Chapter Four: Who Stole the Sharks?

"OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" Rosalie shrieked again pointing at Edward.

"Um, excuse me Madam," the White Rabbit cut in awkwardly.

"What is it?" The Queen barked.

"I hate to interrupt a beheading, but the trail is about to begin," She said as she began to back away.

"Oh! The trial!" She screeched with glee, "I do love a good trial. Let the trail commence!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the trail is about to begin," Bella called before blowing her trumpet. "Please make your way into the court room immediately!"

The Queen and the deck of cards filed into the glass castle leaving behind a confused Edward and the White Rabbit.

"What is the trial for?" Edward asked as he followed Bella into the castle.

"No time! No time!" said she as she ran off into the castle.

Edward followed quickly behind and entered through the front gate and was immediately greeted by the buzz of a busy courtroom. The Queen of Hearts sat upon her throne; she must have been the judge for on her head was a great curly white wig. The White Rabbit stood in front of the Queen's throne beside what must have been the witness box with a trumpet in one hand, and a scroll in the other. The audience and jury were filled with animals and cards resembling the citizens of La Push and Forks alike. Seated in the accused box, wrapped in chains, with guards on either side, was Jasper. He, much to Edward's amusement, donned a golden tunic embroidered with red hearts, red pantaloons, and a small crown. He looked very calm for a man on trial before the Queen.

"A-hem," said the Rabbit clearing her throat before she let out a blast from her trumpet. Edward took this as his cue to sit among the audience. He would get to Bella after the trial.

"Order in the court!" commanded the Queen. "Read the accusation!"

Bella unrolled the scroll with a flick of her wrist and read: "The Queen of Hearts, she had some sharks, of which she planned to eat. The Knave of Hearts, he stole those sharks, and no one can find this meat."

"Call the first witness!" demanded Rosalie to whom the Rabbit called after another blast on her trumpet.

The first witness was the Mad Hatter, Jacob Black.

"Give your evidence," Rosalie commanded.

"It all started on the first of November of the year one thousand nine hundred sixty two," he began.

"What started?" The Queen inquired.

"The story," answered he.

"And what story might I ask?" She pressed again.

"The story I was about to tell," he said matter-of-factly.

"Well, carry on," Rosalie said sitting back.

"I can't now," Jacob said.

"And why is that?" she said leaning forward in her chair again.

"I've forgotten it," he said with a shrug.

"What?" she shrieked.

"Mr. Mad Hatter –"The Rabbit began.

"Oh please call me Mr. Hatter, mad sounds so unbecoming," the Hatter interjected.

"Mr. Hatter just stated that he has forgotten the story, madam," Bella corrected herself.

"I realize that!" She shouted just before composing herself. "Next witness!"

Upon hearing that he was no longer needed, the Mad Hatter promptly left the stand. Edward shuffled in his seat as the trumpet blared. He hoped the trial would not last too much longer for he was afraid Bella would run away again.

In came the second witness in a cloud of smoke.

"No smoking in the courtroom!" The Rabbit said before blasting her trumpet.

"Why is that?" Carlisle said as the smoke cleared; as before he had a hookah hose in each of his eight hands.

"Why is that?" Bella asked the Queen.

"Why is that?" The Queen responded.

The caterpillar took another puff of a hose and was completely shrouded in smoke once more.

"Proceed with the questioning!" The Queen commanded.

"Mr. Caterpillar, how well do you know the accused?" Bella began.

"Who is that?" said the caterpillar.

"Who is that?" asked Bella to the Queen.

"Who is that?" she responded pointing a graceful finger at the Knave.

"Are you not a doctor, Mr. Caterpillar?" The Rabbit continued.

He took a puff from another hose before replying: "I am."

"Where would be the best location to store a shark?" The Rabbit questioned on.

"At the bottom of the well," he said taking another puff.

"Next witness!" The Queen coughed. Edward suspected she was more annoyed by the smoke than by the ridiculous answers.

Bella blew the trumpet again before calling out: "Edward, please take the stand."

Edward furrowed his brow, he could not fathom what questions the court would want to ask him. He walked toward the witness stand an awaited his first question.

"What do you know about the case?" Bella asked him.

"Absolutely nothing," Edward replied.

"If you know nothing, Mr. Edward, then why are you seated behind the stand?" accused the White Rabbit.

"You called me up here," he said trying not to let out his irritation on Bella.

"Off with his head!" Rosalie shrieked.

"Not yet, my Queen, we still need him for questioning," Bella corrected.

"Oh right. Next question!" She said composing herself once more.

"Are you alright?" The White Rabbit asked leaning in towards Edward's face.

"What?" He said as the court room started to spin out of focus.

"Edward, are you alright?" The Rabbit's said sounding worried.

Edward's vision began to focus. The first thing he recognized was Bella, but she was no longer wearing white ears, nor was she wearing the rest of her outfit, but instead she was in familiar sweats. He looked around for the members of the court, but saw nothing but the quiet solitude of Bella's bedroom.

"What happened?" Edward said still in a state of shock.

"I don't know. I woke up and found you lying on my floor staring up at the ceiling with my old Steph doll in your hand. When I tried to talk to you, you didn't respond. I was about to call Carlisle. Are you feeling ok?" Bella said as she stroked his hair with one hand and had his cell phone in the other.

"I'm fine, I think," he said sitting up. He noticed the shoe box was lying just where he left it and the doll was lying right beside the box. "Bella, would you believe me if I told you I was teleported into a world in your shoe box?"

"I'm dating a vampire, and even I find that hard to believe."

"Yeah, it must have been a dream then. I haven't had one of those in a while. Sorry to have scared you like that." He said as he picked up the doll and put it in the box. As Edward closed the lid, he swore he saw a puff of smoke come out the side.

The End