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A Naruto Fanfiction

Henge is Troublesome


Uzumaki Naruto walked towards the Ninja Academy. Today was the day the Genin teams were picked. Although there was a grin on his face he felt like frowning. Two days ago he figured out that he contained the nine tail fox. And according to the Hokage he had to choose weather or not to tell his new teammates the truth. The truth is he is really a she in henge. After the Kyuubi was sealed the Hokage thought it best if everyone thought that she was a boy. That way people would think she was stronger and could hold the beast better. Needless to say that didn't work, the villagers and some ninja just beat her twice as hard. She only dropped the henge completely when she was alone, she missed her female body a lot so she made the Harem no Jutso. It's her just a few years older and nude.

"Demon." she heard someone whisper but she just kept smiling like an idiot and trying to decide if she should tell them. When the academy came into view she decided that it depended on who her teammates were.

"Team seven is Uzumaki Naruto..." Naruto looked up from her slumber waiting to hear her teammate's name, "Haruno Sakura..." Naruto jumped up and cheered, trying to keep her facade up. She was a guy so therefore she has to like a girl. Even if it was a bitchy one. "And Uchiha Sasuke." Naruto's mood instantly became gloomy while it was Sakura's turn to cheer. This wasn't an act, Naruto really did hate Sasuke.

"Your jounin-sensei is Kakashi." Their teacher Iruka said after the two teammates calmed down. But Naruto wasn't going to let this go! "Iruka-sensei, why do I have to be paired off with the Uchiha!" she screamed in outrage causing everyone in the room to either sigh or glare.

"Naruto the teams were selected to be equal, since you had to lowest grades in the class you were paired with Sasuke who had the highest." Iruka explained. Then something happened that would change everything. The guy sitting behind Naruto caused Naruto to fall forward. And Sasuke who was turned around at the time unfortunately caught Naruto...with his lips.

"NARUTO!" Sakura yelled when she saw the scene. Uzumaki Naruto was kissing Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto acted disgusted but she secretly liked the feeling of the young Uchiha's lips. Iruka, who found out that Naruto was a girl a little more then a year ago, couldn't help but chuckle causing all three teammates to glare at him.

"Um...Team eight is..." Iruka went on telling the rest of the students who their teammates were before finally finishing. "Your sensei will be here soon, take this time to get to know who your teammates are." And without he walked out of the classroom. As soon as he was gone Sakura pounced on Sasuke, asking him if he will go out on a date with him. Needless to say he said no. Meanwhile Naruto glared daggers at her two teammates.

"I'm definitely not telling them!" she screamed to herself, "Iruka-sensei, when I get my hands on you and that old man!"

The Hokage's office

The Hokage sneezed and chuckled to himself as he gazed down at the Naruto in his crystal ball. "What are you thinking about?" he questioned before turning to the person standing in front of him.

"Why have you called me here Hokage-sama?" the ninja asked, his mouth covered by a mask.

"Your new team is interesting indeed, and there are some things you should know before you meet them." Sarutobi said with a smile.

"Why do I always get the weird team!" Kakashi screamed to himself but kept his outer appearance free of emotion.

"Haruno Sakura has a joint personality. Although on the outside she acts sweet her inner-mind is completely different." Sarutobi told him, "Uchiha Sasuka, as you know, is the last Uchiha. I want you to watch him for I sense if he is not careful he will go power hungry trying to kill his brother."

"And the last one has the fox in him. I know about that Hokage-sama." Kakashi said looking at the clock. He only had two hours to laze around and read his books.

"You're are planing on being late anyway Kakashi so there is no need to rush. Yes Uzumaki Naruto does have the nine-tailed demon in her, and she knows that he is there." Like all great ninja Kakashi read underneath the underneath. "Naruto is a girl?" he asked and Sarutobi nodded his head. Kakashi groaned. "I definitely always get the weird team."

"Right now Naruto is trying to seem as boyish as possible so she has a pretend crush on Sakura. And things might be a little heated for I just saw Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kiss." Sarutobi smiled and Kakashi almost laughed. Almost.

"You only have an hour until you're officially late. You can leave now." Sarutobi smiled and Kakashi bowed before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Two hours later

"HE'S LATE!" Naruto yelled from her seat in the classroom. They had been waiting for their sensei for about three hours now and they all were getting impatient. Naruto was the only one who showed it.

"Shut up Naruto he probably has a very good reason for being late." Sakura said, "HE BETTER OR I'LL RIP HIS HEAD OFF!" inner-Sakura shouted and Sakura promptly agreed. Of course Sasuke contributed to the conversation, "Hn." Naruto, being the prankster that she is, got up from her chair and started setting a trap.

"Naruto what are you doing!?" Sakura yelled in outrage, even though she thought the sensei deserved it.

"He's a jounin, he's not going to fall for a stupid prank like that." Sasuke said in a tone that clearly said that he was almighty. "Dobe." he add as an after thought. Not long after Sasuke said that did Kakashi enter the room. The door opened and an eraser fell on his silver hair, covering it with dust. If it wasn't for the Uchiha pride Sasuke would have either laughed or gaped at the man.

"My first impression of you is...I hate you." he said causing the laughing Naruto to stop laughing and glare at her new sensai.

"Be on the roof in five minutes." and with that he vanished in a swirl of leaves, leaving three very confused genins in the classroom.

Five minutes later three genin and one jounin stood on the roof, staring at each other. Finally Kakashi spoke, "Lets get to know each other." he said with a smile, "Your likes,dislikes, and dreams." he added.

"Why don't you got first sensei." Sakura said in her overly sweet voice that made Naruto gag.

"Alright. My name is Hatake Kakashi. I have many likes, and many dislikes. And my dreams are none of your concern."

"What the hell! All we learned was his name!" Naruto yelled to herself before quickly paying attention to the others again,

"Your turn Pinkie." Kakashi said,

"PINKIE!" inner-Sakura yelled. "Um names Haruna Sakura, I like..." she giggled and looked at Sasuke, "I hate Ino-Pig and Naruto! And my dream is to be..." she once again looked at Sasuke and giggled. Kakashi tried not to sigh, Sasuke tried not to move away from the pink haired fan girl, And Naruto was trying her best not to laugh her head off.

"Um...Okay..." Kakashi said, "Blondie you're next." ]

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto...Remember it! I like Ramen, training, and Saskura-chan.." Naruto looked over at the girl sitting next to her and put on a fake cheery grin. Kakashi was the only one that knew the blonde haired girl was lying through her teeth.

"I hate the three minutes it takes to make ramen, and people who underestimate me, and I HATE Sasuke-teme!" in all four minds the picture of Naruto and Sasuke kissing appeared and all had to stop themselves from making an reaction.

"And your dream is...?"

"I'm gonna be the greatest Hokage ever!" She practically screamed at the man.

"Now the emo-boy." Sasuke ignored the nickname and went on to explain himself, "Uchiha Sasuke, I don't really like anything and I dislike almost everything. My dream...no...My ambition is to kill a certain man." Kakashi once again repressed a sigh and looked over his students.

"A two-minded annoying fan girl...The Kyuubi container who's a girl pretending to be a boy...And a revenge seeking Uchiha who is most likely to go mad if he isn't careful. Yup! My team is definitely the weirdest team." Kakashi them explained to them that they were to meet at training ground seven the next day at five-thirty in the morning. Right before he disappeared in a puff of smoke he told them not to eat breakfast unless they wanted to throw up.

"Hey Sakura-chan want to go on a date with me!?" Naruto yelled "SAY NO! PLEASE say no!" she pleaded and got her wish for Sakura turned her down and Naruto pulled a depressed act before running off to get dinner. Sasuke watched the blonde leave him and Sakura alone and as soon as the pink haired fan girl tried to advance on him he too disappeared.

At his apartment Sasuke ran a finger over his lips and thought back to when him and Naruto kissed. As much as he hated to admit it, he liked the feeling of the dobe's lips on his.

"I think I'm gay!" he shouted to himself before a second later denying it and saying, "An Uchiha simply cannot be gay." he said before stripping his clothes and getting in the bath he had prepared.


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