Chapter 12: Finale

Dean's POV

"So where are we going to start hunting this demon son of bitch?" Dean asked Castiel.

"We are going to summon him," the angel replied.

"Wait a minute. We are going to summon the guy who has his own personal hit list, with me at the top?"


"Is there something that's not connected right up there?" Dean asked gesturing to Castiel's head.

Castiel just cocked his head, confused.

"Just forget it," Dean said, giving up.

"I would say there's something wrong with the angel's thinking," a man said from behind them. They all turned around to see who had addressed them. It was none other than the trickster that they had run it to time and time again.

Right when Sam realized who it was, he ran straight at him with a stake. "How dare you show your face here."

"Whoa, party pooper. I just came to tell you that summoning Alastair is a bad idea."

Sam stopped his advance and said, "You think we're dumb? Of course that's a bad idea."

"I meant to say that to your angel friend over there."

"And why is that a bad idea?" Castiel asked.

"Because, he just asked me to help him, and I saw how angry he was… He was very angry. When Alastair gets angry, whoa, you don't want to be within ten miles of him."

"So you're working with him? Good, now I can really kill you," Sam said. He ran at the trickster and shoved the stake right into his heart. The illusion faded and the real trickster walked in.

"You fell for it again. How sad. Do you really think that I'd waltz right in and tell you my whole life story? Anyway, I didn't join king full-of-himself. I wouldn't want Alastair to kill you. I have too much fun with you to have you both killed." He pointed to Dean. "You're too much fun to kill then bring back to life and, "He pointed to Sam, "You're just down right fun to mess with."

"If you're on our side then what would you do to stop Alastair?" Dean asked.

"Well first off… He thinks that I am working with him so that's a good way to go, but to make sure that no one and nothing is listening, let me do something real quick."

When he finished doing some odd gestures Dean asked, "What did you do?"

"The thing you a talking to right now is an illusion of my self that only you and Sam can see." And with that the trickster began to relay his plan to the Winchester brothers.

When the illusion had finished Dean asked, "Are you sure this will work?"

"I can't be sure of anything because even through demons can't create illusions, they are way trickier than a trickster."

"Well isn't that dandy," Dean said sarcastically.

"Let's just go through with the plan before we begin to make assumptions," Sam replied.

"A moment ago, you were trying to kill this bastard… no offence," Dean said turning to the trickster, "and now you want to go through with his plan?"

"I just want this to be over with."

"Yeah, don't we all. Lets get going," Dean finished the conversation, "So where to?"

"Minnesota," the trickster answered. "Road trip!"

It was nearly an eight hour trip that the trickster tagged along in, but Castiel had other business. The trip consisted of Metallica music and complaints from the trickster about the poor choice in music. Multiple times the supernatural being began putting imaginary people in front of the car to make Dean swerve to avoid killing them, but then afterwards the trickster would come clean and get yelled by both brothers.

Castiel's POV

Castiel left the two brothers who were about to go on the road trip with the trickster to Minnesota. He had to check one last thing before he assisted them. A bright light enveloped him and once again he was standing in the park looking for Gabriel.

Gabriel approached and sat next to him. "Why are you here, Castiel?"

"I need your help in killing Alastair and this time you will provide me with the help I need," Castiel replied coldly.

"And what makes you think that I will help you?"

"Gabriel, God is watching you right now, and if you disobeyed his orders he would not be too happy. Now, will you help me?"

Gabriel looked down at his feet and then back up to Castiel, "Fine, where to?"

Castiel smiled and said, "Follow me."

They both disappeared from the park and appeared in the car along with Dean, Sam and the Trickster. Gabriel happened to end up right next to the trickster and ended up almost killing him, but Castiel stopped him and told him to stop. Gabriel still didn't trust the trickster and kept an eye on him. This all happened before Sam and Dean knew that two angels were sitting in the back. Sam looked back and was startled by this sudden appearance. He informed Dean about the two extra occupants and Dean simply looked in the mirror

"Hey, Cas. Who's your friend?"

"This is Gabriel."

"You mean like the Arch Angel Gabriel?"

"The very same," Castiel stated.

Dean grunted in response to this and thought Oh great. Now instead of Michael, I've got Gabriel stalking my ass. Dean sighed and continued on.

The trip was long and awkward for both of the brothers. There were three supernatural creatures in the back on the car and silence was a common thing among angels, which kept the rest of the car pretty quiet.

When they finally arrived at the designated place, they all got out and stretched there legs. Dean looked around to make sure everyone was ready to go in. He got the affirmative so they all ran silently to the building. Dean opened the door slowly and walked in followed quickly by the rest. Aiming the colt ahead of himself, he checked all corners. They had gotten pretty far into their search when they were interrupted by a voice.

"Hello, Dean," the voice called out. A shiver went down Dean's spine as he heard the child like voice. He swiveled around to aim at the little girl.

"Hello, you little bitch," Dean growled.

"Hey now, that's not my name."

"It is in my case, Lilith."

"There now, that wasn't so hard."

"Actually, it was harder than you think," Dean said as he pulled the trigger.

Lilith didn't know what was happening until the bullet went straight through her heart. She looked down at her chest and looked back up with a child like innocence in her eyes. A light within her flashed a few times before she fell to the ground, dead. Her unseeing eyes still locked on Dean. He looked away, disgusted, as Sam ran over to her and closed her eyes. Just because the little girl was a vessel doesn't mean she was evil.

Dean looked over at the little girl and couldn't believe that he just shot her, but his grieving was cut short when Castiel said, "Dean, she was already dead. There was nothing you could do to save her."

Hearing that made him feel a little better. He put the child out of her misery. She wasn't suffering anymore. They continued searching the building, but still with no luck. Alastair had figured out that the trickster wasn't really working for him, but instead was helping the two Winchester brothers. Their search may continue, but at least everything was ok for now. They had the colt and Lilith was dead. Alastair won't bother them for a while.