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Milly gave an apprehensive sigh as she entered the Student Council Room for their daily meeting. It was difficult really, staring over at the empty seat at the end of the central table and knowing the reason it was left vacant. It was especially wearisome when one had such an emotional connection with the one who should have been sitting there, as Milly Ashford did.

"Hmm, so those three are out again, what a shame," the President said through another sigh as she remained focused on one particular seat, that belonging to her beloved, Kallen Kozuki.

"Yup, looks like it's just the four of us again, President," Shirley Fenette said with a carefree nod.

"Yeah... that's what it looks like..." Milly replied dully, looking at the others. She noticed right away that Rivalz didn't seem his usual energetic self. She quickly remembered what he had witnessed the previous day. "Anyway, I don't think we have much to talk about today, really. We might as well just skip it."

"But President, there's still lots of planning to do for the School Festival!" Shirley reminded, with a tilted head.

"We still have plenty of time on that," Milly argued with a nod. "Besides, it would be better if everyone was here while we finalized things."

"I guess..." Shirley replied, obviously finding Milly's behavior odd.

"Right, so I guess you can all be dismissed," Milly forced a smile and turned to leave. The incredible anxiety weighing on her heart made it impossible for her to be the President the Council needed right now. She wanted to be alone anyway.

"Wait, President, t-there's still something we have to discuss," Rivalz started up in a serious voice, causing the blonde to halt her exit. She turned back to him.

"Yes, Rivalz?" she inquired in an almost somber way.

"I want to know what happened yesterday after I left," the young man said in a tense voice. Shirley seemed confused and maybe a little nervous. Nina wasn't even looking up form her laptop.

"I don't know what you mean," Milly said with a smile. Even if she was worried, she was still a tease.

"I mean, with you and Kallen," Rivalz clarified. Milly smirked.

"Oh, that?" Milly gave a soft laugh. She smiled gleefully at the not so distant memories.

"Yeah. That was all a joke, wasn't it?" Rivalz asked in an uneasy way. "You weren't being serious."

"So that's why you seemed so down. I've never know you to be so beaten up by one of the President's little games before, Rivalz," Shirley commented idly. "So what did you pull on him, President? It must have been something especially cruel."

"Oh but it wasn't a game. What he witnessed yesterday was a completely honest confession," Milly gave a sharp nod.

"Confession?!" Shirley exclaimed in surprise. "You don't mean... someone confessed to you!"

"Come now, Shirley, you know I wouldn't allow that," Milly gave a dismissive laugh. "I was the one doing the confessing."

"No way! You can't be serious?!" Shirley started in a mixture of shock and excitement. "Since when did you have someone you like? And what about your marriage?"

"I won't allow something like that to get in the way of true love! I'll see to it that it is called off at once," Milly said sternly. Shirley squealed. Nina still didn't look up. Rivalz stared dead ahead coldly.

"Are you sure about this, President? I mean I'd understand if you went for Lelouch or something but... this... is it really something you want to do...?" Rivalz asked in a melancholy voice, Shirley looked at him sternly.

"Oh, Rivalz, just because your jealous of the President's new boyfriend doesn't mean you have to try and spoil everything. You should be happy that she's finally acting on her heart!" the young girl scolded softly. Milly gave another subtle laugh and nodded in agreement.

"But it's not even a--" Rivalz began to speak. The other quickly silenced him.

"Nope, nothing more from you," Shirley said waving her finger at him disapprovingly. "But I am curious as to who the lucky guy is. I mean I never noticed you looking at anyone, president?"

"Oh? You must not have been paying very good attention, Shirley," Milly started in a teasing tone. Pointing at Rivalz she said, "This guy already let the name slip."

"Oh, is that right? I don't remember anything like that..." Shirley said, musing it over in her mind. The perhaps sharper Nina, finally glanced up at Milly but didn't say anything.

"Well, why don't you ask him for the details then?" Milly suggested with an evil smile.

"You won't tell me yourself?" Shirley tilted her head, but the Stuent Council President remained tightlipped. "Fine." She turned to Rivalz. "So who is this guy? Someone I know? I bet he's one of the guys from Milly's own grade level, right?"

Rivalz stared at his fellow member of the student council, unable to speak. He turned back to Milly, and exclaimed, "President, I can't say this! I still don't want to believe it's true!"

Shirley gave a long sigh. Milly laughed and waved it off, "Very well. Shirley, it's a yes to the second question and a no to the third."

"So I know him but he's not from your grade? That must mean he's from mine. But who exactly is it?" Shirley repeated her first question, the one left unanswered.

"You want a hint?" Milly asked in a teasing voice. Shirley glared at her.

"You just have to turn everything into some sort of complicated game, don't you, president?" she sighed again.

"It's a member of the student council," Milly said nonchalantly. Shirley's eyes lit up.

"No way! You're dating Suzaku?!" she about cheered.

"Nope. Guess again," Milly shook her head. Shirley looked at her confused.

"But President... if it's not Suzaku... then who else is there...?" Shirley started in a deliberate tone. She pointed at Rivalz, "It's not this guy, and he said earlier that he'd understand if it was Lelouch... so it can't be Lelouch..."

"I-I didn't know you were like that, P-President," Nina spoke up shyly, having pieced it together.

"Do you find it strange, Nina?" Milly asked, turning to the bespectacled girl.

"Of course not! Not at all," Nina replied at once, with surprising force. Milly smiled as she looked at the girl understandingly.

"Wait, what's strange? I'm still at a loss here," Shirley expressed her confusion.

"Come on, Shirley. It's not Lelouch, it's not Suzaku, it's not Rivalz, it's not Nina and it's not you. That doesn't leave much of the Student Council, does it?" Milly said pointedly.

"That just leaves Kallen... but--" Shirley started, still in deep thought.

"Exactly!" Milly nodded firmly as the other arrived at the correct answer.

"But, President, Kallen is a..." Shirley began to say in a humored voice. Staring at Milly's deadpan expression and taking some time to think the previous exchange over, she seemed to come to the realization that this wasn't some game Milly was playing.

"Love is an exciting thing isn't it, Shirley? If I had known it felt this great, I never would have agree to an arranged marriage in the first place," Milly said in a fond voice, smiling softly.

"Oh..." Shirley muttered as she immediately silenced her protests. She then returned to her bright smile. "Yeah! You're right!" She gave an approving nod and then said, "I hope you're both happy."

"Thank you, Shirley," Milly replied.

"M-Me too. I really wish you and Kallen luck, President," Nina meekly added, smiling to herself.

"Thanks, Nina." Milly turned to Rivalz.

"For one hot chick to date another hot chick... it's just not fair..." Rivalz despondently whimpered. Milly realized quickly that she wasn't going to get encouragement from at least one remember of the Student Council.

"But anyway, that's enough about that. Like I said, you can all go home now," the Council President offered.

"I bet you're letting us go so you can go and check up on her," Shirley said with a smirk. Milly smiled herself, but then remembered her concern.

She kept the smile and began to ask in a teasing voice, "What makes you think tha--."

Her cell phone began to ring before all the words were out. She smiled as she read the name on the caller ID and then answered it immediately.

"Kallen!" she started joyfully.

"Hey, Milly," Kallen replied through the phone in a much softer voice. Milly could imagine the cute blush that was surely on her face.

"So how do you feel? Any better?" Milly asked with a smirk.

"We're finished for the day. All Zero wanted us for today was to go over the details of an upcoming operation; there wasn't any field work," Kallen answered in a soft voice that was sure to not be overheard. Milly felt a little stupid in realizing her concern had been for nothing, but more than anything she was just happy to hear Kallen's voice.

"Oh that's great! So you'll try to come tomorrow than, right?" Milly questioned, not losing any of her genuine enthusiasm.

"Yes, but I'll likely be out most of next week," Kallen informed in an almost apologetic fashion.

"I see. I understand," the blonde said with a subtle sigh.

"So... ummm... do you have anything planned for tonight?" Kallen asked with a slight shyness to her tone.

"Yup! A hot date with you!" MIlly declared brightly.

"Uhh... you're not... you know... around anyone right now... are you?" Kallen asked hopefully, her embarrassment clear from just her voice.

"Didn't you look at the time, Kallen? You should know I'm with the Student Council right now," Milly said with a laugh.

Kallen gasped. She stuttered," Ah, b-but--"

"No need for concern, I already told everyone about us," Milly revealed. She heard Kallen gasp yet again. Shirley stepped toward her Student Council President.

"Congratulations, Kallen! We all wish the two of you happiness!" Shirley said cheerfully into the phone at Milly's ear. Rivalz glared at her as she said the word "all".

"Um, thanks," Kallen managed to say in a barely audible voice, that Milly was fairly sure the other hadn't even heard.

"So, anyway, I'm leaving now, Kallen. Let's meet up, okay?" Milly informed her beloved.

"Alright. Sounds nice..." Kallen replied in a sweet voice.

"See you then. Love you," Milly said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, me too," Kallen returned.

"Bye, Kallen."

"Bye," Kallen said, before hanging up. Milly closed her phone.

"Well. Have fun, president," Shirley said with a smile.

"I will," Milly replied with a soft laugh. She turned to leave the room.

Walking out into the hall and turning a corner, Milly was surprised to find her path almost immediately cross with that of Lelouch Lamperouge. She remembered the strange exchange the two had the previous day. She laughed as they distance between them closed.

"Good evening, President," Lelouch greeted in a calm voice.

"Hi Lelouch. How much were the winnings today?" Milly started somewhat pointedly.

"So you automatically assume I'm out gambling whenever I'm absent, President?" Lelouch said shaking his head.

"Well, I'm right, aren't I?" the girl laughed.

"While this land remains so full of arrogant fools I will always have a lucrative source of entertainment it seems," the young man replied with a guilty smirk.

"You could have at least took Rivalz, he's been kind of down today," Milly said with a sigh, shaking her head in disapproval.

"Is it proper for the President of the Student Council to encourage a student to skip class? Shouldn't you rather be scolding me?" Lelouch gave a subdued chuckle.

"That's useless; I realized that a long time ago. You're going to do what you want, no matter what I or anyone else who isn't Nunnally says," Milly explained her reasoning.

"Ha, you really know me well, President." Lelouch let out another short laugh. "Anyway, you said something is wrong with Rivalz?"

Milly looked at Lelouch. He was a close friend; she'd certainly have to tell him about Kallen. She gave a little nod as she thought about the best way to bring it up. "Yeah. It's actually kind of related to what we were talking about yesterday..."

"Yesterday...? Oh, you mean that..." a slight unease seemed to creep into Lelouch's eyes, as his words became more hesitant.

"Speaking of which, how's your eye? You seemed to be in a lot of pain when you ran out," Milly inquired, remembering the curious display.

"Ah yes, luckily that returned to normal," Lelouch said in a hurried voice. His phrasing seemed odd to Milly. "I'm sorry to have just left you like that."

"It's fine. I was beginning to space out a bit anyway," Milly waved off the apology as she recalled her peculiar actions.

"I was boring you?" Lelouch asked in a humored way but still looking vaguely uncomfortable.

"No, I was just thinking too much I think. You really gave some good advice," Milly said in a soft voice. "I actually ended up following it."

"You mean about the one you like?"

"Yeah, that's right. After you left, I confessed," Milly admitted. Lelouch didn't seem very surprised.

"So jealousy would be what's affecting our friend Rivalz than?" the young prince said with a shaky smile.

"Seems that way," Milly sighed.

Lelouch laughed again. He then asked, regaining an amused expression, "But since when do you quickly jump to do as I suggest, President? I had thought you had more doubts about all this."

"I did. I was really conflicted. I wasn't going to say anything actually, but somehow it still all came out," Milly explained, remembering her awkward confession. "I don't think it really had much to do with what you said, honestly. I think my heart just ended up taking control, and I ended up putting it all out there despite myself."

"Ah yes, I'm sure that's it," Lelouch said in a strangely forthright manner. Milly was surprised; she had thought her words might have sounded ridiculous.

"But thanks anyway for the advice, Lelouch," Milly said politely.

"It's nothing," Lelouch replied coolly. After a moment he asked somewhat hesitantly, "But President, would you mind me asking as to who this one to whom you confessed is?"

"No it's fine," Milly answered in a subtle tone. "It'll probably sound real strange to you though."

"I'm not one to judge someone else on whom they are attracted to," the young man argued back calmly.

"Yeah..." the blonde nodded. She admitted it somewhat shyly, "It's Kallen. Me and Kallen are now dating each other."

Lelouch looked unfazed at first, then suddenly his eyes widened immensely. "Kallen?! You don't mean Kallen Stadtfeld?!"

"You just said you wouldn't judge," Milly reminded, shaking her head.

"Uh, sorry," Lelouch said, sounding a little out of it. "But President, do you really think it's for the best to go forward with such a thing?"

"I know it will hurt my family. For my happiness though, this will certainly be the best path," Milly replied confidently.

"But Kallen couldn't have went along with something like this." Lelouch seemed preoccupied with some thought.

"We get along well and are very close. She was a little hesitant at first, but in the end wasn't the least bit opposed to the idea of becoming even closer," Milly explained.

"Are you sure about this, President? Maybe certain romantic crushes should remain just that," Lelouch urged. Milly stared at him confused.

"Boy, Lelouch, knowing it's Kallen sure had changed your opinion on things," Milly started teasingly, "I've seen you stare at her a lot. Perhaps you're in the same boat as Rivalz on this one."

"O-of course not! I was just surprised is all," Lelouch said rigidly, at once.

"Its fine. It really is a surprising thing, I suppose," Milly said in low voice. She then stared past the young prince. Remembering she was to meet Kallen, a sense of urgency returned to her, "Anyway, I better go, Lelouch. She's waiting for me."

"I see. I won't keep you any longer then," Lelouch said. "See you tomorrow, President."

"See you as well, Lelouch," Milly offered as she continued past him and out of the building toward where her beloved was waiting.


Milly and Kallen met up for a wonderful evening. They chatted about a variety of unimportant subjects as they did some shopping. Afterwards Milly took Kallen to dinner, deciding to spring for something a little better than Pizza Hut this time. It was a pleasant evening for sure, but Milly wasn't able to get to the matters weighing down her heart until it was nearing its close.

"I was really worried today, you know," Milly said, bringing an end to a brief silence as the two walked home from dinner under the cool night sky.

"I'm sorry. If I knew it was planning instead of an actual operation I would have told you. Zero is seldom very clear with us," Kallen apologized, staring over at the distraught look on her girlfriend's face.

"I understand. But next week is going to be actual operations... I'm not sure how I'll manage," Milly said despondently, looking down.

"You're the one who said you wanted to be with me, even knowing the person I am," Kallen replied, a serious tone to her voice

"I know... it's still so hard... I fear what could happen on those battlefields," Milly found it difficult to speak.

"I'm not going to give up my fight just because of you, Milly. It is dangerous, but it's what I believe in," Kallen said somewhat coldly.

"I wouldn't want you to. I just want you to make sure you always come back... back to Ashford... back to me..." Milly said in a broken, emotional way.

"You don't need to worry about that. I think I told you this already, but I am the best fighter Zero has," Kallen said with a smile. Milly smiled as well.

"But even so..." Milly started but trailed off. She took a step forward, blocking the pat of her beloved.

"Milly?" Kallen seemed confused.

Milly took a step toward the girl. Her hands went to Kallen's face and tilted it forward just slightly. Kallen's eyes widened when she realized what the other was about to do, but it was too late, Milly had taken the final half step forward and brought her lips straight to Kallen's own. The Black Knight was even further surprised when the Student Council President escalated things suddenly, thrusting her tongue straight into Kallen's mouth. Apparently the girl didn't find it unpleasant as she kissed Milly back almost at once. After almost a full minute of passionate kissing, Milly pulled back.

"S-such... such a bold thing to do so suddenly.... What if someone were to see?" Kallen asked, her face a deep red as she stared completely focused on the woman who had just kissed her, oblivious to her surroundings. Milly didn't have the heart to tell her that they had in fact been seen and that at least five people continued to stare at them.

"I don't think that matters. I don't care who knows I love you," Milly said, with an enthusiast nod.

"Yeah... but still... to go so far..." Kallen muttered softly, still embarrassed.

"I want to go even farther," Milly said in a playful voice. Kallen turned an even deeper shade of red.

"W-what?" she stuttered.

"Would you follow me home, Kallen?" Milly asked directly.

"W-what for?" Kallen asked in response.

"I was hoping to give you some memories that you could remember while you're fighting out there that would make you want to come home safely," Milly explained herself, returning to a somber voice.

"Thats unnecessary, Milly. After my brother died I was devastated. I would never want to put you or anyone else through something like that. That's why we don't need to do anything more, I can already promise you I will do everything I can to make sure nothing happens to me," Kallen said in a very seriously fashion. Smiling more she added, "and I already have wonderful memories with you that would more than do the trick."

"Oh... right... I see...." Milly said slightly uneasily. These were beautiful sentiments her beloved had, but Milly still couldn't mask her sense of disappointment.

"But I didn't say I won't come with you." Kallen gave a soft smirk.

"You didn't?" Milly face lit up. It felt wrong that she was so excited.

"I just said we don't need reasons like that for it. I'll follow you home because I want you to kiss me some more. That's all there is to it," Kallen explained her smile becoming fuller.

"You're in for a bit of a surprise if you think it'll just be kissing," Milly teased, eliciting another blush.

"Ah... I-I see..." Kallen replied sheepishly, but still smiling. Milly let their hands intertwine.

"Come on, let's hurry back," she said. She proceeded to drag the other back to the Ashford mansion at a brisk pack.

Little time was wasted. Upon arriving home, Milly rushed to her room, not stopping to talk to any of the servants she'd pass. Once there, she closed the door forcefully and turned to Kallen, slightly out of breath. Kallen gave an amused laugh.

"You certainly seem eager for all this, dragging me around like that," she commented smilingly.

"Of course, I can't wait to get my hands all over that sexy body of yours," Milly giggled, recovering her breath.

"You certainly can be rather forward, Milly," Kallen sighed.

"It's not like you're not eager for this, love," Milly teased, stepping close to the girl so as they were standing face to face.

"I can't say I'm not a little curious about this sort of thing. I didn't anticipate being here tonight, certainly, but I admit it is rather exciting," Kallen replied fairly straightforwardly, with maybe just the slightest shy quiver in her tone.

"That's good to hear. I'll make sure you're not disappointed," Milly said in a heavy, seductive voice, placing her hands at the girl's waist. Blushing slightly, Kallen tilted her head forward to initiate a second kiss.

Milly let one hand go to Kallen's rear and another to her upper back as she held Kallen closely and let the kiss intensify. It felt somehow fulfilling, Kallen's tongue prodding hotly at her own, their mouths interlocked. Kallen was soon returning Milly's embrace as she began to move her tongue more eagerly, with little hesitation, clearly excited. Milly followed suit, allowing things to become truly passionate, saliva escaping from where their lips met as the two tongues flew back and forth against one another. Milly eventually pulled off allowing for a few final touches of tongue outside their mouths before taking a step back and smiling at the one she loved.

"I'm surprised how passionate you are, Kallen. I didn't think you'd be so into things this early," Milly giggled joyously. Kallen blushed.

"I... I-it feels good... I-I can't help it," she stuttered. Milly gave another laugh.

"You're irresistible..." she teased and then grabbed her lover's hand, pulling her towards her bed. They began to kiss deeply once more as soon as they were seated.

As they kissed Milly took it upon herself to move things along. Her hands came to rest on Kallen's hips. She brought the right up slowly across the girl's stomach to her breast which she began to caress. Kallen's tongue slowed it's pace inside Milly's mouth as she let her arms wrap tightly around the blonde. Milly pulled just barely away from her lover's lips as she let her hands slip sensually under Kallen's shirt.

Kallen let her tongue flourish once more at Milly's lips before she loosened her embrace, allowing Milly to begin undressing her. The shirt came off with ease, and Milly found the sight appeasing to the point where she couldn't waste any time on teasing. Her hands went immediately for the clasp to Kallen's bra. Callously tossing the garment aside, she took a long moment to admire her beloved's exceptional bust.

"Amazing..." Milly muttered in a sexual voice. "If they weren't all mine to play with I'd be a little jealous."

"Yours aren't exactly small you know," Kallen replied with a glare and a blush.

"You want to see 'em?" Milly asked playfully. Kallen turned redder.

"Um... well... yeah...." she replied, shyly. Milly gave a teasing laugh.

"As you wish, sexy," she said with a smile, her hands going to her Ashford uniform's tie. It was undone rather quickly and afterwards she hastily worked through the buttons and removed the blouse all together. Once down to her lacy bra, she began to linger, making sure she had Kallen's full attention. Convinced she did, she unclasped and removed it. The stares she received felt nice.

"You're very beautiful, Milly," Kallen began in a very soft, sweet voice. Milly laughed.

"Thank you. I'm glad you think so," she said, crawling closer to Kallen on the bed. She pushed the girl down suddenly and straddled her body, her hands seeking out the button to Kallen's pants. It wasn't long before Kallen was down to just a simple of pair of panties.

Satisfied, Milly straddled back up and joined their mouths once more, allowing their ample chests to press together in the process. Kallen was obviously impressed with the soft, warm feeling of the contact, as her arms wrapped around Milly tightly ensuring their bodies had maximum contact and she began to kiss the other more lovingly.

Eventually Milly shook off Kallen's embrace and broke the kiss. Hot kisses were placed at Kallen's cheek, ear and neck as Milly moved downward. Milly's hand went to one of Kallen's supple breasts and began to knead it very softly as she brought her lips very slowly to the other. She began to tease one of Kallen's erected nipples with languid strokes of tongue as she while she pinched the other one softly between two fingers. Kallen gave a cute moan.

Milly gradually allowed herself to become more rough. Her hand began to squeeze, pinch and caress with incredible vigor while her lips and tongue followed suit, seeming to make an effort to coat the entire breast with a thin film of salvia. She even took to using her teeth just little in order to elicit some especially cute moans. Enticed by the irresistible sounds coming from her lover, Milly decided to bring out some more. Her free hand slipped down between Kallen's legs and began to rub the damp fabric she found there.

Kallen gasped hard as Milly began to move her fingers up and down along her sex. One of her hands found the back of Milly's neck and held it in place at her chest. When Kallen was to the point of moaning uncontrollably, her back arching slightly, Milly allowed her hand to slip inside the cotton undergarment to begin playing the watering slit directly. Kallen seemed absolutely enraptured. Her hands moved with incredible briskness to the hem of her panties which she proceeded to slide off forcefully. Milly gave a little laugh at the cute display.

"I'm surprised that I excite you so much, It's adorable," she teased as she straddled downward until she was staring directly into her lover's beautiful sex.

Kallen didn't reply in words. She just blushed again and spread her legs completely, providing her lover perfect access. Milly wasted little time in accepting the invitation, bending forward, placing a hand on either of Kallen's thighs and letting her tongue trace deeply into the girl's heated slit. Kallen gave a slight cry as she writhed just slightly on the bed at the intense contact. Following licks brought less movement but similar sounds.

Milly's tongue moved recklessly, with hardly a pattern to it. It was wonderful. Milly could honestly say she enjoyed Kallen's taste, the feel of her intimate bits on her tongue, the wonderful sounds her tongue made against the slick surfaces and the idea that she was pleasuring her beloved. She licked harder and harder, trying to reach every part of Kallen's sex she could. After a while her focus came to the girl's clit, which she showered with attention. Kallen began to softly scream in pleasure at this, so Milly did it even harder until Kallen could no longer contain herself. Her back arched sharply, a blissful cry escaping her lips, as soft jet of fluid landed on Milly's tongue. Milly gave a few more licks to the wet, sensitive flesh before pulling herself up.

She licked her lips in a sexual fashion before speaking. "Oh, Kallen, how disappointing. Cumming so quickly like that... You're supposed to let me savior it."

"It felt so good... I couldn't..." Kallen started, a little light of breath.

Milly smirked as her hand reached into a bedside drawer. "But I didn't even get to use this on you," she said with a laugh as she pulled out a large plastic vibrator. Kallen's eyes widened.

"Milly, that's a..." she began to say. Staring at the device, she continued, "why would you have something so perverted?"

"Is it really so perverted for a young lady to take an interest in the mechanisms of her own body?" Milly replied formally. The line was still overtly sexually charged.

"I-I guess not..." Kallen replied. Milly set the device down on the bed and crawled back over her girlfriend.

"I am glad you enjoyed what I did though, Kallen," Milly said as she sunk in to kiss the other some more. Kallen seemed eager to receive her own taste off Milly's lips and tongue; Milly made sure to give her a lengthy opportunity to do so before pulling back.

The Student Council President moved to lie down on the bed, motioning for Kallen to assume the lead. Milly's hands went for Kallen's large, beautiful breasts, which now hung over her, as the Black Knight initiated another long kiss. After many flickers of tongue against tongue, Kallen withdrew and moved downward. Milly gave a last squeeze and knead to Kallen's bust before letting go and allowing the girl to attend to her own.

The younger girl did so eagerly, thrusting herself into the other woman's ample chest. Milly found herself greeted with a wonderful sensation as Kallen moved her head slightly and drew one of Milly's hardened, sensitive nipples into her mouth. She sucked it very softly, allowing it occasional flick with her tongue, while, just as Milly had done to her, she began to massage the other breast with a hand. Milly could feel her sex begin to drip with excitement at the combined effort. Despite her best efforts not to, Milly found a moan escape her lips after a particularly well rounded series of licks. Kallen seemed to notice and took this as the cue to move on.

Kallen quickly removed Milly's skirt and then took to removing her lacy lingerie. Milly couldn't help but stare at her as she found her way between her legs. She couldn't believe how eager Kallen was.

"Please use that on me, Kallen," Milly requested, pointing to the vibrator.

"Uh... okay," Kallen replied, grabbing the toy with some hesitance. She flipped the switch on it and it began to buzz. She guided it slowly to Milly's slit and began to rub it up and down. As the tip of it slipped inside, Kallen asked, "How's that feel?"

"Incredible!" MIlly moaned. It was no lie either. She had used this toy a lot for masturbation, but it being in Kallen's hands instead of her own made it somehow almost twenty times more intense. As the piece slipped further inside of her, Milly beckoned Kallen back up to her.

Kallen followed the call and initiated another kiss, finding her lover eager to ravish her mouth with her tongue. She kept her wrist moving steady, guiding the vibrating piece in and out of the hot, gushing hole. Milly pulled her beloved into a full embrace, leaving just enough room for the girl's hand to stay busy, making for an incredible level of warmth and passion between them.

Eventually Kallen ended the kiss and returned to Milly's chest, which she licked wildly as her hand made more sporadic, rough movements with the toy. Milly couldn't contain her cries of pleasure, it was too intense. She just kept a hand at the back of Kallen's neck, making sure the girl stayed close to her, as she fought to keep her body from writhing while the other continued to fill her. Milly could feel her pleasure soaring to new heights; her heart was beating fast, she was breathing heavier. She knew she could reach her climax at any moment. Milly wasn't the type for such simple endings though.

"I want to feel your tongue inside me now," Milly said between deep breaths. Kallen stopped at once.

"I was hoping you would," Kallen replied softly, pulling out the toy and placing it aside. She licked her lips, clearly eager to try the specified activity.

Rather than spreading her legs and allowing the girl to get into position, Milly sat up and motioned for Kallen to lay back. The Black Knight girl seemed confused but was obedient and did so. Milly wasted little time in climbing over the girl in reverse so as they were both staring into the other's sex, their breasts pressing into one another's stomach.

Kallen displayed no hesitance in making the next move, bending in to press her tongue into Milly's throughly drenched slit. Milly could hear the dirty sounds of Kallen's tongue moving wildly against the sensitive, damp flesh. The feeling was even more incredible though. It was almost numbing it was so incredible. It was a real struggle to find the vibrator with her hands while Kallen's tongue made her move so erratically.

Once she had found the device, Milly brought it quickly to Kallen's sex, set it at it's highest setting and began to move it up and down. Unlike Kallen had done to her, she chose to tease Kallen's clit with the vibrating piece rather than her insides. Milly noticed an immediate drop in the responsiveness of Kallen's tongue, as heated moans began to escape from Kallen's mouth into Milly's sex. Eventually Milly's wrist work won out and Kallen had to replace her tongue with a few fingers as she lost herself in blissful moans.

The girl's fingers pulsing hard at her slit felt incredible for Milly. She removed the toy temporarily and gave a few hot licks to Kallen's clit as a reward. The sensation caused Kallen to arch her back, resulting in her breasts pressing hard against Milly's stomach. Milly gave a soft chuckle before returning to using the vibrator.

Kallen struggled to keep her fingers thrusting in and out of Milly at a regular pace. Even so the passion behind the jerky movement that did occur was enough to bring her to the heights of pleasure. She could tell that with each little movement she was getting closer and closer to the best orgasm of her life thus far. To her surprise, Kallen hit such a peak first, crying out in pleasure as her entire body shook. The sounds were enough to set off Milly, who found herself erupting into a truly euphoric, satisfied feeling.

Milly rolled of Kallen and then crawled up so as they were facing the same way on the bed. She smiled fully, kissed her lover softly on the lips and then said, "That was wonderful."

"It truly was," Kallen replied, placing a brief kiss of her own at Milly's lips.

Milly smirked and gave a playful laugh, "You want to go a few more rounds, love? I'm far from tired of this..."

Kallen looked a little surprised by the question. She only answered the question after staring at Milly's naked body, glistening with a thin line of sweat and inhaling a deep breath. "Why not. Sounds like fu--"

It was at this moment, that a the sound of a ringing cell phone could be heard. Kallen quickly went to grab it from her bag.

"Tch. Who could be calling you at this time of night?!" Milly started, more than little angry at the interruption.

"Zero," was all Kallen said as she stared at the phone and then answered it. Milly glared at the phone.

"Hello... Zero, sir." Kallen said as she answered. She lied back down so as she was right next to Milly, close enough to where Kallen could actually hear what the other party was saying. "Isn't it a little late for a call?"

"I apologize, but there is a matter I have to discuss with you. I figured that if I postponed my call to the night, I'd have the least chance of interrupting anything," the man on the other end explained.

"O-kay... But you've never been so concerned with interrupting my life before, sir," Kallen replied in a less than friendly fashion. Milly could tell her lover was angry their moment had been broken as well.

"Right, well, actually, I am cautious to know as to whether or not a rumor we happened to overhear in regards to you is true or not," Zero said, ignoring the others remark. Milly could already tell what this was about. Shirley must have had a big mouth if even the information networks of terrorists wee picking up on the story.

"You mean about my relationship with Milly?" Kallen asked, choosing not to hide anything.

"So it's not just a rumor than? That you're dating a female Britannian student from your school?" Zero asked, sounding surprised to hear the other admit to it so readily.

"There's no problem with that is there? The Black Knight's war is against the injustices of this world as exemplified by the Britannian Government. Our fight isn't in any way with the citizens of Britannia," Kallen said in a steadfast manner. Her directness with the terrorist leader impressed Milly, who took to snuggling close to the girl so as Kallen's arm pressed into her chest.

"That is a valid point; I certainly agree. However, that does not change the fact that this situation brings with it uncertainty. It is entirely possible that this could end up splitting your loyalties or jeopardizing your partner's safety should your identity be exposed. Such concerns could be distracting," Zero speculated in a steady voice.

"Even with Milly at my side, I am nothing but loyal to the Black Knights. The latter bit is a real concern but it's not enough to deter me from either," Kallen replied rigidly.

"Living a double life with this girl will hurt her in the end," Zero cautioned.

Kallen laughed. "An odd concern for you, sir, but it's irrelevant. I will undoubtedly cause her pain through worry, but my life with Milly doesn't have any secrets."

"You were expressly forbidden to reveal your identity to the students. Do you mean to say you disobeyed that order?" Zero asked, not sounding the least bit surprised.

"I trust Milly. She won't betray me," Kallen expressed in a strong voice. She then said some words that made Milly's heart beat liven, "I love Milly. Nothing you tell me will change that, sir."

"I see you can't be shaken," Zero admitted defeat. "Very well, I suppose this call wasn't necessary."

"Right," the girl replied firmly.

"I apologize for interrupting your rest, Kozuki," Zero said in a forcibly sincere fashion before hanging up kind of rudely. Kallen closed the phone and set it aside. She took to embracing the girl still clinging to her side. Milly pushed forward and placed a soft kiss at Kallen's lips.

"I thought that call would be a mood killer, but hearing you say all thats actually got me excited again," Milly expressed in a sensual coo. Kallen gave a brief laugh and then kissed her again.

"Believe me, I don't want to leave just yet either," she spoke a hand moving playfully to Milly's chest.

"Don't leave at all. Stay here with me tonight," Milly said in a warm, tender voice.

"You sure? If we don't wake up quick enough they may find us together," Kallen reminded, a bit of uncertainty to her words.

"So what if they do? I plan on telling grandfather about us tomorrow morning anyway," Milly informed in a clear voice.

"You sure?" Kallen questioned cautiously.

"I can't get married to Earl Asplund when I'm so in love with you. it's important I make this clear," Milly explained. Kallen gave her a soft kiss.

"I see. I will stay then," she said with a soft, loving smirk. Milly felt strong. She had to be; her beloved was.

"I'm glad." Milly smiled back.

"So after that what happens? After she refuses the future set out for her what does Milly Ashford decide to do?" Kallen asked, her manner of speaking quiet but serious.

"I don't know... I don't really have many skills," Milly said with some thought. Jokingly she asked, "It difficult to learn how to use one of those Knightmare Frames?"

"Even if it wasn't I'd never allow that," Kallen grumbled, giving the other a sort of glare.

"I suppose I always thought it'd be kind of cool to be a news reporter. I'd probably choose something like that," Milly said with a nod to herself. This always had been a little something of a dream for her, something she had hoped to do.

"You sure? There are some real psychos coming out of the news media these days," Kallen said in a casual way.

"I'll keep that in mind," Milly laughed. She sighed and spoke sweetly, "whatever I do with my life, as long as your there it should be okay."

"Yeah?" Kallen smiled lovingly as their eyes interlocked.

"Yeah." Milly replied, her hand going to the girl's waist.

"Let's pick up where we left off," Kallen suggested in a sort of coo.

"As you wish, love," Milly responded before going in for another long, blissful kiss.

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