed me. He started the car back up and I strapped on my seatbelt as he merged back onto the highway.


"When you grabbed my ass with both hands in the middle of the airport." He snickered, and I rolled my eyes.

"That was the cavewoman in me asserting my God-given right to grab any part of your anatomy that I want to, no matter where we are or who's watching."

"I don't know why she got so freaked out," he said, shaking his head. "I can't count the number of guys I've seen her molest in front of me."

"At least I didn't grab your junk in front of her." His laughter was loud, and because his smile was so big, I could see the dimples that matched Emmett's. He was gorgeous… and he was all mine. I must have been very, very good in a previous life to deserve him.

"This is true. I don't think I've ever smiled this much before," he said, shooting me an amused glance before pulling into the restaurant's parking lot. "You are incredibly fun to be around, even outside of the bedroom, Miss Swan." I smacked his arm playfully, and he grinned before getting out of the car and coming around to open my door. When I was out and the door was shut, he pressed me up against the side of the car. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, stroking the skin with my fingertips. He shivered. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"I know you were nervous and that you would've rather stayed at home, but I'm glad you came to meet my parents. It means a lot to me."

"Thank you for wanting me to meet them," I answered, hating the way my voice wavered just the tiniest bit. "I'm just thankful that I was able to shut up when I said hi to your dad." He chuckled.

"You know my mom is secretly thrilled to know that her son isn't gay, after all," he said. I pressed my lips to his once, barely touching them, and smiled.

"Well, you could always throw me down on the table and show everyone just how not gay you are."

"Oh my god!" We turned to see Alice covering her eyes. Jasper laughed and tugged her towards the restaurant. "You guys had enough time to get it out of your system before you got here!"

"Once is not enough!" I called after her, snickering when I heard Edward's laughter.

"Did you hear that, Carlisle?" I froze, and Edward turned his head towards the end of the parking lot that Alice had come from. "They had sex on the way over here! I can't remember the last time we had sex in a car."

Edward's forehead met mine, and he squeezed his eyes shut. "Oh, god," he muttered.

"We can remedy that this evening, my love," Carlisle answered, turning to look at Emmett. "Son, can you and Rosalie catch a ride home with your sister? Your mother would like to have sex with me in a car."

"Dad!" Emmett gasped, looking scandalized. Rosalie covered her mouth hand and laughed. "Absolutely not! Make Alice ride with us and you can defile her car."

We followed them into the restaurant, and Edward pulled my chair out for me when we were seated. The waitress took our orders immediately, and I desperately tried to avoid making eye contact with Edward's parents… to no avail. Because of course, since that's where I didn't want to look, it's exactly where my eyes went first. I'll admit, it was kind of sweet to see them; his arm was draped around her shoulders, and she was snuggled into his side.

"So, Bella," Carlisle began, looking up at me. "Tell me a little bit about yourself."

"Um," I said intelligently. Edward shot me a reassuring smile. "I like Edward." Alice giggled and Edward's smile got bigger. "I mean, I'm sorry. I have this thing that when I get nervous or embarrassed, I kind of blurt things out without meaning to."

"It's fine, honestly," Esme said, waving her hand dismissively. "The first time Carlisle met my father, he told him that I had a nice rack."

"That isn't exactly what-" Carlisle began.

"Oh really? So when you said 'Mr. Platt, I will take good care of your daughter and her perky tits' you didn't mean I had a nice rack?" Carlisle's face turned red, and I noticed that all of the Cullen kids were staring at their father, mouths open.

"I wasn't – I wasn't myself, and you know it!"

"What he means to say is that he was high," Esme snorted. Carlisle looked like he wanted to die. Or become a part of the table. Or maybe both. "He got so nervous about meeting my parents that he had to smoke a joint to relax."

"Esme," he moaned, rubbing the back of his neck, just like Edward did when he was nervous.

"I told everyone in the airport that Edward and I had sex in his kitchen before you got there," I blurted, hating how uncomfortable he looked. He blinked at me, and his face bloomed into the same beautiful smile that I loved on his son. "But in my defense, Alice was making a big deal about my touching his butt."

"I thought we were past this!" Alice piped up, frowning.

"Alice," Edward said calmly, taking a sip of his soda. "My girlfriend owns me. She can put her hands anywhere she damn well pleases." My stomach felt funny. It was doing backflips, it had butterflies, it was totally unstable – I needed to get him to a bed, fast.

"I own you?" I repeated breathily, my eyes locked on his. I felt his hand descend on my thigh and squeeze gently. It felt like someone had turned the thermostat way up.

"You kinda do," he admitted, smiling at me.

"Oh, god! Daddy, look what you did!" Alice accused. Carlisle laughed.

"I think it's nice," Rosalie said. Edward and I both looked at her from across the table. She arched one perfectly shaped eyebrow. "What? I think it's cute how into each other you both are. It's nice to see another couple with such a strong connection. And Alice, what was the big deal about her touching your brother?" She turned and looked at Alice, but before she'd turned her attention completely away, I mouthed the words 'thank you' to her. She shrugged, but a tiny smile played at her lips.

Alice harrumphed.

"Why is everyone ganging up on me?"

"I was just wondering. I mean, Emmett and I were getting pretty hot and heavy with the kissing, and the touching that Bella and Edward were doing was fairly innocent."

"Touching my brother's butt was not innocent!" Alice defended. I couldn't help but notice that Edward's mother was eyeing her son and I with a soft smile on her face. Carlisle was watching Alice, his smile wide. God, his eyes even crinkled at the corners when he smiled, just like Edward's!

"It's more innocent than shoving her tongue down his throat."

"You didn't have a problem with Bella touching me before," Edward pointed out, half frowning at her. "In fact, you're the one who encouraged her to-"

"Okay, fine!" Alice said, throwing her hands up in the air. "Yes, I know it's a double standard, and Rosalie, I'm profusely sorry for what I'm about to say, but I won't mean it the way it sounds, so please don't take it that way. I'm used to seeing Emmett make public displays like that, but not Edward. I'm glad Edward and Bella are together and totally into each other-"

"Literally," Emmett added, earning a smack on the arm from Rosalie.

"Ew, Emmett. I'm glad you guys are so happy – I guess it's just going to take some getting used to, seeing it happen, is all." She said this last bit directly to us. Edward's gaze softened, and he smiled at her.

"I thought it was funny," he admitted. "You and Bella provoking each other."

"I totally grabbed you in public," I laughed. Alice cracked a smile too.

"Okay, that was pretty funny," she conceded.

"I was thoroughly entertained," Rosalie piped up, nodding. Emmett smiled at her.

"Bella's pretty badass," he added. My eyebrows shot up.

"Emmett, I think it's pretty safe to say that while I have been called many things, badass has never been one of them."

"You have balls the size of casaba melons, Bells," he disagreed. "What other girl would grab her boyfriend's ass in the middle of a crowded airport where his parents could be watching? No, I think Bella Badass is your new nickname."

I snorted with laughter, even though I knew my face was red.

"I prefer cute ass," Edward interjected.

"I prefer that we not talk about my ass at the dinner table," I said finally, shooting a glance at Edward's highly amused parents. "Especially not with your parents at the table."

"Do you think they care?" Emmett asked, shaking his head. "They can handle a little ass talk, after the torture they've subjected us to over the years."

"Excuse me?" Esme demanded, her eyes wide. "I have no idea what you're talking about, I'm sure. I have always been the very picture of social decorum." Emmett snorted, and even Edward and Alice joined in with their laughter.

"Mom, really?"

"Esme, Bella and Rosalie already know about our plans for car sex," Carlisle reminded her. "You're not exactly subtle, sweetheart."

"Car sex?" Alice wailed, wrinkling her nose. "No! I didn't need to hear that!" She covered her ears.

"Deny it all you want, baby sis," Emmett said, grinning broadly. "It's your car they're gonna defile."

Alice's wailing was heard by the entire restaurant.


I couldn't remember having a better evening.

The visit with my parents had gone splendidly, and we'd all agreed to meet for lunch the next day at another local restaurant, and Bella and I were on our way home. She was silent, but she kept shooting me these little looks that made my stomach flip every time. Our hands were joined on top of the console between the seats, and every time she looked away, she would squeeze my hand.

"You're being awfully quiet," I said finally.

"Yeah, sorry," she said, shooting me a smile. "I was just thinking about how great your parents are. After I finally stopped worrying about whether or not your parents would like me, I had fun. Emmett's loud and kind of obnoxious, but I like that he thinks I'm a badass." I grinned at her.

"I still think cute ass is a better name."

"Yeah – what's up with my ass fixation today?" she wondered aloud. I chuckled.

"I don't know, but I don't mind it."

"You wouldn't," she shot back. "Since you're the one who got some action."

"Yes I am," I said smugly. She laughed and shook her head. "But if I recall correctly – and I do – I promised you some action when we get home – and we're almost there."

I didn't miss the way she sucked in a breath and bit down on her bottom lip. "I thought I was going to have to remind you."

"You thought I forgot?" I asked incredulously. "Are you kidding me?"

"Well, I wasn't sure," she said, shaking her head. "I know I haven't been able to get it out of my head," she whispered, looking at me through the fringe of her lashes. I put a little more pressure on the gas pedal, and she giggled.

"I can't believe you told my sister I was going to see you in everything you got from Victoria's Secret," I said.

"All four hundred dollars of it," she agreed loftily. I almost choked on my own tongue.

"She spent four hundred dollars on underwear?"

"Not just underwear."

"What the hell else can you buy in that store?"

"Eventually you'll get to see it all. Maybe it would've been more fun shopping for it if you'd been there with me – I could've tried it on with you in the dressing room, and you could've picked out what you liked…" She shrugged, and I tugged at the collar of my t-shirt.

"Bella, I'm tempted to drive you to the mall right now. I do have my wallet and credit card on me, you know." She giggled again. I was totally addicted to that sound. I cleared my throat. "Do I… do I get to see you in something else tonight?"

"Who else am I going to show it to?" I pulled into the driveway – finally – and cut the engine. I think it was the fastest I'd ever moved in my life as I ran around the car and opened her door. She grabbed my hand and yanked me up the stairs, and by the time I managed to get the key in the lock, we were both laughing breathlessly.

"Okay, woman – go do what you need to do," I demanded, dropping a fierce kiss on her lips. She pressed herself against me.

"Oh, but I'd rather stay out here and-"

"Go! I want to see you in some four hundred dollar underwear-" she giggled, "-and I won't let you get that far if you stay out here now!" she turned to walk away, and I swatted her rear. She gasped and her eyes widened. Oh Jesus – did she like to be spanked? I didn't have a chance to ask her, because then she was gone. I ran frantically around the apartment, lighting every candle I could find (which wasn't many – I made a mental note to buy some more candles next time I was out), and I put on the CD I'd made for her. Then I stripped down and jumped under the comforter.

It was the longest wait of my life.

Apparently Bella had decided to prolong my torture and take a shower.

I waited impatiently. I must have run my fingers through my hair about a million times – it was probably standing straight up by this point, but I didn't care. I was waiting on Bella to join me in bed so I could spend my excess energy on her – after all, I had promised her, hadn't I?

Finally I heard the soft sound of the water stop, and my heart started pounding crazily. It seemed like forever, but several glances at the clock on my nightstand told me it was less than five minutes later when Bella emerged from the bathroom. I sucked in a breath and tried to slow the insanely rapid pace of my pulse – Jesus. I was going to have a stroke if I didn't calm down.

She was ethereal.

Her hair hung in wet waves around her shoulders, and I could see – even in the dim candlelight – that she was biting her lower lip. Was she afraid I was going to laugh at her, or dislike what I saw? No chance of that happening – ever. I crooked a finger at her and motioned for her to come to me. As she moved, I took in the curve of her breasts just above the baby blue satiny bra; the way the barely-there matching panties had bows on the hips; the matching garter belt that was clipped to a set of white stockings that started at mid-thigh. She stopped at the side of the bed and studied my face. I wondered what she saw reflected there that gave her pause.

"Four hundred dollars well spent," I croaked. She giggled, and the tension was gone. She straddled me on the bed above the covers, and I could feel my eyes crossing – I could feel her heat through the comforter. She leaned over to kiss me, and my hands sought out the soft skin of her breasts of their own accord. Our mouths met at the same moment that my hands cupped her breasts, and she moaned into my mouth. Less than a minute of kissing had passed, and she was already grinding against me.

"We can go slow later," she panted, throwing her head back as I attacked her neck with my lips and tongue. "Right now you have a promise to keep." It was my turn to moan. I pushed her gently off of me and pushed the comforter off. Her eyes widened when she saw that I was already completely naked, and she scrambled to move to the center of the bed. She started to turn over so that she was lying on her back, but I stopped her. I yanked her back up so that she was on all fours with her ass in the air, and I swatted her right cheek once with my open palm. The sound echoed around my apartment, quickly followed by the sound of her moaning – loudly. Apparently my hunch had been correct. I grabbed the lace of her underwear and pushed it to the side before sliding into her. This time her moan was louder.

"Oh, god," she breathed. I pulled out slowly, and then slammed into her. She gasped. I was trying hard to keep my focus, because if I really let go, this was not going to last long – and while that would be okay for me, it wouldn't for her, and I wanted to her to get pleasure from this too.

I repeated my action, pulling out almost completely, and then forcing my way back inside a little rougher than I normally would have. Her moans helped spur me on. I reentered faster this time, and then a little faster than that time, thrusting faster and harder than I ever had before. I felt the sweat rolling down my skin, and still I pounded into her. I had to recite useless facts in my head to keep my orgasm at bay – I went through sheet music in my head. I mentally played six different piano pieces. I even considered thinking about dinner – until I felt her tighten around me, and she yelled out my name.

"Fuck! Edward!" And then I was coming, too. I let go and came with her. Finally I leaned over and pressed several light kisses against her back, fully aware that we were both panting and trying to catch our breath. I glanced over at my nightstand and the clock told me that we'd been at it for ten minutes. That was it? Was she going to think it sucked because I'd come so quickly? She collapsed beneath me and rolled over onto her back.

"Please tell me that we are going to do that at least once a day," she begged, her chest heaving as she looked up at me.

"Once a day?" I repeated, dumbstruck. My brain was still foggy after such an intense orgasm.

"Well, I like our other sex too, but that was amazing. I want to do that a lot more. Though maybe not too much, because I might get sore and not be able to have sex at all, and that would be a tragedy. Okay, how about three times a week?"

I didn't respond, I just gave a breathy laugh and collapsed beside her on the bed.