Title: Solstice
Author: marjorie16
Fandom: Twilight
Summary: This is a story mid New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella befriends Jacob. The werewolves kill Laurent BUT Victoria gets passed the werewolves and bites Bella.

Laurent: "...but if you knew what she had planned for you, Bella..."

Well, what if you did?

* Third Person POV

Read this first.

-------------- I'm first and foremost sorry that I wasn't able to update faster. I know it's been weeks. For a while I decided not to continue but I thought I owed it to the story to finish it (I thought the plot was very clever and original, don't you think?). And to those people who said that they're looking forward to the last one. So, eventually, despite the noisy confusion of my life, I wrote this chapter. I think it's a bit sadistic in the beginning. I'm definitely not going to do that much again in Reckless.Well anyway, I hope you guys like how it ended. I worked real hard on this, my first fanfiction, and I hope you see it embedded in every string of words.



Bella's POV

There was nothing but smoke and ashes.

I can hear myself calling his name over and over, but my mind has blocked every spark of hope. And the waves of melancholy consumed me. It was as if a door was closed and I was already at the other side, in a different dimension, seeing everything from another point of view.

I was too late.

My legs felt numb, more frozen and colder than anything they had ever felt. This is what it must be like, turning into stone…no… This is what is must have felt like to be stone.

For what felt like a lifetime, I just stood there, staring at the great mansion now ruined beneath the sleeping stars.

Edward. Edward. Edward.

There was no conscious thought in the action, but I saw myself bending down and digging my own grave slowly, as if it were just a formality, as if I the fire that came to life within me yesterday had finally lost its warmth.

I was really dead now.

Looking at my scarred hands, remembering the torture they had gone through, it looked painless compared what I feel now. When I was chained, I felt anger but that was bearable. At least there was something to look forward to, like revenge. My immortal powers have given me that at some extent. But this… there's just nothing.


When all your dreams and happiness have died, what else do you live for? Oh, I can hunt Victoria down forever. I can torture her, hurt her for as long as I please. But to what end? What satisfaction is there in revenge, in power, in immortality, when everything you hold dear is lost? If only I had been faster, if only I had let go of my pride and arrogance, I would have been able to be honest with myself. And Edward and I would have been together, this would not have happened. The birds would be singing today and the trees would be swaying to music of the wind.

Then again, if Edward and I had been together, even in the storm it would seem like summer to me, or spring, with the flowers blooming.

I mindlessly dug myself back to the earth.

"If you're trying to kill yourself, I'm more than happy to help," a familiar voice said. Victoria.

But I didn't hear her. There is no purpose in killing her. There's no purpose in anything anymore. All that mattered now is burying myself forever. Hmm… after this, it would be less painful if I weren't actually aware that I was buried.

"Bella!" Victoria called. "Bella! Can you hear me? I'm going to kill you!"

That's an option. My head came up, like I had just realized that she'd called me. She could kill me. If I were destroyed, I could join Edward in his grave, the ashes, the earth.

I stood up, barely noticing the swift graceful movement of the action. I walked towards her. It was as if I were a human sacrifice and that I had accepted the duty willingly.

"Go ahead and finish it."

Victoria's POV

There was no trace of hesitation or fear in her cold onyx eyes, just complete and total resign to the inevitable. She must have thought these ashes belonged to the freaks. How quaint. The stocks are suddenly weighing in on my side. And just in time.

I already knew that the mission was going to be a disaster. I didn't tell Aro, though. It was a good thing I had a knack of knowing when something I say will have a bad effect. I knew being pardoned was too good to be true. He had looked into one minds of the guards, that came with the little Jane, who had overheard her conversation with the Cullens. She must have been a very bad girl.

Well, no thanks to her.

Aro had immediately dispatched a group of trained vampires to search for me. I had no idea why they were keeping me alive. Until I talked to Aro.

I was to take a group of vampires, the same one that had captured me, and destroy the Cullens covertly. I didn't tell Aro, however, that it would have been pointless. Alice, that freak fortune teller, would have been able to see what would happen and they would have managed to carry out a counterattack.


Of course, I was nowhere in the scene when the show started. I knew for a fact how Alice's visions could be manipulated. So, I just kept a safe distance. The Cullens were good fighters, I'd give them that. They were still chasing some of Aro's men over at the mountains.

How fortunate for me that Bella has, like she always does, immediately believes everything laid out for her to see. That these ashes were the Cullens, and that she was all alone for the rest of eternity.

I'd be doing her a favor by killing her. Oh what the hell! She'd suffered, didn't she? More than James did. I've had my fun torturing her.

Well, maybe just a little bit more.

"Very well." I said, ecstasy shot through my veins.

I grabbed a fist-full of her dark sleek brown hair with so much force, she should have gone bald. I pulled it close, gripping tightly, and banged her head to the nearest tree.

Over and over again.

And she wouldn't fight me. That's not enough.

Using my other arm, I gripped her legs and lifted her off the ground. I threw her over the trees, lifting her again and banging her to every tree in sight.

And she still wouldn't fight me.

"Fight me!" I shouted. "What's wrong with you? Don't you hate me? Fight me, dammit!"

But she still didn't move when I started breaking her arms. "You took my James away from me!" I said, twisting her left arm several times. "This is your payment!" I twisted it further, the bones started squeaking. But her eyes still held shadows, ghosts.

"Yell! Shout in pain! Am I not hurting you?"

I let go of the arm and watched it fall lifeless on her side. She wouldn't be able to use that for a few days. I shouted senseless words and hit her alabaster face again and again. Why wouldn't she fight?

"I watched him burn, you know." Finally some spark of feeling crossed her eyes. But it vanished as fast as it occurred. "He screamed like a child that had lost his lollipop"

Hah. Her fists are balling up.

I moved towards a tree trunk and uprooted it. I held it like a baseball bat and hit her hard, laughing hysterically. "Die!" I kept shouting. I hit her again and again. She didn't fight me. Finally she was lying down on the floor looking at the day slowly coming. The sun would be up soon.

I squashed her like a fly under a swapper. "Die, die, die" I said. I barely noticed it when, suddenly, I was flying across the forest.

Third person POV

"Why didn't you fight, Isabel?" said a sharp demanding voice. He was angry.

"Are you an angel?" Isabel whispered. Every part of her body hurt like hell. But it was a good kind of hurt, because it felt like she was alive somehow, like she was still able to feel. Behind what must have looked like a distorted face, she felt a sort of amnesia. Was this the afterlife?

It must be.

She smiled at the lovely face of Edward Cullen. Still beautiful. Still loving. And his eyes! They were brilliant! A familiar shade of topaz, she remembered.

"Huh?" Edward answered, clearly dumbfounded by her unexpected question. An angel? With everything he had done to her, why would she ask him that?

It was a good thing that Alice was able to find him in time and tell him what had been happening here near their burned-down house. It was a damned near thing!

"Isabel, listen to me." He said. "Victoria's not dead yet. I can hear her running back here. I want you to stay put, stay hidden until I finish her off, okay?"

"What?" she answered. Clear confusion shot through her beautiful eyes. "Isn't this heaven?"

Heaven! How could Isabel believe that if this were heaven, he would be here?

"You're not dead, Isabel. I'm here." He said, willing for her to understand. "Victoria has been trying to kill you."

She was shaking her head slowly in confusion. "Impossible." She whispered, touching the pile of ashes that had now covered her shirt. "Impossible."

"Well, well, well, look who's here" Victoria sang. "Oh well, sooner or later this would have happened anyway. Let's finish this." She grabbed a thick branch and held it tight as a sword grip.

Edward swiftly tensed his stance and circled Victoria, leaving Bella there in the pile of dirt. She still had no idea what was going on. The reality of the physical pain was catching up on her system. She could feel the venom shoot through her veins, healing every part of her. She couldn't move her left arm, though. She hardly remembered why.

It was like a dance. Every time Edward moved, Victoria shifted her position. Each is waiting for an opening, an opportunity to hit while the other is momentarily distracted. That was all both of the needed. A brief distraction and that would do the job.

Victoria's eyes shifted from Edward to Bella.

"You're not going to do any more damage to her, Victoria"

"I admit, I have had my fun. But then, I was always the indulgent type."

"That's one of the two things James liked about you, like not love: your talent and your indulgent personality in bed."

"You dare to use his name?" She said. "Damn you! You took everything from me! HE LOVED ME!"

"He was hunting the only thing that meant everything to me!"

"That's right! And now, you're going to pay!" Victoria's sword grip turned into that of a spear's. She pointed the branch towards Isabel who was staring pointedly at her. As if she had no idea that that branch was going to pierce through her dead heart.


Edward intercepted the branch in time, but too late, he was distracted. Victoria had her hand gripped tightly around his throat, and pushed him against a tree.

"You are all SO predictable!" She laughed madly. He was trying to remove her hands but she had the upper ground. "You think you're so noble don't you? It's not like we're different. You killed James to save her. You took him away. Now, I'm going to kill both of you for everything that you've taken fr---"

Edward stared, wide-eyed, at the branch that had stabbed through her heart. Victoria looked down in amazement. She then turned toward the one who put it through her.


"Die" she whispered, remembering Victoria's own words when she was the one attacking. Victoria could not even fight her. Isabel reached for either side of Victoria's face and wrung it off. The head rolled aimlessly through the damp earth. The body fell lifelessly to the ground.

For an eternal moment, Edward just looked at the clear onyx eyes of Isabel. He didn't know what would happen now. He wanted very much to kiss her, but he might just end up like Victoria.

"We…ah… I need to dismember the body and burn them so that we're sure she's really dead." With that, he went on his job. "Close your eyes, it's an unpleasant thing to witness" he was very conscious of the way she had followed his movement. He had seen in her eyes a trace of everlasting patience. Like she knew she had all the time in the world with him.

In his mind, Edward crossed his fingers.

When the corpse set fire, the sun was slowly rising. Both silently watched the enemy's body turn to ashes. Edward fixed his eyes on the carcass, but still very much aware that his time with Isabel might just last as long as the fire kept going.

Suddenly, he felt her warm hand string her fingers through his. Unbelievable. He looked into her eyes and she looked back.

There was no need for words. Everything in the way she looked at him translated love. A surge of protectiveness and possessiveness shot through him. That was when he realized that he was never going to get enough of her. She was a mystery he couldn't solve, one that he didn't want to solve. It's there in her silent mind, and even in the pages of her strange humor and interesting stroke of luck. He could spend the rest of eternity unweaving the colors of her beautiful soul.

Everything in the way he held her hand tightly told her that he was never letting her get away from him again. It was there in his sparkling eyes too. A silent language known by only the two of them. Somehow, she knew that he was giving her a silent promise. She smiled, letting him know that she understood and that she was sealing that promise with a kiss.

He leaned forward whispering "Finally,"

And when his lips touched hers, desire burned through their cold skin, warming it. Edward slid his hand behind her waist, pulling her tighter to him. His other hand cupped a side of her face. Isabel's arms wound around his neck lovingly brushed through his hair. The sun shone high in the sky.

There was no thought in it, just pure desire. Desperate. Longing.

The kiss was unlike anything either had ever experienced. Like water in the dessert, each burned with their need, or like the story of Cinderella. Both felt as though the dance of the vibrant colors of the kiss would end like a mirage existing only in a dream. That everything might end by the stroke of the hand of fate.

Though, it was clear that that was never going to happen again.

"I love you, Isabel" Edward managed to say under the onslaught of sensations pulsing through him. "Forever---every single day of forever."

"Forever," she agreed. She hugged him tighter, it was a binding embrace. For a second she was entranced by the brilliance of his sparkling skin. "Edward?"


"Call me Bella"


Well, that's it for Solstice. Indeed, when true love happens, it endures.

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