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Chapter one: Missing

"Sam will you just go to bed, already," Dean said impatiently.

"Hang on, just want to pull up a few more things on the dead guy." Sam said trying to buy some time.

"No now, you always ask for a few more minutes, but end up taking an hour. This time you're going to bed immediately."

Sam knew that there was no arguing when Dean gave an order. He won't take no for an answer. Sam closed the laptop and crawled into bed. He laid there with a weird feeling that he couldn't shake. Tossing and turning Sam eventually found a comfortable position and while finally brushing the feeling aside, he drifted off to sleep.


Next morning Sam woke up and headed towards the bathroom to wash up. He brushed and flossed he teeth and took a quick shower before rousing Dean.

He opened the bathroom door and called Dean's name. When there was no response, he called his name again. Again there was no sound coming from the other room. Sam walked out of the bathroom chuckling to himself thinking that he wasn't the one that needed sleep, Dean was. When he looked up to the other bed Sam froze in his steps. Dean wasn't in his bed. Sam ran outside and looked around. Dean's hot Impala was nowhere to be found.

He walked back inside the motel trying to convince himself that Dean was at a bar, trying to get a girl's number. But he wouldn't spend the whole night at the bar, thought Sam. Well you Dean, he won't give up without a fight. Sam laughed at the thought, and packed up so he could go get Dean from the nearest bar.

While grabbing everything that they owned he noticed that a few things where missing. He let it slip from his mind thinking that Dean took those few items with him. Sam also noticed a key sitting on the side table. He went over and examined it.

"Wow! Dean must have been out of it 'cause he didn't see the key sitting right in front of hi face," Sam chuckled, but then realized it wasn't the key to the Impala, because first of all, it would have the Impala symbol not a Ford symbol, and second of all it had an automatic lock and unlock button, the Impala did not.

Sam took the key out side and pushed the unlock button and heard the car beep directly in front of him. He stared at the sleek, black mustang that made that sound just a moment ago. As he walked to the driver door, he noticed the beautiful leather interior. After opening the door and sitting down in the driver seat, he opened the glove box and pulled out the registration form he read it and saw that the owner of the car was him, Sam Winchester. He dropped everything as his mouth hung open with surprise. With difficulty, he pulled himself back to reality, and picked up the stuff he dropped on the floor, replacing it back in the glove box.

Sam went back inside to get the stuff and pack it in the car. Opening the trunk he found even more surprises. He found a high tech storage device for all of the weapons. After placing them inside, he crawled back in the driver seat with a look of disbelief on his face. He shook off the shock deciding that he needed to go get Dean before he worried about anything else.

When he got there he went inside and looked for him. After calling him a few times, Sam went to the bartender and asked him if he saw a man about 29 years old with short brownish-blonde hair. When the bartender gave him a negative, Sam started to worry.

Hopping in the mustang again, Sam turned it on as fast as he could and raced to the motel thankful that he hadn't checked out yet. He burst in to the room and still saw no one there, but Sam forgot one thing, he could call Dean on his cell phone. How could he be so stupid to forget that?

He quickly dialed Dean's number and waited for Dean to pick up, but Dean didn't pick up someone else did.

"Hello?" Asked a soft voice.

"Hi, may I ask who is speaking?" Sam asked a little annoyed that a woman had to pick up the phone for Dean.

"My name is Angela, may I asked who has called?"

"Umm, yeah this is Sam, I was wondering if I could talk to my brother Dean," He was getting a bit impatient with Angela.

"Dean? Who's Dean? And I don't know who you are Sam. You must have the wrong number," the woman said with an apologetic tone in her voice.

"You…" Sam started to talk, but then decided to just hang up. "I know I dialed the right number," said Sam. He was really starting to panic now. He dialed Bobby's number after a couple of minutes of trying to calm down.

If anyone can figure this out, Bobby can, Sam thought while waiting for the old friend picked up.

"Hello?" A gruff voice asked

"Hi, Bobby it's me Sam." Sam said trying to sound normal threw the receiver.

"Howdy Sam, How've you been," Bobby asked with a tone of delight.

"Not so good, Bobby."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"I can't find Dean anywhere and his cell phone isn't working anymore," Sam answered a little anxious.

After a couple of moments Bobby asked Sam with confusion, "Dean? Who's Dean? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please R&R