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Chapter One: La Misión

Neliel Tu Oderschvank strode down the hallways of Las Noches, her brown eyes mimicking that of the walls: emotionless and still. Like the others, her attire consisted of white, though unlike others, she wore a long-sleeved top and plain white, flared pant as opposed to a hakama#. A staid mood surrounded her, causing many nearby arrancar to back away.

Nnoitra, the 8th Espada muttered a greeting as she strode past him.

She ignored him, choosing instead to greet Grimmjow, who had been leaning on the wall a few metres ahead.

He nodded in reply, his blue eyes matching his equally blue hair. He grinned, crossing his arms, 'Neliel-sama.' He nodded.

She glanced at him, 'Grimmjow.'

'Yeah…just ignore me bitch, why don't you,' Nnoitra muttered, just loud enough for the 6th and 3rd Espada to hear.

'You bastard,' Grimmjow growled.

Neliel held her arm out, preventing Grimmjow from chasing after the black-haired arrancar, 'Ignore him, it's not worth your effort.'

Grimmjow frowned, taking his anger out on the war behind him.

'Temper,' Neliel remarked, turning away from the 6th Espada, 'You'll kill someone, one day.' She said, with the slightest hint of humor, though her face remained as serious as ever, 'Pesche! Dondo Chakka! Come here at once!'

Her two Fracción appeared before her, kneeling, 'Hai, Nel-sama?'

'We are to report to Aizen-sama this instant,' the 3rd Espada stated, nodding goodbye to Grimmjow.

'Hai, Nel-sama,' her Fracción replied, bowing, before following Neliel to the designated room.

Neliel appeared before the former Gobantai Taichou, Aizen Sousuke. She knelt down, her Fracción imitating her, 'Aizen-sama,' she murmured.

Sitting on a throne-like chair, he smiled, his sides flanked by two other former Taichous: Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname.

'Neliel,' he murmured, leaning forward, 'I would like you to take Nnoitra and infiltrate Soul Society…including Seireitei.'

Her eyes widened slightly, but she nodded all the same, 'Hai, Aizen-sama.' She left the room.

Pesche and Dondo Chakka stepped out of the shadows, following Neliel out of the room, pausing only to bow to the former Taichous.

She smiled softly at her Fracción, 'Guess I have to go get Nnoitra and his Fracción, Tesla.'

Pesche asked, 'I? You mean we're not coming?!'

'Why!?' Dondo Chakka exclaimed.

'This is an espionage mission, I'm to infiltrate, not wipe out Seireitei. If we have too many people, we'll draw too much attention.' She explained, a hint of authority in her voice

Neliel smiled sadly, giving a daunting impression to passer-bys as she stalked down the corridor flanked by her two (now-sulking) Fracción.

Tesla frowned as he noticed the 3rd Espada approach his Commander, 'Neliel-sama,' he said, bowing, 'What brings you here.'

She glanced at him, 'Where is Nnoitra?'

'What the fuck does a bitch like you want,' Nnoitra spat, appearing behind Tesla.

Neliel chose to ignore his insult, 'We have been assigned to a mission and we are to leave this instant,' she calmly stated, to Nnoitra's obvious irritation.

Nnoitra glared daggers at the female Espada, 'Me…on a mission with a bitch like you?' he muttered loudly, 'Am I being underestimated?! I don't need a woman with me on a mission; you'll just get in the way!'

Neliel calmly stared at him, as he ranted loudly, deliberately insulting her gender, 'Are you done yet? We need to leave in five minutes.'

Nnoitra nearly exploded there and then, 'I DON'T NEED A FUCKIN' BITCH WITH ME WHEN I GO INFILTRATE SEIREITEI! I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN!' he shouted, loud enough that many nearby arrancar turned to stare. He ignored them, panting hard, he raised his fist and was about to assault the green-haired arrancar when a voice interrupted them.

'Tsk tsk,' Ichimaru commented, his white robes billowing as he halted in front of the 8th Espada, 'Assaulting a woman is not allowed under this roof, please take it outside if you wish to fight,' he smiled slyly, before glancing at Nnoitra, his normally slitted eyes, opened to reveal red-tinted pupils, 'If you have a problem with Aizen-sama's order, then please do tell,' Ichimaru said, his normally "peaceful" demeanor, showing a more threatening side. The mood lifted and he smiled again, leaving the two Espada exchanging glares…well, Nnoitra doing the glaring and Neliel being on the receiving end.

'Fine,' Nnoitra muttered, stalking away, 'don't be late…bitch.'

The Third Espada tugged at her shinigami robe as she patiently waited for the 8th Espada to show up. Both had decided that they would not bring their Fracción though Pesche and Dondo Chakka stood beside her, ready to see her off.

Neliel smiled at her Fracción, grateful for there company.

Pesche opened his mouth to speak but thought better of it as Nnoitra tramped into view.

Dondo Chakka cringed, making way for the very pissed, 8th Espada.

Neliel couldn't help but notice that shinigami robes suited the dark-haired Espada better than the Espada robes which made him look like a…chess board.

Nnoitra, however, was anything but pleased, 'Fuckin' robes, fuckin' bitch, fuckin' shinigami…' and the muttering continued.

Neliel decided to ignore him and instead slashed her hand at the air in front of her, creating a rip in space, or a garganta. She stepped into this rip, where she murmured goodbye to her Fracción.

Nnoitra followed, still cursing his bad like.

The 3rd Espada took one last look at Las Noches, before closing the rip, ready to begin her mission in Soul Society.

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