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As Maka, Soul, Roy and Ryuu walked out of the room they stood outside waiting for Sid and Stein. "Ok so your mission is simple.....there is a girl that was found outside unconscious and then she was kidnapped....your mission is to bring her back got it?" Stein said as he let out some smoke.

Sid looked at the four. "You four are strong I can see that by looking at you....this mission should be easy got it..." He said as they both walked back into the classroom. Roy read the mission paper and scanned it over and over. "We leave now..." He said as he pulled a bag on and walked towards the exit.

Ryuu sighed and Soul just followed. Maka had a weird feeling. "This mission seems too simple....there has to be something going on here..." She mumbled as she kept walking. Roy made it to the door and got out. "Ok......the mission is simple enough....take out the bandits who kidnapped the girl then go back"

Ryuu sighed again as he placed a long match in his mouth and bit down on it as he followed Roy. Roy pulled out a cigarette and lit it and smoked it. Maka and Soul just followed from behind. Once they got to the exit of the city Roy looked back. "This is your last chance to back out.....if its kidnappers then this won't be hard but it wont be easy either."

Maka stepped forward. "I'm not backing down....especially since it involves a hostage." She called out. Soul grinned and held his hand out to Maka. "Carry me in weapon form it will be easier to move if I'm not in human form..." Maka nodded as Soul turned into his scythe form.

Roy and Ryuu led the way as they walked through a forest which at the time looked beautifull because of the calm and the fact that it was still morning. Maka looked at a birds nest and noticed a mother bird feeding her chicks. She smiled and got a small blush as they kept walking.

Roy kept smoking then blew out a cloud of smoke revealing tripwires. "They booby trapped the place.....Maka Soul stand still me and Ryuu will clear a path." Roy then looked at ryuu and Ryuu nodded. As he turned into a black katana with blood red marking on it. Roy caught the hilt and closed his eyes. "Soul resonance!"

Roy was surrounded by white, black and red aura as Ryuu turned into a longer katana surging with black and red flames. "Kira Devastation...." Roy called out as Ryuu exploded in flames. "Blazing inferno!" He yelled out as he sunk his sword into the ground destroying all the mines in the area then shattering the tripwires.

When they looked a part of the forest was set ablaze. Roy winced as he looked. "Ryuu your turn..." He called out as he threw the katana intot he air and turned back to normal. Roy closed his eyes and turned into a crystal scythe. Ryuu caught the scythe and smirked. "This form?" Roy sighed. "Shut up and use it..."

Ryuu shrugged. "Soul resonance!" He yelled out as aura bursted from the scythe shooting out blue flames. "Crystal scythe Icy flare!" He called out as he spun the scythe making the blue flames stop the regular flames. Ryuu then put the scythe on the ground letting Roy appear in his human form.

Maka and Soul ust stared as they saw Roy turn into a scythe. Roy looked at them, his icy blue eyes piercing them. "I only turn into a scythe when I have to.....because the only thing it is....is ice....." He said as they kept walking. Maka whom was still carrying soul caught up and they made it to a large house.

Roy put out his cigarrette as he let out one last breath of smoke. "The house is divided into three rooms....Ryuu you take the east Soul and Maka you take the west and I'll take the north...be carefull not to harm anyone who is not an enemy."

Maka and Ryuu nodded. Roy sighed as he put the map away and jumped up to the roof along with Ryuu and Maka. Roy turned his hand into a sword blade. "once we go in activate your radios....it will keep us in contact..." They both nodded as Roy cut a hole into the roof. "Go..." He said as Maka and Ryuu jumped in.

Maka looked around as she walked through her part of the house. "Soul can you sense anything..." Soul sighed. "No nothing yet.....WAIT!" Maka stopped. "what is it?" Soul growled. "Strong soul in that room its probably the guy who gave Kidd a hard time!" Maka nodded. "We'll take him out fast.."

They both ran in and noticed a girl on the ground bound and gagged, and by the looks of it it seemed she was beaten for a while because fresh blood was on the ground. maka went up to the girl and shook her. "Wake up....wake up..." She whispered. The girl woke up and she looked at Maka almost yelling something.

Maka then took the gag off. The girl yelled out. "RUN IT'S AN AMBUSH!" Four men jumped out and a larger man with a giant hammer stood in front of Maka. Soul let out a small laugh. "This will be fun... Maka let's go!" Maka nodded. "Hai!" As she charged she blocked the shots from the four men then sliced them down where they stood.

The man with the hammer let out a dark laugh as he was about to crush the girl but he mysteriously fell back. The girl stood up and her emerald green eyes seemed to pierce as badly as Roy's. As Roy cleared out the room and took some papers. Ryuu did the same and ran to the center of the house.

Both of them looked at the place Maka was. Roy's eyes widened as he ran into the room and noticed the girl and Maka. Ryuu followed getting the same girl called out without looking back. "Roy.....weapon form now...." Roy almost instinctively walked towards the girl and turned into a silver katana with gold marking on the side.

The girl caught the sword and attacked the large man witht he hammer. The man laughed as he impacted the girl sending her into a wall. Roy had a worried tone in his voice. "Sage....." The girl stood up still holding the sword. "Roy......don't worry about me just focus...." The man laughed as he swung his hammer.

Sage blocked the hit but slid back. The man laughed again. "Soul resonance!" He called out as aura exploded from him. Sage's eyes widened. "what the hell" The man laughed. "Names Xylos.....my weapons name is Syla...." The man laughed as he impacted the ground. "Explosive earthquake!" The ground seemed to explode as everyone flew back.

Roy and Soul changed as they took the hits for the person weilding them. Ryuu sighed as he landed on the ground unharmed. Xylos looked at the five and laughed. "Keichi-sama is gonna be happy to know he's dealing with garbage...." As he walked away Roy barely stood back up and Soul was out cold from the damage and Maka sat there wide eyed.

Ryuu then picked up Soul. "lets head back and report..." Maka nodded wiping away some tears in her eyes. Roy carried an unconscious sage while ignoring the pain he was in. Maka just trailed behind as they passed the forest and then entered Death city. As they made it to Shibusen, Roy passed out from the bloodloss and he took the impact of the fall as sage landed on him.

Maka just followed Ryuu as they made it to the medical wing. A few minutes later, Sid and Stein walked in carrying both Roy and sage whom were still out cold from the damage they sustained. Ryuu just left as Maka sat next to soul and thought about that split second when he changed back to protect her.

Ryuu sighed as he wandered around thinking. "Who the hell was that...." Little did he know that someone was following him. The person or thing that followed him let out a small meow and then smiled.

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