I hope everyone enjoys it! I teared up while writing it. :)


Jacob looked into Edward's eyes, Edward looked into his. Edward's arms were wrapped securely around his waist as he pulled him as close as he could get, bridging the gap between their two bodies. The vampire pressed a soft, loving kiss to his lips and said.

"You want to know what being in love is like, Jacob? It's the feeling where you want to protect someone until the day one of you passes. It's the feeling where, even if they don't ask you to help, you offer, regardless. You'd drop anything and everything you're doing just to make sure they're okay. Everytime you parted ways, you'd say 'I love you', because you never know if that's the last time you'll see eachother. Being in love, Jacob, is something very special. Not many people can say they're in love."

Jacob gulped, and Edward continued.

"Jacob." Edward cupped Jacob's chin in his palm, his fingers making the wolf boy shudder underneath his touch. Jacob managed to nod in reply, applying pressure to Edward's body with his own.

"I'm one of those few people, Jacob, who can honestly say I'm in love." Edward looked deeply into Jacob's eyes, his piercing gaze breaking passed every barrier Jacob would ever put up in moments like these. These cheesy, sappy moments that Edward always insisted on instigating.

"Then say it." Jacob whispered, his lips parted.

Edward let a smirk reach across his face, from ear to ear, and moved his face in closer to Jacob's; so their noses were barely touching.

"I'm in love. In love with Jacob Black, and there's nothing you, or anyone else can do about it." Edward confessed, stealing a soft, almost what you could call, romantic kiss from his beloved, Jacob Black.