Title: I'm Sorry

Disclaimer: Do not own Ranma 1/2

This is Akane's POV in a poem way? :P

I'm sorry that I couldn't be
The girl that you seek
I'm sorry that I'm just me
Uncute, tomboy and weak.

I'm sorry that I get mad sometimes
And tell you stupid things
I'm sorry that you're hauled into
The problems that I bring

I'm sorry that I go home late
And you worry all the time
I'm sorry that I'm scared to tell you
That I'm so glad you're mine

I'm sorry if I lie to you
And tell you I don't care
The truth about the matter is
I just can't believe you're there.

I'm sorry for everything
For everything I do
I'm sorry that I'm so afraid
To tell you that I love you Ranma...