A/N: Originally written for the Being British fan-fiction class on Mugglenet Fan-Fiction.


"Big trip! New home!" Sally echoes her mother's former words, bouncing around.

Amelia smiles. "Yes, that's exactly right." It's good that we're leaving now, she thinks, not for the first time. Sally's still too young to really comprehend what is going on. If she was a few years older, she would've already started school, and then would've been very attached to all the friends she'd made in their area. But this way, moving at age three, she'll hardly remember America when she grows up . . . or her father.

Amelia gives herself a shake. "Are you ready to go, Sally?"


"Then take Mommy's hand."

"My teddy?"

"Your teddy bear and all your other things are at the new house waiting for you."

Sally dimples, easily accepting this. "Okay." She slips her little fingers into Amelia's, and the pair step into the fireplace as Amelia pronounces the address of their new home. A swirl of color assault their eyes, then they arrive.

After Amelia points out its location, Sally skips off to her room. Amelia watches her prance away, joy and sorrow fighting for space in her chest. Joy, that her child is happy, that she is experiencing none of the grief her mother is; sorrow, that her child doesn't understand, can't comprehend that her father isn't going to ever return.

Amelia sinks into the sofa, head in her hands. The war is over, done with . . . but so is her John. Why, why did he have to leave for Britain in the first place all those months ago? Voldemort was waging war there, yes, but there were plenty of other witches and wizards who could've taken handled that.

Like it or not, Amelia, we're going to have to deal with You-Know-Who eventually, he'd said. Once he's conquered Britain, it'll be the entire world. I want to fight him before he comes anywhere near America – near you and Sally.

He'd left Boston the next day, and she hadn't seen him since.

Six weeks ago, just a day before Potter killed Voldemort, she'd gotten a letter saying her husband was killed fighting Death Eaters.

That is why she's decided to move she and Sally to Britain. There are too many memories tainted with grief back in America. She wants to start anew. Besides, John is buried here, along with all the others who died fighting. Her daughter may not ever have any memories of her father, but Amelia wants her to know who he was, to be proud of who her father is, to be able to talk about the warriors in the fight against Voldemort and say with pride,

"My father was one of them."