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Shibusen. The school where weapon and weapon meisters are trained. It was a typical day in shibusen except it seemed that Soul eater evans and Maka albarn had something for each other. "Oi Soul!" A person with blue hair called out. "Hey Black star" Soul replied as he sat down.

Black star sighed. "we need a new mission." Tsubaki sighed. "I know we haven't had a mission ever since we got rid of the "demon God"...theres been nothing open since Maka and Soul have taken almost all of the missions except the ones Kidd got to." Soul yawned. "I know but we still have to hunt the witches or at least I have to if I want to be a death scythe."

The door opened to reveal a person with black hair with three white stripes in his head. "Oi Kidd how was your mission?" called out Black star and Soul in unison. Kidd sighed. "it went good....cept Liz and Patty got injured because I got distracted." Black star went up to him. "Dont worry....they'll be fine"

Kidd sighed again and sat as a girl with dark blonde hair and a black cloak walked in and sat next to her weapon. "good morning maka-chan" soul said as he gave her a small smile. Maka smiled back with a slight blush. "Good morning Soul-kun" Kidd seemed to get upset as he kept thinking about Liz and Patty, his weapons.

Tsubaki yawned. "I'm still sorta tired I didn't get enough sleep yesterday because I had to stay up and train my fey blade mode." Black Star looked over at Tsubaki. "just go to sleep for a bit" Tsubaki yawned again. "Hai..." she said as she lied down on the seats in the class but Black star picked her up and let her rest on him making her blush.

Maka looked over at them and smiled. Soul then looked over at Kidd. "hey kidd follow me..." Soul called out as he left the room and walked to the tower where they fought a year earlier. Kidd followed then he looked at Soul. "what are you planning?"

Soul smirked then both his hands turned into blades. " I want to spar you....I needed a rematch..." Kidd sighed. "Unfortunately I cannot spar without Liz and Patty..." Soul smirked again. "scared to fight me without the girls?" Kidd growled. "I'm not..."

Soul and Kidd then got in stance as the rushed at each other. Kidd ducked to avoid a kick from Soul then reared his arm back. "shinigami chop!" He called out as he landed a chop across his chest sending him into a wall.

Soul stood up and spat out blood. "seems you broke two ribs with that move..." He said as he spat out more blood. Kidd ran over to Soul and kicked him in the face sending him back again. Soul then punched Kidd in the gut then kicked him in the face sending him back.

"I'm not losing this time!" Soul called out as he swung both his hand leaving an X shaped mark on Kidd's chest and spun around kicking him into a wall. As they kept fighting, Maka walked in followed by Liz and Patty then their eyes widened as they saw the broken bruised and bleeding Kidd and Soul.

"Soul!!" Maka cried out as she ran to him and craddled him in her arms. Liz and Patty both ran over to Kidd and they both held him. "Kidd why were you fighting with soul?!" Liz asked Kidd with a worried expression on her face.

Maka asked the same thing to Soul as she cradled him. Soul smirked. "Simple I was cheering up the baka..." Kidd shrugged. "I'm as confused as you are as to why I was sparring but I feel better even if it doesn't look like it..."

Someone sat on the top of the tower looking down. "Impressive.....now lets see how they can handle me...." A boy with blood red hair jumped down from the tower and landed on the ground as he smirked and looked at the scythe and shinigami on the ground.

Maka stood up and looked at the person. "who are you?" The person looked at Maka. "names Roy.....one of the twin blades of chaos.." As they looked black flames surrounded Roy and from them stepped out another boy. He had hair that covered one of his eyes, his eyes were a dark silver and crimson red, he was as tall As Roy but he seemed to be much agile.

The boy looked over showing his other eye and smirked as he brushed his hair back his hair back revealing a cross shaped scar on his cheek and a smaller scar over his right eye. "Roy...you sure we should be here?" Roy looked over at the boy. "Ryuu....if your gonna complain jut stay out of it.."

Ryuu smirked. "Fine get your ass handed to you.....you know if you end up dead she'll kill me..." Roy glared at Ryuu. "Don't mention her.......at least not now...." Maka sighed. "who are you?" Ryuu bowed. "names Ryuu pleasure to meet you and I'm the second twin blade..."

Maka growled. "I'm not letting you get close to soul!!" Soul looked on as he heard maka defending him. Roy sighed and pulled out a cigarette. "heh you just dont get it..." He said as he inhaled then blew out smoke. Maka ran at roy. "I said I'm not letting you get close to him!!" Roy blew out more smoke then his hand turned into a silver and gold blade.

"Die then....." Roy said as he was about to slash at Maka. Maka's eyes widened as the attack was stopped by Soul. "I won't let you hurt......." He said as he was breathing hard. "I won't let you hurt maka-chan!!" Maka then smiled. "Soul turn into your weapon form..." Soul nodded and transformed.

Ryuu was leaning against the wall and looking with a long match in his mouth. He mumbled. "I'm not interupting this fight..." Roy smirked and flipped back. Maka ran at Roy and swung downwards. Roy sidestepped then kneed her in the gut and swung upwards leaving a cut on her arm.

Maka stumbled back wincing. "Sorry Soul.." She said as she rushed at Roy delivering hit after hit but missing almost every hit except one that hit by luck since he was preoccupied with a thought in his head. Roy shook his head and got back in stance.

Ryuu sighed. "Roy don't fight if you're thinking about her..." Roy growled. "SHUT UP ALREADY DAMN IT!" he said as he ran at Maka and swung hard but all of a sudden he flew back into a wall. Roy winced then stood up as his eyes widened. "S-stein....." There stood Stein one of the teachers in shibusen and one of the strongest.

"What are you doing picking on her hmm?" Roy growled and ran at Stein but he reared back. "Soulforce!" He yelled out as he slammed his fist into Roy's gut sending him into the same wall making a crater in it. Ryu looked. "I have to get him out of here...." He said as he helped Roy up and dropped a knife on the ground with a tag on it.

"Burst...." He said as the tag exploded leaving only the part of Roy's cloak that was removed when he was hit with soulforce. Maka sighed in relief as Stein walked over and helped her walk to the medical wing of Shibusen. Liz and Patty helped Kidd walk to the medical wing as he tried to walk on his own.

Once they all got to the medical wing Stein and Nygus began to fix up Kidd Maka and Soul who were injured from the fighting. Blackstar and Tsubaki walke in wide eyed. "what the hell happened?" Stein sghed. "a bad spar.." he said as Tsubaki nodded and helped out. Blackstar stood there looking on and thinking.

Roy and Ryuu appeared in an apartment and Ryuu set him down on the couch. "Bro you gotta stop snapping like that I told you she'd be ok..." Roy mumbled. "It was my fault she got lost.....it was my fault she almost died.....and most of all it was my fault shes not here..." Ryuu growled and punched Roy in his face. "CAN YOU SHUT UP WITH THE DAMN SELF-PITY!" Roy pushed Ryuu out of the way and walked into his room and lied down as he looked at a picutre of himself and a girl.

Ryuu sighed as he sunk into the chair and looked up at the ceiling. "tommorrow is gonne be hell..." He said as he fell asleep on the couch and let the match which was in his mouth fall to the ground. Roy stared at the picture then put it back on the dresser and fell asleep.

The next morning in Shibusen it was test day. The day dreaded by Soul and Blackstar who happened to find the answers in Stein's office the other day. Soul smirked as he stretched and worked on his test when all of a sudden they both got grabbed. Sid growled. "Did you two steal the answers AGAIN!"

Blackstar looked at soul as if saying 'you better not say yes'. Soul shook his head. Blackstar shook his head also then Sid smirked. "Take your clothes off.....I know you hid the answers in your clothes..." Both of the boys' eyes widened. "NO DON'T MAKE US DO THAT!" Sid smirked. "Do it now...." Both the boys stripped down to their boxers and sat back down.

Maka blushed as she saw Soul without his clothes especially since it was about a year since the last time that happened and it seemed soul grew a lot and I mean a lot. Tsubaki looked with a small blush but went back to the test.

Once the test ended Sid collected the tests and sat on the desk in front. "bring them in!" He called out as Marie and two students walked in. Maka, Soul, Kidd, Patty and Liz's eyes widened. One of the boys spoke in a dark voice. "My name is Roy.....this is my first day in shibusen...." The other boy spoke. "Names ryuu....this is my first day as well..."

As they looked up and saw soul and Maka they all yelled. "WHAT THE HELL!" Roy rolled his eyes as he sat and Ryuu sighed and sat down at another desk. "Ok then today is the day the new students get their first mission.....now then.....Maka Soul, Roy, Ryuu....you four will be paired in a mission." They all stood up and nodded except once it sunk in that they would be partners all that was heard was another "WHAT THE HELL!!'"

-end of chap 1

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