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Everyone calls Ricky a low life, even his friends and family, and for good reason. He's a low level drug dealer who, for the right price, will sell to anyone from near dead street walkers to middle school kids. He's watched people destroy their lives giving him everything they own then everything that ain't nailed down for a taste of his stuff, has excepted everything from wedding rings to baby strollers for some smack, and has slept well afterward.

Recently Ricky has moved slightly up in the world, and now splits what he gets from his supplier with other dealers. Right now he stands in a rundown firetrap of an apartment talking with one of his associates. "What do you mean he picked up Fat T? Who the hell is He Mack, Gordon?" Ricky asks.

"No man, no cop," Mack answers, then says in a whisper, "It was the Bat!"

Ricky laughs at the man, "Look, I can believe that somebody knifed his lard ass. I can believe the GCPD grabbed him when nobody was looking. I can even believe that Fat T took his recent earnings and decided to vacation in sunny Hawaii with a couple of the strung out chicks he frequents. Just don't give me crap about some Batman okay."

"The Bat ain't crap Ricky," Mack replies.

"I'll believe that when I see it with my own two eyes." Ricky says, leaning back against the wall.

About an inch away from his head, a black fist punches through the wall from the outside. Before he can react it grabs a hold of Ricky and rips him through the newly loosened brick wall. Now dangling several floors above the street, the drug dealer looks up to see that he is in the grip of a large black figure, with a billowing cape, two large "ears", and blank white eyes. Upon reaching this realization, Ricky begins to scream.

The Batman leaps off the side of the building, shoots out a line, and zips to a rooftop across the street. When he lands he lifts Ricky up and glares into his face and growls, "Now your going to tell me where I can find your supplier."

Though still afraid, Ricky regains a bit of his composure and a lot of his attitude, "Wow I have to say you caught me off guard, nice entrance by the way, but then again I didn't believe the stories about you," he says, "but, now I do. Something all those stories say is that you don't kill people, even people like me, so what exactly do I have to be afraid of?" he asks.

"Oh I'm not going to kill you Ricky," he answers, then in a voice that sends chills up the punk's spine he says, "I'm not that nice." Ricky turns several shades paler then Batman says, "Last chance."

"You're bluffing," he answers.

Gotham river isn't so much a body of water as it is a thick slick of slime, or at least that's what Ricky has always thought. He never learned how to swim, didn't do well on boats, and once had an unpleasant experience in the docks that left him with a deep dislike of the river. Later Ricky would try and figure out how the Batman could have known this. Right now he is just trying to breath.

At the moment the young criminal is being dragged at high speed down through Gotham river via a line attached to Batman's speed boat. Batman his self is standing on the back looking at Ricky and controlling the boat with a small remote. He looks over his shoulder and makes a small course correction, which causes his victim to clip a floating garbage bag. After a few more minutes he slows the boat to a stop and calls out, "I don't have the time torture you all night, so tell me what I need to know or I'll leave you here to try and swim you way home."

Ricky spits out something foul and says, "I get my stuff from Telly Stern! He works over at Triple Ace Shipping! Just him I swear! Please get me out of here!"

The Batman reels him in then tells him, "If I find out you have been less then truthful with me, next time will be in the sewer." before he knocks him out.

A few hours later Ricky wakes up in lockup. One of the fellow inmates looks over at him and asks, "What the hell happened to you?"

"The Batman!" Ricky answers.

The other guy laughs, "Yeah right."